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नवीनतम Freejobalert प्राप्त करने के लिए, आपको वेबसाइट की सदस्यता (Free) लेनी होगी। या आप सीधे इस URLपर जा सकते हैं| NALCO Recruitment 2020, Apply for 120 Graduate Engineer Posts Highonstudy - March 31, 2020 Mayurbhanj District 466 Paramedical Staff Posts » Announcement for COVID-19 Highonstudy - March 31, 2020 HMWSSB Manager Posts Announcement at Highonstudy - March 31, 2020 Today Current Affairs, 31 March 2020 in Hindi & English For All Competition Exams Highonstudy - March 31, 2020 State Wise Govt Notification📢 Andaman & Nicobar Jobs📢 Andhra Pradesh Jobs📢 Arunachal Pradesh Jobs📢 Assam Jobs📢 Bihar Jobs📢 Chhattisgarh Jobs📢 New Delhi Govt Jobs📢 Goa Jobs📢 Gujarat Govt Jobs📢 Haryana Jobs📢 Himachal Pradesh Jobs📢 Jammu Kashmir Jobs📢 Jharkhand Jobs📢 Karnataka Jobs📢 Kerala Jobs📢 Madhya Pradesh Jobs📢 Maharashtra Jobs📢 Manipur Jobs📢 Meghalaya Jobs📢 Nagaland Jobs📢 Odisha Jobs📢 Pondicherry Jobs📢 Punjab Jobs📢 Rajasthan Jobs📢 Sikkim Jobs📢 Tamil Nadu Jobs📢 Uttarakhand Jobs📢 UP Govt Jobs📢 Telangana Jobs📢 West Bengal JobsundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedNaN
Entry Level Financial Analyst Jobs Chicago
Looking for entry level financial analyst jobs in chicago? Apply to Financial Analyst jobs now hiring on Stafficial, the US largest job site. Job Responsibilities: - Monitor the performance of portfolios and investments using cutting edge analytics, proprietary software and Excel-based data management software. - Manage the operations of client portfolios, maintaining accurate performance information, and collaborating with relationship management teams in preparing performance reports and special projects. - Establishes and maintains relationships with a broad base of key stakeholders (i.e. executives and staff) and serves as a key point of contact for finance issues. Acquires and maintains an understanding of the strategies, priorities and issues of the divisions supported. - Leads the coordination, organization and execution of quantitative and qualitative analyses for areas supported. Examples of activities include traditional budgeting and forecasting, month-end close, enhanced financial/business reporting, business case development, pricing analysis, P&L generation and business planning support. - Coordinate assigned projects and special project work with allocated resources. Prepare quarterly and annual reports for clients. Location: Chicago Job Type: Full Time / Part Time Experience: Entry Level / Hiring Entry Level Candidates Job Requirement: - 6 months of work experience in an accounting/financial industry setting preferred; internships may be considered. - College degree (B.A., B.S. or B.B.A.) – major in Finance, Accounting, or Economics. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications preferably Excel. - Proven expertise in modeling techniques and managing large data sets. - Be eligible to work in United States without work authorization sponsorship now or anytime in the future. - Strong curiosity to connect the dots and tell the story through the financials - Must be able to handle multiple assignments/initiatives. - Strong communication skills (written and verbal). Apply Now: entry level finincial analyst jobs in chicago
Bagaimana Membuat CV Pekerjaan yang Menarik?
Dalam artikel yang digagas oleh loker Jakarta anda bertujuan untuk membuat perekrut atau tim SDM melihat contoh-contoh pencapaian CV pekerjaan yang bagus dan duduk dan mengatakan 'wow - saya membutuhkan kandidat ini dalam bisnis'. Kiat teratas menurut lowongan kerja Depok: Jangan merasa perlu untuk menulis deskripsi panjang tentang pencapaian pekerjaan Anda, warnanya dapat ditambahkan pada tahap wawancara. Prestasi semacam itu adalah penggoda untuk menggerakkan kaki Anda. Juga, kata hati-hati: pastikan bahwa Anda dapat mencadangkan daftar prestasi Anda untuk CV Anda, ketika berbicara melalui mereka saat wawancara - atau bahwa referensi Anda, jika diminta, bisa. Bagaimana menyebutkan tanggung jawab? Ini lebih dari bagian 'roti dan mentega' tentang cara membuat CV Anda menonjol. Apa tanggung jawab Anda saat ini yang menunjukkan bahwa Anda dapat melakukan pekerjaan yang Anda lamar? Sertakan tugas Anda sehari-hari, individu atau tim yang Anda kelola, dan kompetensi terampil apa pun yang Anda laksanakan. Menurut blog pekerjaan berikan detail pekerjaan yang sudah Anda lakukan, dapat membantu perekrut membingkai prestasi Anda dan memberi mereka konteks. Anda juga dapat membangun tanggung jawab sebelumnya yang relevan dengan peran di bagian riwayat pekerjaan Anda. Bagaimana cara menunjukkan prestasi dalam sebuah wawancara? Menurut web karir inilah saatnya pamer. Mengikuti pernyataan pribadi bintang dan menarik semua pencapaian kunci Anda di CV Anda, Anda akan sepenuhnya diteliti dan siap untuk bersinar pada tahap wawancara. Pastikan Anda telah mengidentifikasi contoh yang dapat Anda tarik untuk menunjukkan pencapaian pekerjaan utama Anda. Bersiaplah untuk merinci hal ini, karena pewawancara ingin mendapatkan pemahaman penuh tentang apa yang telah dicapai. Seperti apa jadwal waktu itu? Apa hambatan terbesar yang Anda atasi? Apakah itu benar-benar Anda atau Anda bagian dari tim yang lebih luas? Apakah ada masalah gigi? Dll. Ini adalah pertanyaan yang cenderung muncul.
7 Fun Jobs That Pay Well
An often-repeated truism is that if you do what you love, you’ll never be bored. By channeling your passions and choosing the right career, you’ll love going into work every day. Each of the following seven careers vary in the type of skills needed in order to be successful, but all share a common theme — they provide you with some fun while you earn that paycheck. 1. Real Estate Agent If you love people and property, a career as a real estate agent could be perfect for you. Real estate agents spend workdays consulting with clients, showing properties and negotiating with sellers. They work hard to find the ideal property for clients while negotiating the best possible deal. To become a licensed agent, you’ll be tasked with completing the required coursework for your state, followed by passing the real estate salesperson exam. 2. Chef Who doesn’t love food? If you have discerning taste buds, good work ethic and a lot of creativity, you could have the makings of a great chef. Chefs spend long hours in the kitchen perfecting recipes and preparing dishes for hungry customers. Thorough knowledge of food safety and flavor, as well as the creativity involved in creating new dishes, are key to success in this position. If you choose to become a chef, you’ll enjoy earning a great living while providing people with nourishment. 3. User Experience Designer If you’re technologically savvy, as well as skilled in design and aesthetics, consider pursuing a career as a User Experience Designer. User Experience Designers consult with companies to create user-friendly products such as apps and websites. They analyze user data to create digital products that are easy to use as well as beautiful. This young field is still developing but you can plan for a career that is in high-demand as the world becomes increasingly tech-driven and digital. 4. Art Director If you’re lucky enough to be creative, consider pursuing a career as an art director. This job will never get boring, as you’ll be working in creative industries such as advertising, publishing and TV production. Art directors work behind the scenes, producing ad campaigns that reflect the overall look and feel of a client’s brand. Effective art directors are well-compensated for talent, and some can even command six-figure salaries. To be successful in this career, you’ll either need to possess either a college degree or impeccable taste. 5. Zoologist What could be more fun than spending your workday with animals? Consider a career as a zoologist if you have a compassionate heart for animals. Zoologists conduct and analyze research, ensure animal welfare and promote conservation. Often, zoologists go to school to receive specialized training to work with a particular group of animals, such as mammals, reptiles, fish or birds. People who choose this career enjoy collecting a paycheck while promoting the welfare of the planet’s varied creatures. 6. Video Game Designer Do you have a passion for gaming? If you love to pick up that controller and explore a virtual world, a career in the video game field could be for you. Video game designers spend workdays coming up with concepts that can eventually become video games. They develop storylines and characters and work with a team to make ideas a visual reality. To be successful in this position, you must possess outstanding technological skills as well as artistic skills. Think outside the box, and you’ll be a competitive player in the video game industry. 7. Toy Designer Channel your inner child if you choose to pursue a career in the field of toy design. As a toy designer, you’ll develop products that provide children with fun, but safe, playing experiences. You’ll likely need a degree in industrial design, as well as a passion for play and a knack for knowing how toys can make children happy. Prepare to spend your workdays coming up with new products, presenting your designs and identifying suitable partners for manufacturing. These jobs prove that work doesn’t have to be boring. Each of these careers will provide you with the steady paycheck you need, plus some fun and excitement along the way!
Tips Mengatur Hubungan Baik dengan Recruitment Agency Jakarta
Setiap hubungan harus berjalan dua arah, termasuk hubungan antara pencari kerja dan perekrutnya. Seorang profesional kepegawaian recruitment agency jakarta bertindak untuk memberikan keahlian, kontak industri dan pimpinan pekerjaan. Termasuk mereka yang tidak berada untuk pekerjaan publik. Mereka juga dapat memberikan kiat untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda dan mengarahkan usaha Anda ke peluang kerja yang paling menjanjikan, mereka juga termasuk yang akan membantu meningkatkan Anda karier. Tetapi jika Anda ingin mengambil keuntungan penuh dari semua kesempatan, Anda perlu melakukan bagian Anda untuk membantu mereka juga. Berikut adalah tujuh cara untuk membangun hubungan kolaboratif yang kuat dengan recruitment agency Jakarta. 1. Ajukan pertanyaan yang tepat Setiap hubungan dimulai dengan fase pendekatan ketika kedua pihak saling mengenal satu sama lain. Ketika memutuskan mencari sebuah recruitment agency Jakarta, Anda ingin memastikan bahwa mereka baik cocok untuk Anda, dan sebaliknya. Lagi pula, tidak semua agen adalah sama. Ketika berbicara tentang karier Anda, tidak ada gunanya berbelit-belit. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dapat membantu Anda menilai apakah seorang perekrut akan mewakili Anda dengan baik: · "Seberapa sering peran staf Anda yang memiliki keterampilan untuk latar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman saya?" · "Jenis pekerjaan apa yang akan memungkinkan saya untuk mulai bekerja segera?" · "Jenis perusahaan dan industri apa yang telah akan ditempatkan orang seperti saya?" · "Pengalaman apa yang Anda miliki dalam industri yang memungkinkan Anda berhubungan dengan klien dan kandidat?" · "Apakah Anda secara proaktif memasarkan kandidat?" · "Apakah klien Anda membayar Anda sebelum atau setelah seorang kandidat ditemukan?" 2. Tetap menjalin komunikasi recruitment agency Jakarta ingin tetap mengikuti perkembangan Anda dalam pencarian kerja bagi Anda. Anda juga dapat menelepon mereka, atau cukup beri tahu mereka bahwa Anda masih mencari kerja yang bersemangat. Yang pasti, Anda tidak ingin menghilang. Anda juga tidak ingin mengganggu jasa Anda. Jadi, keseimbangan apa yang tepat? Gunakan naluri Anda, tetapi satu atau dua kali dalam seminggu adalah praktik industri yang umum. Jika ragu, jangan takut untuk bertanya seberapa sering perekrut seperti Anda suka berhubungan dan bentuk komunikasi apa yang dia sukai. Komunikasi ini adalah kesempatan yang sangat baik untuk menunjukkan keterampilan interpersonal seperti diplomasi, mendengarkan secara aktif, dan kemauan untuk mendengarkan beragam perspektif. Bantu perekrut merasa percaya diri mengirim Anda ke wawancara pekerjaan apa pun. 3. Jujur dan terbuka saat bekerja dengan perekrut Kejujuran selalu merupakan kebijakan terbaik. Di depan Anda harus memberi tahu tentang apa yang Anda cari dan apa yang tidak baik dalam hal posisi dan gaji. Itulah satu-satunya cara staf profesional dapat melakukan pekerjaan terbaik untuk Anda. Tak hanya itu, Anda perlu berterus terang tentang riwayat gaji Anda, tanggung jawab yang Anda pegang di posisi sebelumnya, dan mengapa Anda meninggalkan atau dilepaskan dari pekerjaan yang lalu. Kesan pertama akan mengatur alur untuk hubungan Anda, dan bersikap terbuka menunjukkan karakter yang dapat dipercaya. Tidak apa-apa untuk mencari pekerjaan sendiri, tetapi segera memberi tahu pihak recruitment agency Jakarta jika Anda memiliki pekerjaan lain. Hal yang sama berlaku untuk kewajiban pribadi atau keluarga yang mungkin berdampak pada ketersediaan Anda. Baca juga :
4 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Employees
Managing a small business is no easy task. Not only do you have to worry about keeping customers happy, you also have to adequately manage your employees. A team of motivated and knowledgeable employees can help you take your business to the next level. However, if one or more of your employees become unproductive, it can be disastrous for your business. Businesses based in the United States lose over $650 billion each year because of low productivity levels. As soon as you start to notice productivity issues, you need to address them. Allowing these problems to linger will only lead to them getting worse. If you are trying to get the most out of your employees, consider the following tips for success. 1. Keep Your Employees in the Loop Being secretive or evasive about the goals your business has is problematic. Employees want to feel like they are part of a team. If you are keeping the big picture goal of your business from your team, it is only a matter of time before productivity and morale start to decline. When trying to provide this information to a large group of employees, you need to think about scheduling a meeting. Before this meeting takes place, be sure to iron out the details of what needs to be covered. With a comprehensive sales meeting agenda, you can avoid confusing team members by jumping around from subject to subject. During this meeting, be sure to carve out some time for employee questions and feedback. It is important to give your team members a voice. Sometimes, the suggestions that are offered during this portion of the meeting can be helpful. Employees have a different perspective. This perspective can be invaluable when trying to solve a problem like low productivity. 