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Tips to Build On-Demand Service App like Thumbtack
There was a time when one had to move from brick to mortar so as to find a service provider who would assist them in their daily services. Often however customers were faced with a dilemma when the service providers would not arrive or their services were not upto the mark. Thus to assist and support them in a way that they were provided quality services at all times solutions such as the on-demand service app like gojek entered the picture. What is An On-Demand Service App? On-demand service apps are solutions that help customers get quick and efficient services simply through a few simple taps on their smartphone or iPhone device. As soon as they provide their location details and details related to the services thereafter they get connected to service providers nearby. The customer needs to now simply provide the service details and book the services upon which within a time of few minutes they would receive these services. So altogether it is an easy to use and operate application that has gone on to make life considerably easy for people all over the world. Today you may find several on-demand service apps that have gone on to revolutionize the industry first and finally assist the customers at large get connected to quick as well as efficient services simply through the tap of a few buttons on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively however one that has really built a name for itself in terms of making services swift for customers is the Thumbtack app. Here’s a brief description about the app in detail. About Thumbtack App The popular on-demand service app Thumbtack was created in the year 2008. With its headquarters in San Francisco the solution offers its services in places across fifty states located in the USA. Currently the annual estimated revenue of the solution is close to around 170.6 million dollars approximately. So what is the reason for the enormous profits and revenue that the solution has generated? The answer to this is mostly because of the local demands getting matched with service providers who are qualified and well-trained and offer quick and swift services. The app helps customers get the services simply through them placing a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively. Due to the overall easy operations of this solution on a whole, it has gone onto capturing the attention of novice service industries or service industries that are considering incorporating similar solutions for offering services. This is mostly so that they can capture customers faster and more efficiently. However remember to follow some important tips before you go on to build a service app similar to Thumbtack. This will ensure you can attract customers towards your industry first and finally you can provide unique services to them on a whole. Guide to Build Service App Similar to Thumbtack a. Integrate a telephone and live chat support feature in your solution so that your customers can directly place a call to you or chat live in order to receive quick help when they get stuck while operating your solution. b. Include a service subscription package in your app so that your customers remain aware about the service packages first and finally receive transparency in regards to the services they avail of from the solution on a whole. c. Contain a location-based service listing feature in your solution so that your customers can locate nearby service providers and track their whereabouts as well at the same time. Concluding, if you follow the guide while developing an app similar to Thumbtack you can be assured your service industry will attract customers faster and also help you make enormous revenue along the way.
Exclusive Magento 2.2 Features for B2B
The eCommerce world is expanding in leaps and bounds, and to keep up with the thriving competition Magento 2 is coming up with its new version during September of this year. Magento 2.2 is the most awaited update by a successful eCommerce platform. It will have distinct features that can enhance the Business-to-business functionality to the next level. The new features of the B2B market only make sense when you analyze the accelerated hike in the B2B market. By the year 2020, the B2B eCommerce will generate 6.7 trillion dollars across the world, as reported by Frost & Sullivan. The US market is likely to generate $1.12 billion in the coming year, estimated by the Forester. If you are also associated with the Magento eCommerce development then these updated features will be the most sought after deal for you. Exclusive Features • Flexible B2B functionality • Instant Bug Fixes • Upgrade to the Magento Developer Toolkit • Enhancement of the Magento Security • Highly advance Website Reporting Tools The software that is outdated can easily catch the incompatibility issues with the performance failure of the extensions. When a new version of Magento comes into the market, the old security loopholes are highlighted in patch notes that can affect web stores with malicious attacks. As the latest update has a lot of things to offer in order to enhance the webstore’s eCommerce, here are some of the B2B features everyone must know about. Originally published at: Exclusive Magento 2.2 Features for B2B eCommerce Business
Designing a website, Top Website Design Company in USA is the best option
The proposition of doing business has become tech-savvy and totally cyberspace oriented. We can find that as more and more businesses are getting incorporated digitally, the demand for website design and website development companies is rising multifold. The way a website is designed with specific sections, imagery, contents as well as the listing of products or services in the online catalog goes a long way in catching the attention of major shopaholics and the 24*7 internet-obsessed next generation of people to get induced to the idea of the product or service and to ultimately culminate the website visits into sales. Something to stand apart, a cut above the most website designing companies in the world, Nextgen Global Services is a Top Website Design Company in USA offering to design and develop highly curated and customized websites to launch and bolster your business to the next level. We have in our kitty, experts in website designing and website application developers having years of experience to deliver the most user-friendly and compelling websites comprising of catchy images, product and service offerings videos and infographics, product listings converting all to a higher per-page, customer click views and ultimate salability of various