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Build your own internet radio station Out of my personal experience, I am sharing with you my own story & the right process to Build your own internet radio station!Starting my own radio station was my dream! So I had applied for the community radio license in 2014 which was rejected! So I came across the Indian radio broadcaster who supported me to start my online radio station called Radio Namkeen which has over 5 lakh listeners! Today I have my huge fan following! I am sharing with you my beginner's guide! I am also sharing with you this quick link Video which will help you learn all.It is a very simple 9 step formula & you can also build your online streaming radio station from your home computer in just 10 minutes! To begin, 1st decide your online radio station's theme & concept! Example: What is your internet radio station going to Broadcast? Now let’s analyze who are your listeners are? What kind of content, music & audio do they want to hear! Accordingly, create a catchy name for your online radio station that can build a bonding with your audiences. Besides, make sure you create a stunning logo for your online radio station. Music licensing & Legalities- It is equally important to broadcast licensed & copyrighted content according to your county’s law. Eventually, this is something you would be responsible for! The best option is to go for the cover version songs or royalty-free content which is very easily available on youtube! Even the youth love the cover versions!Decide on the programming structure of your radio station! Example: at what time you shall play which program! Automation Software- It is most important to have very reliable cloud automation, scheduling & broadcasting software. In my case, I am using Riggro Cast, which is the Worlds No. #1 most dependable, & easy use internet radio broadcasting software! Next, you need to create & configure a broadcasting app for your online radio station! This is where you shall do live Shows on your radio station right from the Android App provided by Riggro Digital!The next step Riggro Digital will not only give you Free or the Premium Radio Apps but also upload your radio app to their directory on Google Play but also you will get listeners, easily! Last but not least having the right studio equipment setup list- Starting your internet radio station with the best equipment is the key to successful programming! You will spend less time recording & editing & doing more creative productions! So I advise you to read their blog to choose the right radio equipment: the best for starting your online radio station.
Important Questions Regarding Two Way Radios Answered!
Are you looking to find the best two way radios for your business? If that’s the case then you are at the right place. By buying a few sets of these devices, you would transform the way you do business, making it much safer, stronger, and way better at keeping your clients satisfied. In this blog, we will tackle some of the commonly asked questions regarding two-way radios so that by the end, you would have enough knowledge to make the right choice. However, before we start answering the questions it is important to know what exactly a two way radio is. What is a two way radio? A two-way radio may be defined as a radio which can not only transmit audio (voice) but also receive it from the other end. These kinds of radios can be found as handheld radios, stationary radios that sit on a desk top, and radios that can be fitted to vehicles. The handheld radios are commonly known as walkie-talkies. Now that we know what two-way radios are, let’s dive right into some questions and educate ourselves. · Do you require two-way radios for the short term or long term? If you only require two-way radios for a short period of time, you might want to consider buying two-way radios for rent instead of purchasing them. This would turn out to be a much more cost-effective solution. But if your needs are long-term, then you should purchase them. · Will, you be using the radios in a rough environment? Thanks to modern technology, there are advanced two-way radios available in the market these days. There are waterproof radios, dustproof radios, and tough radios that are built to withstand a steep fall as well. Apart from them, there are radios that get the job done but are not made to survive in high-risk environments. So, determine the needs of your business and choose the two-way radios that suit you. · For how long will you be using the radios each day before retiring to their respective chargers? If you want to use the radios for long hours, it is recommended that you add a battery extender. Not only that, you should find a model that provides long-lasting battery technology so that your requirements can be met. · Do you need advanced features? You have quite a lot of options when it comes to two way radio hire, from basic ones to technically advanced ones. Some of the features that you may find in advanced two-way radios include GPS tracking, Bluetooth, submersible, LCD color screen, and so on. If your business requires highly advanced two-way radios then it is important to remember that they would be more expensive than the basic ones. Now that you have gotten the answers to some of the important questions about two-way radios, you can make a well-informed decision and choose the right two-way radios for your business.
Radio and Television advertising
Radio and TV advertising in India Radio and television are two types of electronic mediums of advertising. However, these mediums are completely different from each other in terms of approach and reach. Both the mediums aim at getting maximum audience attention but their ways of doing so are different. Let’s find out the differences between television and radio advertising keeping in mind the current scenario of digitization, internet, and other technological advancements. RADIO Ads · Audible medium only · The brands need to be more descriptive and creative when advertising the brand through radio. · Radio prime time is from 6am to 10 am and 3-7pm. · Best suited for informative content ads such as government information, real estates, financial services, healthcare ads etc. · Less expensive · Has mass reach · With digitization, radio channels have increased in number and also the quality of radio signals is very high than ever before. · Radio catches the audience attention on the move, especially during office commuting hours, when they are either driving back to home or stuck in traffic jams. TELEVISION Ads · Audio and visual medium · The audience can see the product and therefore the product image is clear in viewer’s mind. · TV prime time is from 8pm to 11pm. · Best suited for products that has visual appeal such as cosmetics, clothing, home furnishing etc. · Expensive than other traditional advertising mediums. · Has mass reach and visibility. · With the launch of smart TV, the traditional TV is transformed into a device to stream content online and offline both. · TV is viewed by people when they are at home. Often watched in leisure time which is mostly between 7-11pm. Although, both radio and television has different approach towards the target audience but they both aim at gaining maximum audience attention. To make the most out of any advertising campaign one bring together both the mediums and use their advantages to communicate their brand message effectively.
What is Meant by PoC Solution?
