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Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep
I never understood how my partner could just lay his head on his pillow and, I kid you not, not one minute later, start snoring. Unlike him, the rest of us have to actually force our eyes shut and let our minds wander before we realize the sun’s shining and our alarm’s gone off. Studies show that 35.2% of American adults report only getting less than seven hours of sleep per night and 10%-30% struggle with insomnia. Others have taken to yoga before sleep, and for some, it’s a little glass of wine that does the trick. A growing number of people though have found certain cannabis strains helpful in not only falling asleep, but also staying asleep. The world of marijuana can be daunting on its own and walking into a dispensary can be confusing with all the options available to us these days. For starters, there are three main subspecies of cannabis: indica, sativa and hybrids. Indica tends to have a more relaxing effect, sativa is more energizing, while hybrids are a combination of the two. Strains are breeds of cannabis and people breed various types of cannabis for different effects they can have on the user. When looking for strains that can aid your sleep, it’s best stick with indica strains that are rich in both THC and CBD. In this article, I’ve listed down the best Canada cannabis strains for good sleep and I hope that after you’ve found one that suits you best, you’ll be wishing there were more hours in the day just so you could snooze longer. 1. Northern Lights -- one of the most popular strains of cannabis, Northern Lights has been around since the 1980s. It’s renowned to be fast-acting and can be an easy choice for those seeking their first try at cannabis as it’s not as overpowering as other strains. It helps with sleep problems, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. 2. Tahoe OG Kush – this hybrid has all the desirable effects of typical Indica strains plus the euphoria that you get with Sativa. This cannabis strain can help lift your spirits if you’ve had a bad day as well as improve your appetite. Its effects include relaxation and sleepiness which makes it the perfect pick me up at nighttime before hitting your pillows as it not only helps lull you to sleep but brings with it a general feeling of well-being. 3. Grandaddy Purple – aptly named because of its purple hue, this strain also smells and tastes like grapes. It is widely celebrated for its sleep-inducing properties due to its terpene contents of Myrcene, Pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. Myrcene is a powerful sedative while Pinene and beta-caryophyllene helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain. This strain has high levels of THC so first-time users might want to slowly build their tolerance before jumping head in. 4. God’s Gift – a combination of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, this pure indica strain has 17% THC which helps to put your mind at ease. It tastes and smells like berries and citrus and leaves you very giggly, smiley, and just overall happy. It’s worth noting that as with everything, people’s experiences for each strain may vary depending on a number of factors. You could even test out cannabis concetrates The best way to know which strain works well for you is, to begin with small amounts and work your way slowly. As always, moderation is key. And with that, I hope your nights are as filled with clouds of sheep as they are with clouds of Kush.
Should I Get a Personal Trainer?
You'll sometimes hear it said in the fitness circle, working out at the gym is actually a stress release; a personal escape from all the pressures of our daily life. Getting in great shape isn't just about the physical body, though. It's about your mental well-being as well. Joining up with a personal trainer at home is actually an amazing way to really break down all the barriers you're facing in today's society. By breaking down one barrier at a time, you can get on the road to a happier, healthier life! One such barrier that has many people is actually fear of going to the gym. A personal trainer at home can be your first line of defense against that fear. Fear of the gym can be very real, and it can be very limiting; especially when you think about all the other things going on in your life while you're trying to get in shape. Train Smarter But by breaking down that fear of the gym and focusing instead on your personal trainer at home training goals, you can set smaller goals for yourself and break each one of them down smaller and more easily achieved. And by breaking each of those smaller goals down further, you'll be able to reach your overall fitness goals much faster. If you want to lose a certain amount of weight, get stronger, or become fitter overall, then you can do that while staying at home and doing simple cardio workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Someone Who Knows Your Strengths and Weaknesses Another thing that many people fear is working out at a gym that they don't like. One of the best ways to overcome this is to have a personal trainer at home that is exactly what you want - someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses, and who can help you build your strength without focusing on the wrong muscles. There are lots of different kinds of personal trainers at the gym these days. Some specialize in weight exercises, others in cardio exercises, and even more who work with people of all fitness levels. A personal trainer at home can accommodate your exercise preferences. Should I Get a Personal Trainer? The short answer: If you're serious about your health/fitness. A personal trainer is not just any fitness guru who learned everything at a local gym. Fitness trainers must obtain specialized certification from one of a number of large-scale fitness organizations, in order to be employed by a major gym. The certification process involves, among other things, a written examination, as well as a personal interview with a personal trainer. So why should I get a personal trainer? Personal training can benefit everyone, no matter what their physical fitness goals are. Many people fail to reach their fitness goals for a variety of reasons. Sometimes personal trainers help patients identify and overcome obstacles such as over-training, which can prevent someone from meeting their goals. Other times personal training can help patients improve their nutrition, increase their workout intensity, or simply find a new workout routine that is right for them. Finally, the biggest reason that someone should seek a trainer is that a personal trainer can provide an enormous amount of information about exercise. A trained trainer has access to a plethora of information, including scientific research and the results of studies. This type of information can sometimes be difficult to come by on your own, especially if you don't have a previous background in exercise or fitness. A trained trainer will be able to help you get started with your exercise program, recommend a great workout routine, and avoid injury. There are many different ways that a trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals, so it's worth investigating all the options.
