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Demetrius Mitchell is touted in Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell as the greatest basketball player to never play in the NBA. Archival video footage of Hook executing some of the most awe inspiring feats of athleticism would seem to corroborate. Forever burned on my cerebral cortex will be the image of Demetrius launching over the top of a parked Volkswagon and slamming the ball home with authority. Hook pulled this ungodly act off at a relatively diminutive 5’9". Seeing Hook’s remarkable abilities makes the story of his fall from grace that much more tragic. You've gotta be kidding! Mitchell’s story begins on basketball’s Mecca for fledgling talent — Oakland, California. Hook grew up on the playground with future NBA players Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Brian Shaw, and others. While the aforementioned players aren’t too shabby having netted (no pun intended) several NBA championship rings, appearances at All Star Games, and countless clutch performances, Payton, Kidd, and Shaw attest that Mitchell’s gift dwarfed all of them. It’s hard to imagine anything derailing such irrepressible talent on the basketball court. Hook’s tremendous talent was unfortunately matched by a home life and social context that was tremendously damaging. Directors Michael Skolnik and William O’ Neill (Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop) give equal time documenting Hook‘s unfathomable talent and his maddening descent. Hook was raised primarily by his grandmother as his biological mother was a drug addict. His brother, Larry was a well established drug dealer by the time Hook was in high school. Living in West Oakland, Hook was exposed to pushers, prostitutes, and other harsh elements. With a dearth of positive influences, Hook’s talent would be undermined by the sway of almost insurmountable negative influences. By the time Hook was in high school he was being rewarded by his unwholesome posse with a $100 bill for each slam dunk he made. Cocaine became his calisthenics routine before a game. It supplanted Gatorade at halftime. Despite the efforts of Gary Payton and Brian Shaw, little could be done to halt Hook’s downward spiral. The nadir for Hook occurred right around the time of the NBA All Star Game taking place in Oakland in 1999. Strung out and hard up, Hook attempted to knock over a local Blockbuster and would end up incarcerated. Skolnick and O’Neill capture a candid, heartfelt, and humbled Demetrius behind bars. Hook comes across as optimistic and eager to make amends for his past mistakes. Demetrius is a man who always wanted to do good, but just didn’t have the resources or support to make it happen. This is the ultimate lesson one takes away from a film (download your favorite film live wallpapers) like Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell. Remarkable talent aside, one still needs the right kind of breaks in order to achieve success. It is truly unfortunate that a talent like Hook failed to get these requisite breaks, and his hoop dreams remained just that.
Where to Meet Women – Know the Right Places
If you are having trouble meeting women, it probably has to do with the fact that you are looking in all the wrong places. Here, we won’t just give you ideas for specific places where you can meet women, but tell you why they are great places and tell you how to use them to your fullest advantage. Bars and Clubs: The Wrong Place Where To Meet Women Bars and clubs seem like the logical place to meet women. In fact, a lot of women actually go to these places to meet men (for new meetings the online video chat). But, unless you are incredibly good-looking or really good at flirting (or both), then you probably aren’t going to have any luck. You know those Animal Planet documentaries which show the males doing things like displaying their plumage, knocking their antlers together, or puffing up really big in order to get the attention of the females? Well, that basically sums up the atmosphere in a bar or club. Women in bars know what you want – and this puts them in a position to make you work for it. Plus, there are almost always going to be more men on the prowl than women – which puts women in an even bigger position of power. It isn’t impossible to meet women in bars and clubs, you’ve just got to be really good at the art of pickup. Aside from the pickup tricks, you will also have to be damn good at bantering (download our free guide on how to flirt with girls). Even if you succeed in picking up a girl in a bar or club, it probably isn’t going to go anywhere. This is because it is really hard to get to know a girl in a bar or club. The chances that you and the girl actually have something in common is pretty slim. So, if you want to meet women for something other than casual sex, I’d suggest you start looking in one of the following places. Get Passionate about a Hobby Other than confidence and paternal instincts, the thing that women find sexiest is passion. It doesn’t matter if you are passionate about something as dumb as model airplanes or as complex as binomial figures, women will get turned on if they can see your passion (though it would be even better to get passionate about something sexy like cooking or Latin dancing…). Before I go any further, I want to clarify that passion is NOT the same as obsession. It is one thing to get excited about your hobby and travel around the world to pursue it. It is another thing to revolve your life around this one thing. Passions give you something unique to talk about when you meet women, and they can also present a lot of opportunities for meeting women. If you are passionate about model airplanes, for example, you can meet women in aerospace museums and easily strike up a conversation by commenting