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Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Self Defense techniques
Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of yourself mentally, financially, and physically. However for a lot of people, the physical part is just exercise. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance. A reassurance that can only be gained through any form of self defense classes. Today, when people think about self defense classes, they tend to think about women and children. However, self defense classes (and practices such as karate, boxing, jiu jitsu, ect. ), are for everyone. I believe in the power of knowledge and practice when it comes to self defense. In gathering the reasons why it is important for everyone to take these classes, I talked with a 6th degree black belt, Master Olson, who owns his own karate school. Through our conversations, I was provided with these 10 reasons why taking self defense classes is beneficial to everyone. 1. It builds confidence One of the biggest advantages to taking self defense techniques is the way it makes you feel afterwards. A lot of people are unconfident with their abilities to protect themselves before they join a practice, or take classes. This can be due to personal experiences, as well as driven by the news. We hear a lot about the negativity in our society, and this can leave people feeling unprotected. Self defense classes will build confidence in yourself. If you are getting bullied, it is also a great way to protect yourself and grow confidence in yourself, ultimately molding you into a better person. 2. It works on your balance Let’s face it, some of us can’t walk and chew gum at the same time – myself included. These types of classes require a lot out of your body, including the ability to do two things at once without falling over. Improving your balance also means improving focus. Karate and self defense classes teach you how to focus on your target while you control your body. Without balance it is almost impossible to fight. Through gaining your body control and balance, you will be better prepared to protect yourself. 3. It helps develop self-discipline “The only discipline that lasts, is self-discipline.” -Bum Phillips. In order to learn and grow with your self defense abilities, you have to develop self-discipline. You have to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. In order to be better protected-you have to keep practicing. Actually going to class and showing up on a regular basis develops discipline. Taking these types of classes will get you focused on your personal protection and on your surroundings. Like with any other sport, you can’t get better if you don’t practice. ⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄ Want to Live a More Organized Life? Grab Lifehack's Full Life Planner to plan your week ahead! Grab My Planner! ⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄ 4. It helps improve your physical conditioning The whole point of self defense techniques is to prepare you for any situation that may bring harm to you. Physical conditioning is extremely important when it comes to self defense. Training and practicing prepares you for the adrenalin dump when a situation arises that may require you to fight. When someone comes after you, you will experience what is called an adrenalin dump. It’s your body’s way of responding to the fight or flight situation. It only last a few seconds, so you need to be physically conditioned to appropriately deal with a dangerous situation. If you aren’t, your body will not work as well as you need it to after the adrenalin dump . Physical conditioning will work on your reflexes and your awareness of an attack. When you are fighting it is important to be focused both mentally and physically. If you are prepared, you will be more successful in a dangerous situation and the dump won’t take all your energy from you. 5. It improves your street awareness Self defense classes will make you more aware of your surroundings. You’re never planning to be attacked, but your attacker is the one with the plan. Self defense classes will help you to be aware at all times and ready, should this type of situation arise. You might be shocked for a second, but you will have the necessary reactions to protect yourself. Master Olson was telling me about how his classes teach you to think about where you can be attacked and where your attacker could be hiding. Always be aware of your surroundings. 6. It teaches you self-respect The practice of karate, and many other practices like it, are centered around trust and respect. It teaches respect of each other, and respect for yourself. This is beneficial in life. If you don’t respect yourself, then how can you respect others? When you are practicing your self defense moves you will be practicing with a partner. There needs to be mutual trust between the two of you to not hurt each other, but still practice well. If you do not respect yourself it is unlikely that others will respect you and have that mutual trust. 7. It helps to develop a warrior spirit We all watch the news and see how terrible it can be. Taking self defense classes will help you develop a sort of warrior spirit. We all know that if we are attacked, the last thing we want to do is get in that van of our assailant. Self defense blog can prepare you for battle and, most importantly, survival. If you are attacked, you don’t want to go to a secondary location, and having self defense on your side will help prevent that from happening. You will have a sense of “I am going to survive here, not down the road.” 8. It helps you develop a fighters reflex In a fight, movement is power. You can’t stand around and wait for your attacker’s next strike, you have to move! Self defense classes will help develop your reflexes and you will gain a fighter’s reflex. A fighter’s reflex is different from your normal reflexes. In normal situations you respond to something that happens. When you are being attacked it is better to know how to respond. Fighter’s reflex will allow you to move quickly and smartly in the situation. You will know where to step and where to throw your punch. You will be prepared. 9. It will help you with goal setting Self defense techniques help you to set goals. Whether you want to nail a specific move, or work hard to feel like you can protect yourself, you are setting a goal. It gets you back in class each week, and will help you in your everyday life. It helps you develop a drive that you may not have had before. If you take your goal setting seriously within your self defense classes, it can roll over into your everyday life, helping you get through any tough situation that comes your way. 10. It has a positive influence on your life Unlike a lot of things in life, taking self defense techniques will always have a positive impact on your life. Each and every one of the reasons above are proof of this. Taking self defense classes can boost your spirits and make you a more confident and better version of yourself. It’s important to have things in life that we can rely on to make us happy- taking these kinds of classes does just that. -A note from the Master himself- “After reading these reasons, you may be curious as to how to find an instructor. Location is the easy answer, but it is better to do some research before you make the commitment to an instructor. Do some investigative research online and find out who your instructor truly is. How long have they been in the practice? Have they competed at a high level? Do they have any street attack experience? Who did they train under? It’s not about sport- it’s about reality.”