An online personal trainer is a great option for you if you have been struggling to make any real progress on your fitness journey. Getting coaching from one of our elite certified online personal trainers is a game-changer because we create for you a tailored-made exercise and diet program proven to get you results. The benefits don’t end there. No need for a Gym With an online fitness coach, you no longer need a gym membership. Our online virtual training program is centered around the use of bodyweight training, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and other useful items you can find around your home. Convenience & Flexibility You also get to benefit from the added convenience of having an online personal trainer. There is no travel time involved for anyone so you get more flexibility in the time you wish to train. This added convenience and time flexibility means you never have to miss a workout again! More value for your money with an online personal trainer Online virtual training is a cost-effective way to receive the one-on-one guidance of a personal trainer. Unlike many online programs, which give you video demonstrations or written tutorials to follow having an online personal trainer provides the personalized guidance of an actual trainer so that you can ensure the program is tailored-made for you. However, you don’t have to pay for the added luxury of having an in-person personal trainer. Nutrition consultation included from an online nutrition coach As part of our on-boarding process with new clients, we provide a diet assessment and nutrition plan using a flexible dieting system called macro-tracking. Diet and exercise must work hand in hand to reap the full benefits of any exercise program. Unlike general meal planning, our online personal trainers provide a personalized approach where we assess your current caloric intake & weight changes. Advertisements
Personal Trainer- An Individual More Than Just A Gym Rat!!
In this insanely sane world, the personal trainers in London are more than just a trainer, they are armchair psychiatrists, one-person support groups, nutritionists, and, in some instances, long-time friends. Therefore, there isn’t any doubt that locating the right personal trainer in London is not as easy as it seems to be. In case if you also fall into a category of individuals who are interested in bettering themselves physically, then the below-mentioned tips will surely be going to help you in finding the right as well as the best personal trainer in London, United Kingdom. Tip no. 1: Ask at your favorite fitness center: The first and the foremost thing to do at the time of finding the right as well as best the personal trainer in London is to look for the trainer at your favorite gym. Another thing that you can do is to take the help of the receptionist as he/she can give you a brief about each and every personal trainer who hits the gym. The personal trainer’s biography must include- The duration he or she has been in the business. The academy from where the personal trainer has acquired his certification. The area in which he or she is specialized (strength and conditioning, sports and athletic training, etc.) Tip no.2: Check the Classified: On the off chance, if you don’t have a fitness center nearby your locality, or in case if you prefer to work at home, one of the simplest things that you can do in finding out the gym trainer is by searching for the local classified trainer. But, always remember before finalizing any personal trainer; ensure to discover all the pertinent information about the coach. Tip no.3: Qualities to look for: Once you have found the personal trainer who fits the bill, the next step would be asking the questions or trying your best in finding the best quality of the trainer. The quality must include- Passion for fitness: The best way to identify the right personal trainer by the passion, the love he/she has for fitness. For example- a trainer who eats, sleeps, breaths fitness. Communication skill: A personal trainer must have great communication skills so that the client can easily communicate with the trainer without getting hesitant. Not to mention, if a trainer will have a decent communication skill, he or she will be able to explain the exercise precisely. Tip no. 4: Look for the one who uses a personal trainer management software: Yet another quality a personal trainer must have is a knowledge about how to use different personal training management tools that can help them in creating fitness programs for the clients which they can follow over their smartphone. The above-mentioned tips can help in locating the right personal trainer. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot that goes into finding the right personal trainer.