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Best Proven and Mesmerising Health Benefits of Drinking Assam Tea
Assam tea is named after the north eastern Assam State having a unique identity of providing a blend of dark red colour. This state is the largest tea producing state in the world. This tea is generally soft, talt and has some amount of maltiness in it. Assam tea is often called as black tea. Mostly Irish and English people usually include this tea in their daily breakfast to start your morning with so e fresh and liveliness. Assam tea is quite famous due to the unique colour, flavour and nutrient profile of the tea. Some best health benefits are always waiting for an individual if he is a daily consumer of black tea or Assam tea: ● The levels of mental alertness will increase which will boost thinking abilities. Due to the presence of high caffeine ingredients in this tea you can still stay awake even if you have not slept for a while. ● Cancer can be prevented due to the presence of phenolic agents. This agent itself has antioxidant properties. Both reactive oxygen and nitrogen damage to your cells can be easily reduced. Black tea generally helps and lowers the risk of ovarian cancer to a great extent. More tye amount of phytoestrogens you consume higher will be your chances of staying away from lung cancer ● Your cardiovascular health will improve. The presence of flavonoids and the endothelial functioning will help prevent the formation of plaques inside your arteries. Women can gain many amazing benefits from black tea. ● Lowers your risk of Parkinson's diseases. If men daily consume 124 to 208 mg of caffeine and 2 to 4 cups of Assam tea then his exposure to this disease will be lowered while if the women daily consume 1 and 4 cups of tea then she can save herself from being a victim of Parkinson's disease. ● LDL and bad cholesterol can be easily reduced. ● Gut health will be improved due to the presence of millions of bacteria. Both health and immunity can be easily boosted. ● Helps in lowering blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be reduced to a great extent. ● Strokes can be avoided which is a second leading cause of death in many. This stroke can be prevented if proper health or diet is maintained. ● Blood sugar levels can be lowered and control can be gained by keeping them at a normal level. Black tea, mostly a no sweetened beverage type, will improve the functioning of the insulin which will ultimately help in lowering the blood sugar levels. ● Focus and alertness both can be improved simultaneously. Great brands are available in the market but choosing the right brand as per your requirement is the major task. This task is difficult due to the presence of many platforms and many brands. Saswata among all will be the best choice to purchase Assam tea giving you the best discount and premium quality. Choose your health safety among all brands and types of tea present in the various markets. Resource:
Tea - What is White Tea?
Tea drinking has acquired colossal prevalence lately. Obviously, in many pieces of the world, tea has predominantly been the most famous beverage for quite a long time. However, today we're finding that tea is as yet acquiring new fans; a significant number of them surrendering their espresso and changing to tea for its medical advantages and lower caffeine content. Since there has been a restored interest in tea as a general rule, we've seen a great deal of recent fads in tea drinking, also. One of the freshest and most well known right currently is white tea. White tea has a light, sweet taste and is one of the most reviving teas you can drink. It has numerous medical advantages, as well, yet many individuals have never at any point known about it. White tea comes from similar plant as different teas, the camellia sinensis. Notwithstanding, it is reaped a whole lot sooner than different teas, before the leaves are completely open. Now in the developing system, the tea buds are as yet covered by fine white hair, subsequently the name white tea. As well as being gathered at an unexpected time in comparison to different teas, white tea is diverse in light of the fact that, similar to green tea, it goes through almost no preparing, and isn't aged. The leaves are essentially steamed and afterward dried. Now and again, tea reapers will even steam the leaves squarely in the field, and afterward, let them dry in the sun. This secures the fragile kind of white tea. There is commonly less white tea developed and gathered than different types of tea. Along these lines, it will in general be more costly than dark, green and oolong teas. Truth be told, all things considered, white tea was held distinctly for use at the most noteworthy tea functions, like those for dignitaries or song tea USA. Today, however, white tea has acquired such notoriety that it's probably we'll see tea cultivators assigning a greater amount of their gather to white tea. Since it goes through almost no handling, white tea holds its enemies of oxidants in their most normal state. This makes white tea probably the best you can drink. Studies have shown that white tea contains similar enemies of oxidants as green tea, and even may hold more dynamic enemies of oxidants than its green cousin. The counter oxidants found in white and green tea have been displayed to battle infections like malignancy, coronary illness and high blood cholesterol. White tea has likewise been displayed to work on the insusceptible framework, as well. Specifically, white tea appears to have the capacity fend off microorganisms and infections. White tea is