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WhatsApp recently launched End-to-End Encryption for User Backups
As all Smartphone users are most likely aware of, WhatsApp is one of the most used Chatting Apps that are available for both iPhone and Android devices, mainly due to the App's easy-of-use and accessibility as well as to all of its functionalities, including its many different user-focused privacy and security features. What's more is that those same privacy and security features just got even better, as WhatsApp just recently launched End-to-End Encryption for User Backups, for which this newly added security layer will very soon be available for both iPhone and Android. What makes WhatsApp such an appealing Chatting App? So, as said before, one of the most important features that makes this Chatting App is none other than the fact that WhatsApp ultimately offers its users end-to-end encryption, which means that all instant messages, voice calls, and video calls made between WhatsApp users are completely protected from snooping. In other words, only the parties (meaning the users) involved in a chat have access to the messages and contents exchanged on the platform. However, WhatsApp's backups are not encrypted with the same strong security, or at least they didn't use to be; until now, that is. As all WhatsApp users should know, each user can easily and conveniently make a backup of all of their data, which is then stored on separate cloud services that, unlike the Chatting App itself (WhatsApp), don’t belong to Facebook. That basically means that anyone with access to those cloud services would also be able to access the contents in those backup files, like the contents within the instant-messages conversations from different users. Newly added End-To-End Encryption for Whatsapp's Backup Files Nevertheless, thanks to a recent update, that is finally no longer the case. To be a little more specific, Facebook has just recently rolled out an end-to-end encryption method that's used specifically for WhatsApp's backups and backup files. The end result is that this newly added security feature basically adds another layer of privacy and security to each user's instant messaging experience while using WhatsApp, which is something that definitely not all Chatting App actually do for their users. It's worth noting that WhatsApp had already started to test their new backup-encryption method a few weeks ago on Android, and while this was supposed to not be announced already, just like pretty much any other newly added WhatsApp features, the information about the added support to backup encryption was quickly leaked, as testers could take advantage of it. As a result, this past Friday, Facebook ended up rolling out the support to end-to-end encryption to all WhatsApp backups, and as such, all WhatsApp users can now finally take advantage of this newly added security feature. According to Facebook, all WhatsApp users are already able to back up their WhatsApp chats both to Google Drive as well as to iCloud. The best part about all of this is that WhatsApp doesn’t have any access whatsoever to any created backups, as it is the cloud storage service provider that ultimately handles all of the backup files' data security. How this End-To-End Encryption Method works for WhatsApp's Backup Files Now, for those a little more curious about how this newly added end-to-end encryption method works for WhatsApp's backup files, here's a somewhat brief, yet still detailed explanation. First and foremost, it's important to note that this end-to-end encryption method for each WhatsApp user's backup files will ultimately make it impossible for the backup service providers themselves to access the backups. That is, unless they or any third party manage to obtain a password or a 64-digit encryption key that can be used to then decrypt the already-encrypted backup files from WhatsApp. To put it simply, each of WhatsApp's encrypted backup file is protected by a “unique, randomly generated encryption key”, for which only the users themselves have access to. So, for any WhatsApp users that choose to take advantage of these newly added end-to-end encrypted backups, know that you'll basically have to remember either the password or, in last case scenario, the corresponding 64-digit key. That said, losing that information simply means that those same backup files would remain inaccessible forever, for which not even Facebook would be able to decrypt them for you. On its official announcement that covers the release of WhatsApp's brand-new end-to-end encryption for user backup files, Facebook also explained that if you choose a password for your backups’ encryption key, the WhatsApp App itself will basically store that same 64-digit key in a Backup Key Vault called a Hardware Security Module (HSM), which is managed by Facebook. Still, this HSM Virtual Storage method can only be unlocked when the correct password is used in WhatsApp, and that's exactly what ultimately makes it possible for the App to encrypt and decrypt a user's backup files. It's also worth mentioning that all of these HSM Backup Key Vaults will be sitting on Facebook's own servers at an international scale, for which they'll be spread across multiple data centers. Thanks to that, they’ll always be available to access, even if a data center unexpectedly ends up going offline. As mentioned before, users will be able to store their own backup files on their preferred storage location, whether that's in their own personal Google Drive, or even in their personal iCloud, and thanks to this newly added security and privacy feature, those backup files will now always be end-to-end encrypted. As such, if anyone potentially finds those backup files, they won’t ever be able to read the contents, which used to be the case (and data-security problem) before this new security feature was added, but finally, can no longer happen. Last but not least, as one last security method for a user's backup files, if someone also attempts to guess a user's chosen password for accessing their personal backup files, Facebook’s HSM Storage that's associated with that specific backup will immediately become inaccessible. As a reminder, WhatsApp's end-to-end encrypted backup files will soon work on both iPhone and Android, and will start to be rolled out in the nearby future. If you're interested to know even more about the tech behind WhatsApp's encrypted backup files, we invite you to check out Facebook’s full post on the subject.
