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My Current and Future Accomplishments
I've been trying so hard to make this card but I've been meeting so many obstacles. Me and my husband moved back to my mom last week and I've been trying to make the card before then. Who knew it could take two weeks to make one Vingle card! smh Anyway, I found a way to complete it, so here goes... #1 Healthy Diet My mom is a health buff and living with her will be beneficial because I get to benefit from her style. Fruit trees are in the yard so I get to have them when they're ready. And that's soon, yay! #2 Sleep I think my hormones are changing as I'm closer to the menopausal years. I lose sleep very often and I'm so weary throughout the days. My main aim is to accomplish better sleep and I plan to do this by using all the things nature has to offer. Where we moved to has a couple of herbs that can help and being that I won't have so many bills anymore, I'll be able to afford anything else I'll needfor that #3 Start Reading Again It seems like moving back home will be the solution to all my problems because when I was living here before I used to read a lot. There is a variety of books at this house and I kinda speed reading because I've always wanted to watch all the things and when the opportunity came, I only read when I think it's compulsory. Now I'm back where all the books are I plan to read all of them! The religious, the romances, the educational, even children's books (they're the nicest). #4 Our Own Home Being at my mom's will help us to save toward owning our home. I can't wait! This will lead to the next accomplishment... #5 No Need for Money Most people I interact with talk about earning more money for the future but I feel differently about that. Rather, I feel like I'm a slave to money and I don't like it, therefore I've come up with a plan to be so resourceful that I won't need money to survive in the near future. I hope to inspire someone today.