additionally high in fluoride, making it incredible for forestalling tooth rot and restraining the development of plaque. White tea's character draws in tea consumers who may view dark tea as too weighty or green tea to have a bit of a green character. It's actual light and sensitive with a smooth completion and simply a trace of pleasantness. Truth be told, in case you're accustomed to adding sugar to your tea, attempt your first cup of white tea with no sugar. You may find that you would prefer not to improve white tea by any means, or possibly you'll see that it requires less sugar than your other most loved teas. Most white tea is filled in China and Japan, however today it is additionally filled in the Darjeeling district of India and Sri Lanka. As it is acquiring prominence, it's becoming far simpler to discover than in past years. Truth be told, a significant number of the huge tea organizations are starting to advertise white tea assortments. Today, you can even discover white tea in prepared to drink bottles. Since white tea is fragile, it ought to be fermented utilizing water at a temperature just underneath the purpose in bubbling. It ought to just be soaks for 3-5 minutes. It will seem pale in shading, yet will be entirely prepared to drink. You'll see that it has little fragrance, however tastes sweet and sensitive. White tea even appears to be a bit unique than dark or green tea prior to preparing. Most white teas will look to some degree silver in free structure. Each significant tea maker today sells no less than one assortment of white tea. It's still generally accessible in free structure, however it is opening up in sack and prepared to drink structure. White tea's sensitive character is frequently delighted in alone. Notwithstanding, white tea can likewise be an excellent backup to food. Serve it with carefully seasoned food varieties, similar to scones, gentle cheeses and gentle chicken and fish dishes. Food and tea epicureans are currently likewise discovering approaches to utilize flavorful white tea in cooking, as well. There are numerous plans utilizing white tea for sauces, specifically for sauces to go over fish and chicken. Since white tea has no sugar and no fat, it makes a solid expansion to your food. Also, its gently sweet and sensitive character can supplement numerous food sources without overwhelming them. Be sure to attempt white tea in the event that you haven't as of now. I'm sure that you'll discover its carefully sweet and light character to be a welcome expansion to your standard drink collection. In addition, you can be certain that you're drinking something solid just as heavenly.
Tired of the same tea flavors? I discovered these "Tea Assortment by Hacendado"!
People want to taste different varieties of teas but not getting individual packets or pods makes it a big conflict, that’s the reason why we need different packets or assortments, so we can try and then choose our favorite.  Hacendado  gives a lot of options in this variety of bright and calming tea infusions. A single cup of any of these tea bags will make your morning, evening or even midnight tea will lighten you up. What’s in the package? In this assortment, we get 2 packets of a lot of tasty tea flavorings. A single package would include 9 different flavors of Hacendado tea and aside from being super calming, separate teas will help in different aspects of daily life, for example, Sleep Tea for a peaceful sleep, etc.   The things that make these teas stand out of the crowd: 1) The light and relaxing feeling: Many of the teas need extras like milk, sugar to taste good but these tastes just as good without any of the other items, with their own light essence.   2) Perfect quality of tea bags: The tea bags don’t get all smudged or tear even after we keep any of them in the mug or cup for a long time. This makes it a branded and premium quality product.   3) Different tastes and benefits from each pack of the tea: Each tea bag is perfect in its respective flavors and suitable for different situations.   The flavors offered by Hacendado in the pack: 1) Relax tea: Cleared by the name, it actually does gets you in the mood to relax while sipping it.        2)Digest: This blend helps people in various ways like reducing bloating, cleansing our body, etc.        3)Dormir (sleep) tea: With all the herbs and medicinal properties in this bag, it calms your mind to help in sleep.   4) Hinojo Funcho (Fennel) tea: This is a new edition to Hacendado’s already wide tea collection. Fennel is really good for digestion and is a popular favorite of tea drinkers.   5) Respir (Breath) tea: It is one of the best herbal teas. Not only it tastes fantastic, just when you tear open the individual tea pack, but you also get a light scent of fresh ingredients.   6) Rooibos Citricos (Citrus) tea: This is the best fruit flavor tea that does feel like tea and not sugary tea. Perfect to complement your brunches.   7) Cavalinha (horsetail) tea: The most successful tea by them and is known for detoxification.   8) Curcuma(turmeric) tea: It has a lot of benefits but is more on the spicy side in comparison to other teas.   I love that the company has taken this wise decision of giving these different packets of brews at this price many companies don’t according to my experience. This way customer can try and taste their best flavors at a cheap rate and then order the whole full-size box of teas that they like the most or benefited them.   You can find different deals like these assortments that are much lighter on the pocket if you look on  online selling sites like eBay for example, TrueGether.
