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Key & Peele: The Inspiration Behind Substitute Teacher Comedy Skit Shared By The Comedy Duo
Key & Peele is an American comedy sketch series that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele created. The show aired on Comedy Central for 5 seasons before ending in 2015. While the series was still on the air, Key & Peele produced several comedy sketches that found life on YT. For instance, the substitute teacher comedy sketch has over 200 million views to date. But, what was the inspiration behind this skit? Watch: Key & Peele One writer pitched the sketch idea to Key and Peele In the comedy sketch, an inner-city teacher named Mr. Garvey goes to a predominantly white classroom to serve as their substitute teacher. Keegan-Michael Key portrays the teacher, and he proceeds to mispronounce the student’s name. However, when the students try to correct Mr. Garvey’s pronunciation, he erupts in a tumultuous rage and starts hurling classroom items across the room. In an exclusive interview with The Week, the comedy duo explains how they created the substitute teacher sketch. Initially, the idea was pitched to Key and Peele by one of the show’s writers. “Keegan immediately starting embodying Mr. Garvey, the substitute teacher character,” said Peele. “It was one of those things where it just a great nugget for a sketch,” he continued. “Once that first draft was down, it came to a community vibe; as a collective, we came up with what names were going to work, deciding how Keegan was going to heighten Mr. Garvey’s physicality.”