How to Use Facebook Live stream For Business
Businesses can use the final Facebook tool is Facebook live, allowing you to live stream video to your Facebook audience. Live streaming started on Twitter a few years ago through Periscope. It soon moved to YouTube and Facebook and is now a fascinating communication tool to connect instantly with your audience. Live streaming has caught the media world by surprise. You can be at a live concert and stream it live to your Facebook friends. Where do media rights fit into this? The industry is still trying to come up with answers. The fact is that Facebook live allows you to start your live TV program and broadcast it instantly to a global Facebook audience. And on top of this, Facebook loves you to use Facebook live stream views and resward you for using it by giving your Facebook live post a higher organic reach. Facebook live has a lot of opportunities for businesses. It gives natural engagement by people liking and commenting during the live broadcast. Facebook gives you lots of opportunities to promote the live event before and after the live broadcast. FB will ask you to save the broadcast and post it on your feed at the end of the broadcast. This often leads to lots of additional views and engagements. Some of the Features of Facebook Live: Facebook live covers three aspects of communication. They are as follow: 1. It allows you to have live conversations with your followers and Facebook live to turn these conversations into very engaging experiences with likes and emoticons flowing over the screen as they come in and comments showing up. 2. You can turn your live broadcast into a visual story like you want to tell it. You can add filters, colours, texts, overlays, etc. Adding augmented reality features is not far away. 3. You can target audiences in multiple ways for your broadcasts. And on top of that, Facebook will give your live broadcast a higher than average organic reach. Old Spice Brasil is an excellent example of a Facebook live campaign. They did a two-day live broadcast to put their antiperspirant products to the test. They turn it into an extensive marketing campaign with over nine million people at the broadcast time. We have many ways to use this, and businesses can use Facebook Live. It is a great tool to promote your products or services. You can do live tutorials or product launches. It can be used to support your live events. You can do a broadcast during your events and interview an expert who attends the event. It can also be used for customer support. Related post: How You Can Use Instagram Live for Your Business You can do a live Q&A, and it is really good to take this advantage, ask for feedback, and hold the webinar. Facebook live also lends itself to sharing news, announcing a sale, organising a sale party and many opportunities. It will generally take a few more times to build traction with your broadcasts, but you can generate plenty of coverage and engagement if you maintain the momentum. An excellent way to keep attention is to turn live broadcasts into recurring episodes weekly or monthly. So, you can build your campaign around this and build up a library of great content. How to Set Up a Perfect Live Stream on Facebook: It is very easy to start your Facebook live video. When you are on your company page, you need to click on the publish button on your mobile, seeing the different options. One of them is live video. If you click on the live video, then you will immediately know that you are Life. You can have a different background setting. If you want to use additional filters, you can select where you want to post, and then you basically can click start the live button. When you start a live button, you can still add different effects and invite people and chat. If you go to the Facebook page, you can see that the video is lives on the page. You can then engage with the carrier. You can also see your viewer, and also you can like that viewer. This is an excellent feature of Facebook Live, which shows you the engagement during the broadcast. Live viewers for Facebook can be bought these days easily. If you have a small budget or high, you can get thousands of viewers to make your stream stand out. It will help you to build more trust in the brand's eyes. It can be a thumb up, heart, and a smiley face. Some companies do polls by asking for a smiley face if you like the product. Give a sad look if you are not happy with the product. And then you can count the number of likes that come in that way. You always can see who is watching, you can also comment on this post, and that comment will show up on the feed. It is a very engaging, interactive process to run your Facebook live broadcast. When you click finish, what Facebook will do is save the video, and it will then give you the option to keep it on your newsfeed on your timeline. You can also upload it in high definition. So, when you save it on your timeline, you can share it straight away or save it on your disk. And if you click share, then you can see that on your business page in a minute. The live broadcast will show up there. You can also see the comments and soon will be visiting the engagement. It is a compelling concept to run Facebook live broadcasts. Take Away: In this post you came to know you can set up a Facebook live stream and use it for Business. I hope you find this post very useful, and you will be connecting with your audience in more relaxed ways. Read more: Best Tricks and Tips for Facebook Live Stream Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming For DJs