on the displays. A lot of hobbies have groups and events, so these are great places to meet women. Join a Social Club As we get older, it is really hard to meet new people because we get so wrapped up in our own lives. Clubs and other social groups present a unique opportunity for meeting new people. This setting is one of the best places to meet women because: It is social by nature; women join to meet other people You will have plenty to talk about You will have plenty to do in case conversation starts lagging Their defenses are down, unlike in a bar or club What type of club should you join? It really doesn’t matter but, if your goal is to meet women, then you should look for a club which has lots of female members. Some examples of good clubs to join are: Language exchange clubs Book clubs Hiking clubs I’d recommend checking out the website It is a place where members can start clubs based on interests. There are meetups worldwide and major cities usually have tons of different options. Learning Classes Taking a class is a great place to meet women. Not only are there lots of women in these classes, but the women are often in what we can call a “transitional” stage of their life. People tend to start taking classes when they want to improve their lives – and they often consider finding a new relationship part of this improvement. So, there is a good chance that the women in your classes with be single and open to going out on dates with you. Even if you don’t see your dream girl in the class, the class still provides you with plenty of opportunities for improving your social skills. Another big plus is that taking a class gives you something to talk about when you meet women in other places. Just mentioning that you are taking a class will be a big turn on for women because they find it sexy when guys do things to improve themselves or are open to learning new things. So, take a look at what sort of classes are available in your local area. These classes are especially good for meeting women: Adult education classes from the local community college Arts and crafts classes Cooking classes Language classes Group Dance Classes EVERY guy should take dance lessons, even if he has absolutely no interest in dancing. Why? Because, for humans, dancing is the exact same thing that bucking antlers is for deer: a mating ritual. If you can move on the floor, you subconsciously tell women that you are good in bed. Plus, most ladies love dancing and you will be more likely to get and keep her attention at a bar or club if you are impressive on the floor (no bantering or flirting required!). Since women tend to be more interested in dancing than men, group dancing classes will likely have a surplus of women. This is a great opportunity to meet someone. Or, if you don’t like any of the women in your class, invite them out dancing after class sometime (telling them to bring their friends too, of course!). Start Playing a Sport Sports teams are a great place to meet women. Ideally, you are going to choose a unisex league and a sport which women typically like to play, such as volleyball instead of something testosterone-driven like touch football. Since there won’t really be that many women on your actual team, it might seem like this isn’t the best place to meet women. Not so! After practice or a game, you will probably go out for drinks with the team, and they will certainly also invite you to events like parties and BBQs. At these get-togethers, you will have lots of chances to meet your teammates’ lady friends. Since you’ve already been given the “okay” through association, it will be much easier to approach these friends. As an added bonus, playing a sport is a great way to get in shape and get your confidence up. This will definitely help you attract the ladies. Even mentioning that you play a sport can be a turn on for a woman! The Dog Park If you have a dog, then use it to your advantage. Forget the normal walk and start taking Rover to the local dog park. Then, make a good show of playing with your dog. Women are attracted to men who have dogs because it shows that you are responsible enough to care for a living creature. When you play with your dog, it is an even bigger turn on because it alludes to all your potential daddying skills. Here are some tips on how to strike up a conversation with women at dog parks: Scout out the park first. Don’t hit on any women until you’ve gone there a few times to see who the regulars are, and to see if they come with boyfriends/husbands. Once a woman has seen you a few times at the park, she won’t be weirded out if you strike up conversation. If your dog isn’t social by nature (i.e. isn’t going to go sniff other dogs’ butts), then bring an extra ball with you. Then be the nice guy and throw her dog the ball. Ask what her dog’s name is. Then (depending on the dog), ask if the dog is a rescue or a pure-breed. Once you’ve made a connection, ask if she’d like to go for a walk with you and the dogs sometime. If this meeting goes well, the next date can be without the dogs. Libraries or Bookstores Intellect is an attractive trait, which is why libraries and bookstores are good places to meet women. However, you’ve got to be really careful about how you approach women there or you run the risk of seeming creepy. To make the most out of these places for meeting women, check out their events calendars. There should be some book readings, classes, discussion groups, or other events going on. Since these are social events by nature, it won’t freak a woman out if you start talking to her after the event. A word of warning: don’t approach random women at a library or bookstore unless you are a genuine booklover! Otherwise, women will quickly see through you and get creeped out. If you actually do love books though, then it isn’t too difficult to