Actually, the term POC stands for proof of concept. The PoC Solution is a medical software, device and big data company working in a clinical nanotechnology field. They have a vision of supplying breakthrough lifesaving point of utmost care to the market. Also, the poc is a test run that shows the fundamental achievability of IT based project for one or more illustrative use cases. The well-executed and well-planned poc validates that the technical operation of new IT solution can greatly works as proposed. With this software product, the basic evidence of viability should be offered through a poc. This is specifically factual, if the preferred IT solution is of deliberate reputation for a firm. Also, the well-processed poc needs more cautious preparation and planning as well. Things You Need to Know About Push to Talk Over Cellular The main concept of push to talk over cellular is initially invented as a great alternative to the double way radios. In these days, the PTT Over Cellular utilizes modern LTE cellular infrastructure of the mobile network operators to offer a nationwide coverage with the video call and limitless voice groups. Even, the poc radios can greatly assist this advanced feature of digital mobile radios such as instant group calling, emergency notifications, messaging and GPS location tracking and so on. You can also connect this poc device to the cellular infrastructure of mobile network operators those who installed in their mobile phones. The app on poc radio always offers a most convenient and easy access to the poc services.
Short Wave Radio Technology
Radio is the technological technique of communication and signaling using radio waves as the medium. It is an electronic apparatus used for communication, entertainment or both and also for military purposes. In the recent past, radio controlled toys like helicopters and aircrafts have been developed. Radio signals are of very high frequency from about 30 hertz to 300 megahertz. emisoras de radio or receivers work by tuning with the radio waves and by using a semiconductor transceiver that alters the radio wave's frequency to be used for communication. Radio transmitters may either operate in the unmodulated or the modulated form, depending on their characteristics of being in the form of waves or currents. Modulated radio can carry more information within a smaller space as compared to the unmodulated forms. Radio waves are being used all over the world to send signals and information within communication networks or to receive signals and information within the ionosphere. The invention of the radio brought a radical change in the communications industry. Radio transmitted frequencies can travel through longer distances at higher frequencies, without losing any quality of the signal. The technology used for radio transmission has greatly increased over the years, making the process much more efficient and faster. With the advent of digital technology, radio waves have become less susceptible to interference. This feature makes the radio even more useful in many ways as it can transmit signals and information over long distances and under severe weather conditions. Radio technology can be divided in two main groups: digital and analog-based system. Digital based systems use a computer chip to convert radio signals into digital data. This method has a high bandwidth but consumes a lot of power. Analog based system uses the antenna to convert radio signals into an electrical signal. Although this method has a low bandwidth but it can store more information as well as easily convert signals into other types of signals. The invention of the short wave radio changed the communications industry. As the distance between two stations becomes smaller, radio operators can send information by using a short wave radio. These radios are very portable and have a good range. With a short wave radio, an operator can send and receive radio signals much more efficiently than with other types of communication systems. A short wave radio uses an antenna to send and receive radio waves in a broader spectrum, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed to transmit signals. These radios are able to transmit signals in areas that cannot be accessed by other traditional methods. Because the short wave radio is able to transmit signals in a wider range, it can cover a larger area. In addition, these radios are used to relay signals in rural areas where other communication systems cannot reach. However, the range of a short wave signal can be limited by terrain, cloudiness, or even the amount of radiation available in the radio wave.
Brief summary of the radio station
What is a radio? Radio, as any one of us know is an electronic machine that can be either operated by itself or it can be controlled by an operator through tuning to a certain frequency. It is a very important invention as it helps in reaching people in different places and helps them enjoy their favorite songs, programs, etc. Almost all the countries have their own radio stations to serve their purpose. As per Wikipedia, there are presently 5 major radio stations on our planet which are - FCC, Sirius, XM, CBC and Radio Online. AM broadcasting is emission of sound, sometimes with associated metadata, by radio signals intended for a wide audience to receive it. In conventional terrestrial radio broadcasting, the radio stations broadcast their radio waves from a terrestrial station to an area where their signal can be received. The advantage of this type of radio service is that it is easily detectable from a long distance, as it reaches many more people at a lower frequency than a conventional station. But it has another huge drawback as well. In the Second World War, the Germans were able to jam the British Radio Service, which was transmitting vital news from London to Africa and the Middle East. To overcome this problem, the Americans developed their own radio system to spread news throughout the world. Their first broadcasts were received in Russia and they helped the Americans win the world war. Similarly, to overcome the obstacles, the Russians developed their own systems, and today we have modern radios that are able to send radio signals all around the world.
Search Radio Stations For Free on Your iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad
The new technology of radio is here and its time to experience it. This application will allow you to search radio stations for free on your ipod touch, iphone and even on your computer. Radio is an entertainment that is available everywhere, with your laptop in your pocket, or car in your car. It is now easy to make the most of your experience of radio. With the powerful features of this application, Radio is becoming one of the most popular entertainment channels available on the internet Radio is the perfect way to tune in to your favorite music, news and sports from around the world. With over 40 million Podcasts to choose from, listeners trust that you will deliver the very best radio listening experience on their portable devices! You can now experience live radio stations wherever you go. Simply download our free podcast to your ipod touch, iPhone or any other portable device and instantly start enjoying your favorite radio shows, sports, concerts and news from the nation's leading broadcast radio stations. The very latest in digital technology, the iPod has revolutionized the music industry. Now you can hear every album cover, song, and the entire album as you listen live from the studio. With this application you can also listen and enjoy the news, talk shows, concerts, music concerts, talk radio shows and movie trailers being broadcast right to your ipod. The application offers all genres of music and talk shows including sports, news, talk shows, music concerts, talk radio stations and much more!