How to Change Your Personal Name on Facebook
There are many reasons you'll want to vary your How to Change Your Name on Facebook?. Maybeyou'reusing your nickname and now want to use your real name. Whatever the reason, you'll change your name on Facebook, just follow some rules: · Use your everyday name, you'll also use your nickname; · You may not use any fake name. Facebookdoesn'tallow pseudonyms names; · You are not allowed to use symbols, numbers, certain characters, punctuation marks, inappropriate words, phrases, and titles of any kind. If you follow all the principles, the Facebook name change policy is pretty straightforward. However, you can't change reputation often and not right after you've got changed it. So only change the name into something you'll accept for a minimum of60 days. just in case you're getting to change the Facebook page/business name there are other rules you'll get to review. Let's review commonly asked questions: How to Change Facebook Name · Go to the Facebook homepage and login to your Facebook account together with your username and password; · Then navigate to setting; click the icon within the top-right corner of the Facebook page. you'll see the dropdown menu, from there click on Settings; · You will reachthe overallAccount Settings, clickthe overalloption on the left-hand side; · Nowyou'llsee the window of your setting like name, username. Hereyou'llchange · Click the blue Edit icon within the top-right corner right next to your name; this may open the hostname setting. Hereyou'llchange your given name, last name, and name. Edit the name you would like to vary into. there is also an option for an additional name, just just in case you would like to feature another variation of your name; · After that, you'll click on the username right under the name column if you would like to vary your Facebook username. Change or write your user name; · Ifyou'resatisfiedtogether with your names, preview, enter your password, and click on save changes. · Your new name will appear shortly after; however, It can take up to 24 hours before you see the newest changes in effect. How am I able to Change My Facebook Name on My Phone? To change your Facebook name on your phone: · Hopefully, you've got the Facebook app downloaded on your phone. If not, attend the App Store on iPhone and on google play store on Android, search the Facebook app and download it; · Open your Facebook app and log in to your account; · Click the three lines within the bottom-right side on iPhone and within the top-right side on Android; · Facebook settings mobile Facebook mobile settings table Facebook mobile personal info · Scroll down until you reach the account setting.attendAccount setting, click General, and from there tap on the name; · Now you've got received the place where you'll change your name, user name, or add the username; · After you edit the name, click review changes. Ifyou'resatisfied with what you see within the preview, enter your password and save changes. Why I can't Change My Name On Facebook? If for a few reasons you're unable to vary your name, you would possibly have one among these problems: · You can only change your name on Facebook every 60 days. If you modify your names an excessive amount, the waiting time can become 120 days. Maybe you latterly changed your name, and if that's the case, then you've gotto attend60 days before you modify your name. · There are some standards you've gotto stick to when changing your name on Facebook. confirm you follow all name change rules mentioned above then try again Get more knowledge about How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts.
How To Talk To A Live Person On Facebook Customer Service?
Facebook is a forum through which billions of customers do connect to each other and share their opinions , thoughts and emotions in order to exchange their feelings . While using a facebook a customer has to face end numbers issues such as login issues , or change or password for such issues one has to take the help of a live representative .  There are several ways through which one can easily get connected through facebook customer service live representative by following ways . Via Phone .  One can easily make a call to the live representative of facebook by simply dialing their official numbers and get connected through in order to get assistance from them . Facebook live assistance is available 24x7 for its customers in order to provide best services to its customers . Facebook has toll free numbers available for its customers one can easily get connected through it as representatives will be there to assist its customers . Facebook customer service live representative  always there to assist its customers .  Via Chat  Chatting is a prompt and quickest way to communicate and get a resolution from the live representatives . Live representatives are always there to assist its customers . Chatting is the easiest way to get in touch with each other and get quick assistance from live representatives . One can easily put their query forward and get a resolution from the live representatives in order to have quick assistance . At times live representatives are extremely busy as a lot of customers will put their query forward  and one has to be extremely patient in order to get quick assistance from live representatives .