products and service offerings. Our top Website Design Companies Services in the USA are above the norm by reason of these premium distinguishing factors: UI/UX website design: Our experts in the digital media implement the UI/UX website design services, which is one of the top website design graphic software to enhance the design layout and user experience in a grand manner. The cardinal aspect of using UI/UX website design is that this software in comparison to other generally used software has Reduced development time and development costs as well as is devoid of any kind of confused navigational designs which may adversely affect the proper functioning of the website. Additionally, by the implementation of UI/UX website design, the chances of better user interactions grow in terms of faster loading of website pages and website content readability. Typography: Our digital media experts ensure the word content is floated in a website is innovative and plagiarism free to describe the major product of service offerings well within the stipulated website standards, and brand requirements of the client. Motion Graphics: Another facet through which the websites designed by our Nextgen Global Services stand apart from other websites is on account of the usage of the best motion graphics to depict major sections in the website accompanied by faster loading of pages and page convertibility. Not to leave any stones unturned, we also ensure that once the website is designed and developed, through a process of website testing is undertaken to check its quality and usability. Prototyping and Usability Testing: Our website design and development capabilities involve the process of prototyping wherein we undertake to test and modify to suit the client’s preferences in the most meticulous manner. In this we undertake to mimic the appearance of the website, testing the content relevancy, validity, and final user functioning. Our method of prototyping prevents feature creeping, which involves the nonusage of many unnecessary features on the website to make its speed slow in the conversion of pages and redundant. Additionally, as part of usability testing, we review the usability and applicability of various buttons in the website along with the review of the size of buttons, fonts of contents, funneling, etc. to ensure that the website is finally good to go as per the specifications of each of the clients. All these features delivered by Nextgen Global services ensure that the carefully designed and developed websites deliver personalized user experiences, customer engagements, social sharing capabilities in turn leading to high retention rates of customers in the long run. The offerings of Nextgen Global Services for website design and development are scattered across all verticals whether be corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce websites, and portfolios, highly curated and made to suit every client’s requirements and thus we are most competent to offer the best website designing services around the world.
Creating the finest of website across domains using WordPress
Websites with prime functionality have high acceptance rates in terms of end-customers and reflect on ROIs. Hence a website must be oriented towards the end-user in each of its aspects. A quintessential feature for web development services is an all-round customization. This enables a website to meet client requirements in the finest of ways. Web development should also be oriented towards ensuring that a website stays secure against cyber threats. A high degree of security for customer data is hence ensured. To ensure that the front-end and back-end perform seamlessly, the web designer and web development teams must operate in a close coordination. Transparent work processes reflect over project turnaround times and create websites that are a perfect match for clients’ business requirements. An organized approach makes it easier to complete the projects within budgets. Mobile optimization ensures that a website delivers a top-grade performance across all devices. With 90% of customer interactions nowadays taking place over smartphones, keeping a website mobile optimized delivers rich dividends. An advantage of using Wordpress is that a web developer accesses responsive web technology by default. But a developer should check a website’s performance across devices and see if the responsiveness of a website needs to be customized. Factors that make WordPress Advantageous for web development Wordpress websites are exceedingly popular and each day, 50,000 new WordPress websites are launched over the internet. The best web development company in Odisha creates top performing WordPress websites across domains, such as blogging, fintech, banking, e-commerce, news and logistics. WordPress is defined by its versatility. Web development keeps WordPress websites innovative. It is the finest option for creating multi-page enterprise-grade websites. SEO considerations should play a role at every stage in website development. WordPress websites are characterized by creative expertise. They also feature a flawless functionality, easy navigation, neat designs and quick loading times. The SEO performance stays high, but strategic efforts towards SEO ensure that a website attracts traffic from the desired consumer cross-section demographics. The best web development company in Odisha accomplishes the same for your organization Requisite implementation of WordPress themes makes the websites easy to customize. Theme integration allows a website to have the right kind of an aesthetic appearance. Similarly, with the implementation of WordPress plugins, the functionality of the website enhances and becomes easier to use. Plugins make it easier to incorporate, APIs and custom post types within a website. The best web development company in Odisha ensures that WordPress plugins and third-party software integrate seamlessly with your website. Loading times and a website’s functionality stay top-notch and the front-end and the back-end alike deliver prime functionality. In total, WordPress has over 55,000 plugins. As an example, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. Similarly with the top-class social media integration features offered by WordPress, one can create posts and monitor accounts from the WordPress backend, as a single dedicated destination. There is no requirement to log on to social media accounts individually. In order to keep a WordPress website’s functionality top-notch, a web development company in Odisha should deliver end-to-end services. This enables a business to derive maximum advantage of WordPress’s flexible features.