meet a woman at these bookish places. When you see a woman reaching for a book that you’ve read, then smile and comment on it. Don’t give her some scholarly discourse or try to sound intellectual! You will just end up sounding pretentious and obnoxious. Say something simple like, “I usually don’t like psychological thrillers, but that book had my mind in a warp for days.” Then follow up with a question like, “Have you read any of her other books?” or “I’m looking for something new to read. Got any recommendations?” If you make a connection, then ask for her phone number. Don’t be hesitant about it either! Say something along the lines of, “I know this great little bistro nearby. Can I take you out there sometime? A woman that likes Paul Auster is too good to pass on!” (followed by a flirtatious smile) If you still haven’t mastered the art of small talk and bantering, then I’d recommend you read our guide to flirting, which you can download for free here. Coffee Shops Honestly, this is NOT a good place to meet women. When you approach a woman at a coffee shop, she knows exactly what you want for her. This is fine if she is also hoping to meet someone, but chances are that she is there to get her daily caffeine buzz and do some work. Before you get scared off from the idea of meeting women at coffee shops, be aware of the fact that many women fantasize about being approached by a stranger while they are out doing their daily business. At the very least, you will probably make her day. After all, who doesn’t like to be noticed by the opposite sex! But, before you approach a woman at a coffee shop, look out for these signs that she is open to your approach: She is at a wide-open table and not hidden away in the corner somewhere She is relaxed and not crazily typing away or doing some other work Her body language is positive (arms uncrossed, relaxed posture…) You make eye contact and she returns your gaze instead of scowling In a coffee shop, you really do need a good opener. Ideally, it should be a “genuine” question so she doesn’t get her guard up and think all you want is sex. For example, I once picked up a girl who was at a coffee shop doing some work on her computer with this line: “How do you like that Dell computer? I was thinking of buying the same one but was worried about a review I read which said they overheat.” If the question is “genuine,” then it will lead to further conversation. In my case, the woman opened up and told me about the work she does on her computer. I asked her if she’d like to go get an ice cream with me at a nearby place and we were out on a date that very hour. You Can Meet Women Anywhere… It is possible to meet women anywhere, so long as you are open and avoid doing anything which could be perceived as creepy (more on that in our article about how to meet women). Keep in mind that confidence is key! To get yourself ready for approaching women, check out our guide to how to flirt with girls which you can download here for free.
Hiring Pro Android App Development Via Outsourcing
Android software improvement has increased with the aid of leaps and bounds. Those who have Android as their OS, are addicted to their applications because they're enormously interactive and engaging. Within a quick span of time, the downloads of Android apps have overtaken Apple and are promoting extra apps than iPhone and iPad combined, There are greater than 50,000 packages equipped for Android telephone users. Anyone, who wants programs for business, education, lifestyle or any other undertaking, can without problems get one via hiring professionals via outsourcing organizations. At the time, it turns into tough to discover a preferred software from the big heap. In order to get your desired software with precision, you should hire an expert Android app developer who has extensive experience in Android development. If you want your apps inside your budget, then the first-class preference is to outsource this undertaking to any app development company from nations like India. India has ended up one in every of the most distinguished destinations for hiring app specialists. It is easy to lease specialists from the offshore outsourcing corporations at the maximum affordable rates. You can shop a substantial sum of money by using opting professionals from the outsourcing businesses, and you additionally get bendy hiring options for expert Android developers/programmers. Custom Android apps improvement provider is the maximum suitable method in the direction of the fulfillment of specific improvement tasks. The custom app development provider from these outsourcing agencies gives a tremendous facility to get your app evolved in your style. One can get outstanding answers as consistent with his choice by using choosing a suitable custom Android app provider. Outsourcing could virtually assist you to find a prolific Android development provider. Outsourcing app improvement tasks to groups from offshore international locations offer bendy programs for Android development. One can choose a professional apps developer/programmer on monthly, weekly, each day or even on an hourly basis. Once again, the net plays an important role in this and lets you locate the best, skilled and talented Android apps development company. Do no longer forget to check the agency's portfolio, and have a look at the testimonials with the aid of clients. If you want brief feedback on the services, then really fill out the inquiry shape of the businesses and a maximum of them could get returned to you within 24 hours. First of all, get assured of the agency's development work, then simplest move ahead with the hiring process. One good thing about those companies is that a team of persistent Android app developer/programmers are continually equipped to suggest, guide and assist you at any time.