How To Block Someone On Facebook Dating
Learning how to block someone on Facebook Dating will help you get rid of users who may be annoying you. If you've come across a user who's a little more annoying than usual, you've probably wondered how to block someone on Facebook Dating. Facebook Dating is kind of like the Tinder of Facebook. It's basically a tool for meeting people and finding a partner. But if you find that the person you've met is giving you a hard time, you can block them by following these steps: In the Facebook application, press the button with three horizontal stripes. In the menu that appears, go to Dating Go to Dating Tap the profile picture of the person you want to block Press the button with three dots in the top right-hand corner Tap Block.... under Matches Tap Block again Keep in mind that Facebook Dating is a completely separate tool from Facebook. Therefore, if you block a person on Facebook Dating, they will not be blocked on Facebook or Facebook Messenger. If you want to block them from everywhere, you need to go through the blocking process in each of the tools. How to Deactivate Facebook Dating If you are tired of using this tool or you have already found your soul mate, you may be wondering how to deactivate Facebook Dating. The steps you must follow to delete your profile in this application are as follows: - Just do Facebook Login on the application - Tap on the button with three horizontal stripes - Go to Matches - Tap the wheel icon in the top right-hand corner - Tap on General -At the bottom of the menu that appears, go to Delete Profile -Tap Delete This will deactivate your Facebook Dating profile. No one using the matchmaking tool will be able to find you. So you can take a well-deserved break from social networking. And if you ever want to come back, you can always reactivate your profile and re-enter the "marketplace". As mentioned above, the Facebook Dating profile is independent of Facebook, so you can continue to use the social network without any problems. How to Unblock Someone on Facebook Dating Have you blocked someone and later regretted it and want to get back in touch with them? Then you simply need to learn how to unblock someone on Facebook Dating. As in most social networks, nothing is irremediable, and if in a moment of anger you wanted to lose the connection with another person you can recover it without any problem. All you have to do is follow the steps below: Go to the Facebook app Click on the button with three horizontal stripes Go to Matches Click on the wheel-shaped button on the top right-hand side of the screen Go to General At the bottom of the menu, go to Privacy Settings Tap Block people in Pairs. To unblock someone, tap the Unblock button next to their name. Once you've unblocked someone, that person will be able to contact you again just as they did before. And if the block hasn't lasted too long, they may not even realise they've been blocked. In case you regret it again, the option to block again is always there.
Connect with the most trusted facebook ads agency India
Facebook marketing company is nothing but a good way to expand your business with a targeted audience. based on their location, interests, gender, and age. You can also create a custom audience by feeding the accumulated data of your customers. Facebook Adwords is the tool to promote your business on Facebook through facebook marketing company. The ads are reflected on the News Feed page of mobile and desktop as well. It allows you to target specific audiences. With brand awareness campaigns on Facebook, you can attract more sales for your new/existing product or services in the long run. This campaign is generally undertaken by start-ups and existing businesses. It multiplies the loyal customers and prevents your competitor from getting additional market share which leads to higher sales of your products/services. Your brand can get an expanded audience by facebook marketing company Everyone alike is aware of the potential that this social media giant has to offer. With billions of people to connect with, all in one place, Facebook can easily introduce your business to your targeted audience who’ll love your business. The best part about the Facebook platform is that you can reach the audience where they are engaged. The fact that Facebook is on 3 out of every 4 smartphones and more than half of Facebook users visit it every day, makes it a ‘MUST’ for your online marketing strategies. Whether it’s connecting your business with people and other businesses or advertising your products and services to customers, there is a vast range of Facebook ads agency India that can help you achieve your targets and goals. Our Facebook marketing experts help you connect and engage with the audience based on your requirements. We use the best and the latest technology available in establishing and optimizing your business’ positioning and engagement on the social platform according to your requirements. Based on your business and goals, our experts suggest you the best Facebook campaign strategy keeping in mind a fusion of a variety of tactics. Our Facebook marketing Company will likely guarantee that your business gets a similarly productive presence from its social arm.
How can I get my Facebook Account Back ?
You can recover your old Facebook account if you have access to the registered email id or password. If you have access to the registered mail id or phone number, you can go through the verification process. By creating a new password, you can access your count anytime. Follow the steps below to recover old Facebook account · Go to the Facebook recovery page · Enter the registered email id and or phone number, click on the search · Select one of the password reset methods · If you have one or more email account linked, then you will get the password recovery code via email. · If you have the phone number linked with your account, you will get an option to receive the verification code via SMS. Choose this option if you can access the phone number · You may also get an option to sign in by using the Google account · In case you have no access to any of the available option you can go ahead with the link that is No longer have access to these · Now you may be asked to try sign in again. If you have no access to the email address given, you can go for the option I cannot access my email. If you can access the email or phone number linked, you will get the verification code on your registered mail id or phone number. · Enter the recovery code on the new webpage and click continue Now, you can reset the password and log in again using the new password. For any assistant, you can also connect with Facebook customer service. So hope your query of How to Recover your Facebook Account is now solved.