2. Employee Recognition Is Powerful Employees that feel like they work hard and never get noticed by their boss will start to slack off over time. The last thing you want to do is lose a valued team member because they feel unappreciated. If you are looking for a way to boost morale, then creating an employee recognition program is a good idea. Programs that provide rewards to employees of the month have proven to be quite effective. Whether you give a bonus or a prime parking spot to the recipient of this reward, it is important to show you see how hard they are working. Not only will you need to focus on instituting an employee recognition program, also provide other team members with a pat on the back. Recognition is something that can be provided at any time, which is something you need to remember. This means if you see a team member giving their all on a particular project, pull them to the side and let them know you see what they are doing. This small gesture can mean the world to your employees and can motivate them to work even harder. If you give regular performance evaluations to team members, you can also use this as an opportunity to shower them with accolades. Making these evaluations a positive experience can help to remove the stress or worry team members feel when they meet with you. 3. Take Your Team on Social Outings All work and no play can make your team unproductive. Providing your employees with a break from the monotony of working in an office occasionally is important. So taking team members of frequent social outings is a great idea. These outings can be everything from going out to lunch on a workday to taking the entire team to a movie at night. The key to making these outings a success is doing something all of your team members enjoy. Before you start to plan outings with your team, take a poll to see what each of them wants to do. With this information, you can plan outings that everyone will enjoy. 4. Ongoing Training Is a Great Investment An essential element of keeping employees productive is high engagement levels. Providing team members with ongoing training is a fantastic way to keep them engaged. This training will show employees you are serious about helping them grow with your company. This training also helps you to develop a team of well-trained employees that can take on any changes in your industry. What Are You Waiting For? Instead of letting productivity problems cost you money, it is time to fix them. Using the tips laid out in this article can help you increase employee productivity and engagement.
Find Data Analyst Jobs - OPTResume
Are you an F1 student looking for OPT jobs? OPTResume Hiring Data Analyst Candidates (Hiring only OPT Candidates). We are looking for Data Analyst (OPT/CPT candidates) and offer Multiple Technologies to them as per our client requirements. Data Analyst Responsibilities: Contribute to the development of reports (for different teams) detailing the behaviour and interaction of users with the Ubisoft platform and products. Provide systematic, reliable, meaningful data estimates. Deliver data analysis through charts and reports, which will be integrated in internal presentations. Conduct comparative analyses to identify patterns and trends. Propose relevant analyses (whether exploratory, descriptive or predictive) that meet the needs and have the maximum possible impact. Participate in the development of the tracking system, formulate recommendations to help improve the current process and the report templates. Build tools to showcase analysis results using tools like Tableau. Data Analyst Requirement Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related field. Hiring OPT Candidates. A master’s degree is a plus. Data analytics/science-related certification(s) is a plus. Apply Now: opt jobs Relevant Experience: Minimum 2 years in a data analyst or data scientist role. Experience working with high volumes of data. Expertise regarding data models, database design development, data mining and segmentation techniques. Required Skills: Excellent statistical skills and an analytical mindset. Teradata and/or Hadoop (Spark, Informatica). Developing and maintaining ETL solutions. Great communication and presentation skills. Ability to communicate ideas easily to both functional and technical users. Ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy. Adept at queries, tool building (reports, dashboards, etc) and presenting findings. Knowledge: Fluency in English is required. Good knowledge of Python or R. Good knowledge of relational databases and fluency in SQL. Good knowledge Tableau or similar tools. Knowledge of statistics and experience using statistical packages for analyzing datasets.