What is new for e-Commerce Businesses with iOS 13 updates?
Ever since the launch of iPhone back in 2007 by Tim Cook, Apple has been setting up new standards for the mobile devices. From touch screen to camera and what not- the advent of iPhone is considered to be a big turning point in the field of technology. This year’s annual convention was no different. WWDC 2019 recently summed up with some huge announcements for the iOS device owners. While the new version adds up a few features that we had been longing for long, there were more surprises to be revealed. Held at McEnery Convention Centre in California, thousands of developers across the globe had an open-end interaction with the Apple Engineers, their foresightedness and their future goals for more customer-eccentric technologies. The new updates with iOS 13 have not only elated the immediate user base but also the ios App developers from every corner of the Globe. They now have new demands to work on, new gaps to fill in and everything needs to be done in a more future-oriented approach. It is easier said than done, as every new OS update brings up new challenges for the app development agencies. In this article, we will learn the two major features introduced in iOS 13 and how the iOS app developers can make the best out of them. Dark Mode: Needless to say this, but Dark Mode is something Mobile users have been asking for a long time. And who could have come with a solution, if not iOS? iOS 13 now comes with a dark mode where users can access their mobile for longer hours without straining their eyes much. Post to lights-out, most people prefer to switch to their “me-time”, which primarily includes a brief overlook of their profiles on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or mildly entertaining stuff from Youtube. In fact, this “brief me-time” often extends for hours until we actually doze off. Deep down, we all regret this being an ill-habit one needs to get rid of, as it harms our vision to the core; but somehow we still continue with the same. The plus point of this nighttime browsing: a person is well relaxed and looks out for more comforting luxuries in his real life surroundings. With the introduction of dark mode in your app, there are huge chances that he might click one of your advertisements at the top, on his will, and might end up paying for it. However, we are still missing out those potential customers who are too concerned about their eyes. The Dark Mode comes to your help. The other half of your customers who had long been avoiding a late-night browse might find it more soothing this time onwards. Chances are, your e-Commerce store might show more sales. Can you hire iOS developer to bring up a similar change in your App? The answer is yes. Xcode11 allows the developers to make the desired changes effectively. They can download the demo project and then on the Xcode11 platform, they can modify the ContentviewScript file for the dark mode. Expect more sales this time onwards. Augmented Reality: AR had never been new for iOS users. The camera-based technology was introduced to the iPhone users back in 2008. Ever since then, the technology has found itself as a base for a few high-end games and photography applications. The technology allows you to visualize 3-D movable animated figures through your mobile camera in the real-time. A user can create a video that is a hybrid version of real-world objects with the custom animations. In recent times, the AR has raised its roleplay from a mere entertainer to a crucial piece. E-Commerce is particularly making good benefits by letting users with better customer experience. The users can take a 3-D glance of their ordered product and their compatibility with related accessories from the real world. iOS app developers need to focus on this aspect if their subject somehow connects the virtual world to the real. iOS13 enables a more user-eccentric feature named “People Occlusion” that measures the movement of the user. ARKit 3 empowers the AR feature on the iOS platform that helps create a smoother AR experience along with a high-level Augmented Reality Framework. Developers can utilize AR features in their app using SDK files available at the developers Apple website. Wrapping it up E-Commerce is often a highly unpredictable platform where, locking down a customer is nearly impossible. It keeps changing with time, the trends, the immediate weather and the locality of the user. However, as an e-commerce business owner, you can surely let your users experience the beauty of an interactive and reliable application. The new technologies can give you an extra touch to your exclusive e-Commerce Application allowing you to convert more users over the course of the time.