"Trà Đinh Ngọc là loại trà đắt đỏ nhất vùng đất Trà Tân Cương Thái Nguyên, Trà được công ty Lộc Tân Cương tuyển chọn nhưng đinh trà non mới nhú mơn mởn để làm trà, Trà có ngoại hình nhỏ xíu, li ti như những cái đinh nhỏ, rất thơm, khi pha ra thì càng thơm, mùi thơm ngọt cốm non, đặc trưng của Trà Tân Cương Thái Nguyên, nước trà khi pha xanh và sánh trong đẹp, tiền vị chát của trà nhẹ dễ chịu, hậu vị ngọt sâu, lưu lại trong khoang miệng và cổ họng rất lâu, cảm giác đê mê khó tả". "Chè Thái Nguyên, gái Tuyên Quang" là câu nói dùng để ca ngợi 2 thứ tuyệt vời nhất của xứ Bắc. Nếu nhắc đến Tuyên Quang, người ta nghĩ ngay đến người con gái đẹp thì khi nhắc đến Thái Nguyên, người ta nghĩ ngay đến trà Thái Nguyên, mà người miền bắc hay gọi là chè Thái Nguyên. Đây được coi là một thức uống dân dã, bình dị, quen thuộc trong cuộc sống của mỗi người dân Việt Nam nói chung và người dân Thái Nguyên nói riêng. Dần dần, thức uống ấy trở thành một món đặc sản ngon lành mà dân gian thường gọi là đặc sản trà (chè) Thái Nguyên.  1. Trà Đinh Ngọc Thái Nguyên Trà Đinh Ngọc Thái Nguyên chính là sự lựa chọn thông minh của các cao thủ trà Trà (chè) Đinh Tân Cương Thái Nguyên được gọi bằng một cái tên cao quý đó chính là trà đinh ngọc, đây là một viên ngọc quý mà thiên nhiên đã ban tặng cho Thái Nguyên. Nhờ có khí hậu mát mẻ cùng thổ nhưỡng thích hợp mà vùng đất Tân Cương Thái Nguyên đã sản xuất ra được loại trà chất lượng, đủ tiêu chuẩn và thích hợp để trở thành loại trà quý trên thị trường. Trà (chè) Đinh Ngọc Thái Nguyên là loại chè Thái Nguyên cao cấp, xứng danh nhất phẩm trà, bởi nguyên liệu làm ra nó là những đọt trà non trên những đồi trà được tuyển chọn. Những cô gái Thái Nguyên đã phải dậy từ rất sớm để hái những đọt chè non trên những đồi chè Thái Nguyên còn xanh mơn mởn rồi đem về phơi. Sáng sớm là thời điểm đọt trà vào độ ngon nhất và tươi nhất. Để có được 1kg trà (chè) đinh phải cần đến 10kg đọt trà non. Quá trình này phải huy động lực lượng khoảng 20 người hái chuyên nghiệp trong vòng 2 tiếng đồng hồ.       Không những quá trình trồng và hái phải thật tỉ mỉ, khéo léo mà quá trình chế biến trà (chè) đinh cũng vô cùng kỳ công và cẩn thận. Phải những nghệ nhân sao trà đầy kinh nghiệm, tay nghề cao mới làm ra được những mẻ trà (chè) Đinh Thái Nguyên ngon và chất lượng. Viên ngọc quý trà đinh chính là sự kết hợp nhuần nhuyễn, tinh tế giữa thiên nhiên và bàn tay con người.       Trà sau khi chế biến sẽ xoăn tít lại, đều và nhỏ như cái đinh nên người ta gọi là trà đinh. Nước trà khi pha sẽ có màu vàng sánh tựa màu cốm non và mang một mùi hương dễ chịu, thanh thanh của đất trời Thái Nguyên. Trà Đinh Ngọc Thái Nguyên ngon không chỉ ở hương mà còn ở vị. Cái vị chát dịu, ngầy ngậy khắp khoang miệng khi uống và cái vị ngọt thanh ở cổ họng thật lạ lùng. Nhưng cái lạ lùng ấy đã cuốn hút biết bao nhiêu người đến với loại trà (chè) Thái Nguyên đặc biệt này. Xem thêm: