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Territorial Army Officer Recruitment 2021: Latest Exam date (Out), Exam Pattern, Syllabus, & Career Growth
The Territorial army officer exam is held every year to recruit civilians for the posts of constable, Head constable and other posts in the Indian army. This examination serves as a golden opportunity for those who are looking to join the Army while pursuing their jobs. The individuals selected for various posts in the Territorial army work mostly in a part-time mode which allows them to juggle between their jobs. The territorial army officer recruitment 2021 has already been released on its official website. Candidates willing to appear for this exam must hurry up and fill out the online application form as soon as possible. We are enlisting some of the main aspects related to this exam below. Candidates can take a look at this to know about their upcoming territorial army officer exam. Territorial Army Officer Recruitment 2021 The exam dates along with the online application form have already been out on the official portal of the territorial army officer. The application form filling has started and it will end on 19th August 2021. Take a look at the detailed notification below Exam Events Official Exam dates Online Application Process 20 Jul- 19 Aug 2021Exam Date26 September 2021Admit CardTo be announced soon Results to be announced soon. Territorial Army Officer Exam Pattern 2021 As per the ta army officer recruitment 2021, the examination will be held in a written mode. There are two main sections in this exam i.e. Paper 1 & Paper 2. The total number of questions asked in the paper will be 200, where each question will carry 1 mark. The total duration of the exam will be of 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours for each section. Note- There will also be a negative marking in this exam where 0.33 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Let us look at the exam pattern in a tabular format below Territorial Army Officer Exam Syllabus 2021 Aspirants must go through the territorial army officer exam syllabus so that they can develop a good understanding of the topics asked in their examination. Having known the syllabus, they can easily prepare for their examination. You must know that there are two main sections in this exam i.e. Part 1 & Part 2. The syllabus is however different for both of these sections. Take a look at the detailed syllabus as per the ta officer recruitment 2021 below. Part 1: Reasoning Alphabet Cause and Effect Clock Coding-Decoding Decision Making Direction distance reasoning Counting figures Input-Output Number series Elementary Mathematics Arithmetic Unitary Method Elementary Number Theory Algebra Geometry Mensuration Statistics Part 2 English Synonyms Antonyms Reading Comprehension Para Jumbles Error spotting Jumbled sentences Sentence correction Fill in the blanks General Knowledge Science History Geography Current Affairs Territorial Army Officer Carrer Growth & Benefits After joining the territorial army officer post, an individual gets a lot of perks and benefits under this post. In addition to working in the army, they get medical allowances for self and dependants, leaves encashment, Travel and accommodation concessions and so on. Along with this, they can be promoted upto the rank of Lt Colonel depending on the respective criteria. Take a look at the salary structure as per the posts below. Candidates can apply for this examination and fill out the application forms which are available on their official website- We have mentioned the complete exam pattern, syllabus and career growth and benefits of a territorial army officer above. Candidates should take a look at these and prepare for their exams with full concentration, dedication and hard work. Remember that, to join the most reputed post in the Indian Army, you need to plan and approach this examination carefully. As there are lakhs of aspirants who appear for this exam every year, you must leave no stone unturned to clear this exam. For more information, candidates should refer to the territorial army officer recruitment 2021 and read all the latest updates regarding this examination. All the best!