애플, WWDC서 'iOS 13'공개
다크 모드, 새 애니메이션, 구형 아이폰의 속도 향상 애플의 새로운 OS(운영체제) iOS 13의 공개가 한 달도 채 남지 않았다. 애플 iOS 13은 오는 9월에 공개될 아이폰 11에 사용될 예정으로, 작년 iOS 12 출시 때 원래 계획됐던 몇 가지 기능들을 포함해 다양한 개선점 및 새로운 기능이 iOS 13을 통해 선보여지게 된다. iOS 13의 특징은 크게 세 가지로 다크 모드, 새 애니메이션, 구형 아이폰의 속도 향상이라고 보면 된다. 블룸버그 통신은 가장 큰 디자인적 변화 중 하나로 네이티브 다크 모드를 소개했다. 컨트롤 센터에서 직접 활성화할 수 있고, 야간에 볼 수 있도록 최적화된 검은색·회색 계열의 인터페이스를 도입한다. 블룸버그 통신에 따르면, 아이패드 사용자들을 위한 추가 서비스로, iOS 13은 개선된 홈 스크린과 수정된 멀티태스킹 인터페이스를 제공한다. 또한 아이패드를 통해 같은 앱의 다른 버전을 사용하는, 예를 들어 맥OS 및 윈도10과 서로 호환되는 기능 역시 강화된다. 애플은 아이메시지(iMessage)에 대한 다양한 업그레이드를 준비하고 있는 상황이다. 메시지 플랫폼은 최종적으로 사용자가 프로필 사진을 설정하고 이름을 표시할 수 있도록 하고, 그 정보를 볼 사람을 선택할 수 있도록 해야 한다. 애니모지스(Animojis)와 메모지스(Memojis)를 최대한 활용하기 위해 애플은 이것들의 스티커 버전을 보낼 전용 메뉴를 대화 창에서 준비하고 있다. iOS 13 사용자는 키를 개별적으로 누르지 않고 글자 사이를 휙휙 넘겨 단어를 입력할 수 있는 새로운 키보드 옵션을 사용할 수 있을 전망이다. 이와 함께 타사 소프트웨어와 원활하게 작동하는 개선된 파일 앱과 사파리(Safari) 웹 링크 및 사진을 쉽게 공유할 수 있는 새로운 공유 시트 인터페이스가 제공될 것으로 보인다. 맵 기능도 강화된다. 사용자는 자주 위치를 설정하고 쉽게 위치를 탐색할 수 있다. 게다가 자주 가는 장소의 그룹을 만들어 사진과 짝을 이루는 기능이 추가돼 인터페이스에서도 쉽게 볼 수 있게 된다. 또한 애플은 부모들이 하루 종일 특정 지점에서 자녀가 접촉할 수 있는 사람을 제한할 수 있도록 해주는 새로운 기능을 도입한다. iOS 13 릴리즈를 완료하는 것은 친구 찾기(Find my Friend)와 아이폰 찾기(Find my iPhone)를 하나로 결합한 새로운 앱, 새로운 보상 시스템을 통해 사용자가 더 많이 읽을 수 있도록 하는 새로워진 애플 북스 앱, 그리고 아이패드를 맥 컴퓨터의 보조 디스플레이로 사용할 수 있는 새로운 기능 등이다.
Top 5 iOS App Development Challenges And How To Overcome Them
Having a functional mobile application has become more of a necessity if businesses want to flourish in a fiercely competitive market. And what better than iOS to get started. It is already among the most popular mobile operating systems, which is not a surprise, given its numerous features such as security, exceptional user experience, high scalability, etc. However, the development process sure is a complex one. With each new version of Apple OS, the process becomes a bit complex and poses a few challenges to the developers. But there are some easy ways to overcome those challenges. Read on: The compatibility issue The compatibility issue often arises with iOS app development. With a number of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, etc, it often becomes difficult to find out the iOS versions that will support the application. Your iOS application needs to be compatible with all the Apple products and OS versions. To avoid this issue, you must test your application using TaaS to identify all the prevailing problems with your app. Leveling up the user interface iOS devices are among the most preferred ones, thanks to their superior UX and brilliant design. But then again, frequent changes in design are likely to affect your app in some way or the other. For example, some people might still be using a relatively small screen. You need to be sure that your app provides an attractive user experience irrespective of the screen size. Evolve your app and keep working to level up the user interface of your app. The network may not always be supportive Network conditions can be a concern for you here in case your app comprises rich media such as videos or live streaming. Find out the speed at which most of the people access the apps and then develop yours accordingly. For example, you might want to restrict the video quality on your app to brace up to the poor network conditions. As a solution, make sure your app passes the test performed by the Network Link Conditioner which can help you with simulation System memory might hold your app back Each iOS device comes with a different memory configuration. An app developed for one version may or may not work well on another. The reason could be low memory and storage, which can also result in your app getting terminated. Another concern may be your app drawing a huge amount of battery, which will, more often than not, result in uninstallation. Luckily for you, Custom iOS app development can help address this challenge very well. Therefore, it is important to optimize your app to make sure it is battery-friendly. And since device memory is an issue, optimizing the app in terms of file size will also help in eliminating such issues. App store approval Not all iOS apps are approved by the Apple app store, especially those that are not developed in compliance with the suggested rules. One simple violation and your app could get rejected. These rules, too, aren’t consistent, which is why you need to keep up with the recent changes in the guidelines and develop your app accordingly. Each OS comes with its own set of challenges. iOS is no different. The app development process might be prone to a few as well, but none of them are powerful enough to undermine the greater good that an iOS app can bring to your business. So, all you need are some simple tactics to overcome them. The aforementioned challenges along with the solutions will help you make sure that the end result is pure brilliance, and the development process, smooth. Need an iOS developer to guide the way? Well, write to us at, and we’ll connect you with one, someone who’s well-versed in custom iOs app development, and knows what it takes to build a powerful business app.
