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Road to Kingdom: 3rd Performances (Part's 1 & 2) (+Elimination)
Well there has been one group eliminated from the show after this past round, sadly Golden Child was eliminated. Check out the last round's performances here. [This round was the collaboration round] [1st Place] Pentagon x ONF - Kill This Love (Orig. Blackpink) (Hui, Kino, and Wooseok are the only members to participate in this collab from Pentagon; Hyojin, J-Us, and Wyatt are the only members from ONF to participate.) [2nd Place] VERIVERY X TOO - On (Orig. By BTS) (All members of VERIVERY and TOO participated in this stage.) [3rd Place] The Boyz X ONEUS - Heroine (Orig. Sunmi) (Sangyeon, Juyeon, New, Q, and Sunwoo are the only members to participate from The Boyz; All members of ONEUS participated.) After PART 1 of round 3 the OVERALL ranking comes out to: 1st: ONF - 21,890 pts 2nd: Pentagon - 21,207 pts 3rd: The Boyz - 21,000 pts 4th: VERIVERY - 13,726 pts 5th: TOO - 13,240 pts 6th: ONEUS - 11,918 pts [Part 2 - Round 3] (This round's ranking has not been released because not all the performances have been released yet so I'm listing them in the order that they perform!) ONEUS - Be Mine (Orig. by INFINITE) Note: Their concept had to be Romeo and Juliet TOO - Hard Carry (Orig. by GOT7) Note: Their concept is Street Style ONF - It's Raining (Orig. by Rain) Note: Their concept is Michael Jackson Pentagon - Follow (Orig. by Monsta X) Note: Their concept will be Pharaoh (Pentagon's performance hasn't been released yet.) VERIVERY - Gogobebe (Orig. by Mamamoo) Note: Their concept will be Aladdin (VERIVERY's performance hasn't been released yet.) The Boyz - Shangri-La (Orig. by VIXX) Note: Their concept will be Oriental/Traditional (The Boyz's performance hasn't been released yet.) - Following the results of these performances and round 3 is complete another group will be eliminated. Whomever is in 6th place will be eliminated. -
Road To Kingdom [Performances So Far]
So far the preliminary round and part of round 1 has commenced. This season however, is different from Queendom's season. Throughout the show 2 Groups will be eliminated. The first elimination is after round 2. [Preliminary Round Performances] (The groups voted on who won, whoever won wins the option to choose the order in which groups perform during the first official round.) [1st - The Boyz] The Boyz won the preliminary round with their performance "Sword of Victory" getting 560 points. [2nd - Pentagon] Pentagon got second with their performance "Road to the Throne" getting 480 points. [3rd - VERIVERY] Their performance "FACE it" got them 340 points. [4th - Golden Child] Their performance "Beginning" got them 320 points. [5th - ONF] Their performance "Lights On" got them 155 points. [6th - ONEUS] Their performance "Phantom of ONEUS" got them 145 points. [7th - TOO] Their performance "Into the DysTOOpia" got them 135 points. -Because The Boyz won the preliminary round they got to choose the order of the groups performances going into round 1. -I want to note that the points made during the preliminary round are not counted past the preliminary round. So basically everyone is at zero points going into round 1. [ROUND 1] -The order in which the groups performed in round 1 is as follows: (Note: Not all groups performances are out yet so their rankings haven't been done. SO this is not 1st-7th place like above, just in the order that the groups had to perform.) [ONEUS - "Warrior's Descendant" (Orig. H.O.T)] ONEUS was the first group to perform in round 1. [TOO - "Rising Sun" (Orig. TVXQ)] TOO was the second group to perform. [VERIVERY - "Mansae" (Orig. Seventeen)] VERIVERY was the third group to perform. [Golden Child - "T.O.P" (Orig. Shinhwa)] Golden Child fought to perform 6th with Pentagon but Pentagon won over The Boyz's hearts landing Golden Child's performance as the fourth group performance. [ONF - "Everybody" (Orig. SHINee)] ONF was the fifth group to perform. [Pentagon - "Very Good" (Orig. Block B)] Pentagon was the sixth group to perform. See Pentagon's goodbye stage to Jinho by clicking here. [The Boyz - "Danger" (Orig. Taemin)] The Boyz was the last group to perform. - Anyone else excited for the future performances? -