The everything to know about cutting tool Types of cutting tools| Carbide cutting tool |Cutting Tool Industry
Machining is a process used in the manufacturing industry. The surplus material job is gradually removed in this manner by shearing from a prefabricated blank in the form Of a chip. The cutting tool is a strong, sturdy, and oblique or wedge-shaped tool used in machining to compress the material and shear off the surplus layer. Cutting Tool: Cutting tool is a wedge-shaped device with a sharp edge that is used to shear off extra material layers from a workpiece to give it a specific size, shape and precision. It’s firmly attached to the machine tools. Different mechanical arrangements to execute the cutting action encourage a Relative velocity to operate between the cutting tool and the workpiece. Cutting tools are used for cutting operations in machining technology, as their name suggests The cutters can be utilised in a variety of machining processes. As a result, the cutters have been called for their distinct machining functions. The following is a list of commonly used cutting tools: Many types of Cutting Tools: Drill Solid Carbide Drill Solid Carbide Endmill Gun Drill Tool Single Point Turning Tool Milling Cutter Shaper Reamer Broach Brazed Carbide Tools Boring Bar Thread Mill Cutter Grinding wheel Hob Special Tools Cutting Tool Industry Cutting Tools Industry is classified into two categories. 1. HSS (High –Speed Steel ) cutting tool manufacturers 2. Carbide cutting tool manufacturers Carbide cutting Tools For the last few decades, carbide cutting tools and inserts have been the most Extensively used tools in the machining industry. However, have you ever pondered what Carbide is and why Carbide Cutting Tools have grown so popular? Carbide is a chemical compound made up of carbon and an element that is less electronegative than carbon. Carbide cutting tool is divided into the following categories: Ø Tungsten, Titanium, Cobalt, Tantalum, or Vanadium are examples of less electronegative metals that can be used to make metal carbides. Ø Carbon compounds with less electronegative non-metals such as Boron, Calcium, or Silicon are known as non-metal carbides. Metal carbides are utilised in cutting, drilling, grinding, abrasives, and polishing tools because of their great hardness and endurance to high temperatures. Tungsten Carbide, or Carbide these days, is a compound of Carbon and Tungsten that has revolutionised the Machine Tool Industry in recent decades by giving greater cutting speed and feed rate as well as a longer tool life span than previous competitors. Advantages of Carbide Cutting Tool Abrasion resistance is remarkable in carbide tools. Carbide tools on workpiece/parts machines produce a high-quality surface finish. When compared to HSS tools, carbide tools may be worked at speeds that are roughly 6 to 8 times faster. Catering and thermal deformations are not a problem for Carbide cutting tool When compared to other materials like HSS, carbide tools have a high wear resistance, allowing the user to operate the tool at higher speeds and for longer periods of time. Carbide cutting tools are capable of machining. Steel that has been hardened. Carbide cutting tools outperform their steel counterparts in terms of value for money. Carbide Cutting Tools with tipped tips can be simply replaced for continued usage. Carbide Cutting Tools are used to cut and shape highly reactive metals or in such conditions because of their chemical inertness. Application Industry Ø Automotive Industry Ø Aerospace Ø Medical Equipment Industry Ø Construction Ø Die and Mould Ø Power generation Ø Oil and Gas Ø General Engineering Ø Textile Ø Machine tool industry Well, that was all about the Cutting tools, Carbide cutting tool, Cutting tool industry and their benefits & their respective applications industry If you're new to machining, this article can help you get started by teaching you all you need to know about Cutting Tools, Carbide Cutting Tools, which are the used in the Machine tool industry.
Detect, Unveil & Prevent 5th Generation Warfare threats Open Source Intelligence Capabilities While importance of OSINT is well realized across our community, it's potential in preventing the potential incidents, detecting the propaganda campaigns & unveiling the perpetrators is hardly focused upon. Could a suicide bombing have been prevented?The radical involved in the suicide bombing had 2 social media accounts. Although one had completely unsuspicious activities another was actively used to associate with terror groups posting his images with weapons. The cross linked accounts belonging to a single person got discovered only after post incident analysis inspite of the strong resemblance from t-shirt patterns & birthmarks. Exposing a State Sponsored bot networkA nation state-sponsored propaganda misinformation campaign deployed a network of 25K bots within a span of 3 days entirely made up of newly created and stolen accounts to target those speaking critically against Authoritarian Regimes. The campaign quickly further expanded across multiple languages, platforms, countries, and topics, against protests, as confirmed by the Twitter Discloser report. Shoghi's High Ground Visibility solution offers early sensing of propaganda, identifying origin of misinformation & disinformation campaigns & the network of affiliations responsible for promoting it. Automated alerts based on affiliations with anti-social elements helps profile real identities or waves of bots campaigning for propaganda disinformation & misinformation. The Detailed Profiling equipped with Facial recognition technology resolves alias identities with real ones detecting same faces across internet sphere. Target specific operational modules offers capability to counter brainwashing propaganda for timely remediation. Unveiling from the Dark Web Darknet: Threat actor infamous among many security departments of numerous leading corporations worldwide. The actor provides services that allow fraud actors to check whether a given set of stolen credentials are valid for popular banking, e-commerce, and retail mobile apps. Identifying the real identity of the actor was a great challenge. Preventing Drone Attacks There have been incidents where critical infrastructure was sabotaged using Drone attacks, which resulted in a huge loss of lives and billions, escalating tension between the two countries. Is our air space safe from such modern threats?