원화 결제 시작한 애플 앱스토어, 모바일 게임 '결제 오류'로 몸살
iOS로 게임을 이용하는 유저라면 친숙할 '1.99$ 표기가 5일부터 한국 원화로 표시된다. 그간 앱스토어, 애플 뮤직, 아이클라우드 등 애플 서비스는 달러 결제를 고수했지만 지난 8월 정책 변경을 예고했고, 안내에 따라 5일부터 한국 원화 결제를 지원하기 시작했다. 애플의 정책 변경에 따라 앱스토어에 표시되는 앱 구매 가격 뿐 아니라 인앱 결제, 매월 결제되는 구독 상품도 한화로 변경된 가격으로 결제된다. 이에 라이브 서비스 중인 모바일게임도 대응에 나서기 시작했지만, 일부 게임은 결제 오류나 늑장 대응으로 몸살을 앓는 중이다.  <리니지 M>은 iOS에 한해 다이아 상품, 아툰의 상자 패키지 등 일부 상품 판매가 중단됐다. 5일 진행된 정기점검과는 별도로 진행되는 점검이며, 상품 통화가 변경된 후 별개로 정상화 안내를 할 예정이다. <검은사막 모바일>과 <리니지 2 레볼루션>, <모두의 마블 for kakao>과 <세븐나이츠> 등 일부 게임은 때아닌 결제 오류를 겪고 있다. 애플 정책 변경 동의를 위해 외부 링크로 이동, 승인 후 최초 구입한 상품이 지급되지 않는 현상이 발생하는 것. 두 번째 결제는 정상적으로 이루어지지만 유독 첫 번째 결제에서 문제가 생겨 대다수의 게임사가 확인 중이라는 공지를 내건 상태다. <에픽세븐>은 가격 차이로 논란을 빚었다. iOS 버전의 상품 가격이 구글 버전보다 높게 매겨진 것. 한 예로 구글 플레이스토어의 월정액 상품은 5,500원이지만 앱스토어는 5,900원으로 표시되고 실제 결제까지 됐다. 또 일부 이용자들은 결제 상품이 지급되지 않는 오류를 호소하고 있다. <에픽세븐> 측은 공지를 통해 가격을 동일하게 재설정했으며, 문제 현상을 보이는 이용자는 애플 앱스토어 고객센터를 통해 상품을 환불하라고 안내했다. <백발백중 for kakao>는 달러로 표기된 상품 안내를 변경하지 않고 별도 공지로 원화 결제를 안내하고 있다. 게임에서는 달러 가격으로 표시되지만 실 결제는 원화로 이루어지며, 추후 업데이트로 변경하겠다고 공지했다.  한편, 애플 앱스토어 원화 결제는 해외 결제를 지원하는 신용카드로만 결제 가능하며, 원화와 함께 환전 수수료가 추가 지불되는 '이중결제' 형태를 띄고 있다. 애플은 몇 개월 안으로 휴대폰 소액 결제, 애플 기프트 카드 등 다른 결제 옵션도 지원할 예정이다.   [update 2018.09.05 14:15] <에픽세븐> 공식 커뮤니티 추가 공지 내용을 반영했습니다.