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Fortnite x Doctor Who: A Timey-Wimey Crossover of Epic Proportions
Fortnite and Doctor Who are teaming up for a timey-wimey crossover that's out of this world. Get ready to travel through time and space with new outfits, weapons, map changes and more inspired by the iconic sci-fi series. With the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who fast approaching, this collaboration is the perfect way to celebrate with fellow fans and Fortnite players alike. So buckle up and get ready to explore new dimensions and battle Daleks and Cybermen in the ultimate crossover event. New Outfits, Cosmetics, Weapons, Items, and Map Changes - Oh My! The crossover will feature all sorts of cool stuff that Doctor Who fans and Fortnite players alike will love. There will be new outfits, cosmetics, weapons, items, and map changes that are inspired by the show. It's like the ultimate fan service, people! U.N.I.T Code Red Event Pass If you're one of those people who loves completing quests, then you're going to love the U.N.I.T Code Red event pass. You can earn free rewards by completing quests related to detecting Residual Energy and gathering Intel. And let's be real, who doesn't want to detect Residual Energy? Some of the rewards include a Star Cruiser Glider, a Dimensional Teleporter Backbling, a Sonic Screwdriver Emote, and a TARDIS Spray. So cool! Doctor Who Gear Bundle - Dress Up Like Your Favorite Time Lord If dressing up like your favorite Time Lord is your thing, then you're in luck. The item shop will offer a Doctor Who Gear Bundle that includes two outfits: the Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) and the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa). And if that wasn't enough, the bundle also includes a TARDIS Glider, a Psychic Paper Emote, a Sonic Staff Pickaxe, and a Dalek Manipulator Arm Pickaxe. Phew, that's a mouthful! U.N.I.T Advanced Rifle and Wrarth Warrior Cannon - Pew Pew! If you're all about the pew pew, then you're going to love the two new weapons and items based on Doctor Who. The U.N.I.T Advanced Rifle can track enemies, while the Wrarth Warrior Cannon can deal damage over time. So get your trigger finger ready, people! Map Changes - TARDIS, Daleks, and Cybermen - Oh My! The crossover will bring some map changes to Fortnite, like the appearance of the TARDIS in various locations and the presence of Daleks and Cybermen as enemies. It's like Doctor Who has invaded Fortnite and we're all just along for the ride. Sounds like fun! Creative Map Inspired by Doctor Who - Explore Gallifrey, Skaro, and London And if you want to get really nerdy, you can explore a creative map inspired by Doctor Who. It will feature different locations from the show, like Gallifrey, Skaro, and London. It's like taking a virtual tour of the Doctor Who universe, but in Fortnite. Mind blown! Launch Date - November 2023 - Mark Your Calendars The Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration is expected to launch in November 2023, coinciding with the premiere of the special 60th anniversary episodes of Doctor Who. So mark your calendars, people! It's going to be an epic timey-wimey adventure that you won't want to miss!