Why does a very tragic event needs to happen for Indians to wake up and raise their voice?
Whether it is #PriyankaReddy in Hyderabad, #Roja in Tamil Nadu or the law student gangraped in Ranchi,we seem to be losing it as a society. It has been 7 yrs to the gut-wrenching #Nirbhaya case & our moral fabric continues to be in pieces.We need stricter laws.This needs to STOP! Everyday more than 1000 women are raped and murdered in India but it is ignored by Indian media and Indian public. We need to teach the public that it's not ok to ignore issues of self-defence. We need to make our sisters and friends aware of self defence products that can help them in dangerous situations. As father as brother as friend as husband we all have a social responsibility to protect our daughter, our sister, our friend, our wife and as Women you are yourself responsible for your safety. Best self defence products are available on and DEVIL will cry is the strongest formula for self defence. Normal pepper/ mirchi spray are made of 1 tea spoon of red chilli powder/ black chilli powder which is worth only 50 paise . They are selling it by mixing it with water and little alcohol. The total cost of this production is less than 25 rupees DEVIL WILL CRY is made of imported ghost pepper and mixed with sticking oil and major capsinoids which is then mixed with tear agent to cause instant effect of the formula. The nozzle used in DEVIL WILL CRY is also imported and unique which ensures maximum fire range. Normal pepper/ mirchi spray is not tested before sending it to you so the chances of them failing when you need them the most is high. DEVIL WILL CRY is tested right before it's send to you for quality. It also undergoes throw test to make sure it does not leak in your purse. , wikpedia,, all recommend DEVIL WILL CRY for self defence. There is no pepper spray who has certificate to third party testing aprat from DEVIL WILL CRY.
What is a Self Managed Super Fund
You must do the maths and see whether an SMSF is worthwhile for you based on your particular circumstances. The general consensus is that you should have at least $250,000 of assets in your fund to make the costs of running an SMSF worthwhile. A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a superannuation trust structure that provides benefits to its members upon retirement. The main difference between SMSFs and other super funds is that SMSF members are also the trustees of the fund. SMSFs can have between one and four members, and one of the main advantages is the level of control that trustees have when it comes to tailoring the fund to meet their individual needs. How does an SMSF work? SMSFs are established for the sole purpose of providing financial benefits to members in retirement and their beneficiaries on death. They have their own Tax File Number (TFN), Australian Business Number (ABN), and transactional bank account, which allows them to receive contributions and rollovers, make investments, and payout lump sums and pensions. All SMSF investments are made in the name of the fund and are controlled by the trustees. As a trust, There are two trustee structure options: Corporate trustee – a company acts as the trustee and each member is a director. This structure allows simpler recording and registering of assets, providing administration efficiencies and flexibility in membership. Company establishment and ongoing fees are applicable with this structure. Individual trustee – each member is appointed as a trustee, with a minimum of two trustees required. What are your responsibilities as an SMSF trustee? As an SMSF trustee, you are responsible for making investment decisions and ensuring the implementation of an investment strategy for your fund. SMSFs also have strict administrative obligations that require you to maintain records, provide financial statements, complete a tax return and organize an independent audit. For this reason, many trustees engage SMSF specialists to help them manage their accounting, auditing, and tax reporting, as well as provide financial and investment advice. However, they always remain completely responsible for the decisions and administration of their fund. How we can help support you as an SMSF trustee At E&P, our SMSF Accounting team support trustees of SMSFs with preparing financial statements and tax returns, coordinating the annual audit and actuarial certificates, commencing and maintaining pension accounts, and liaising with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). If you’re considering an SMSF and looking for accounting and administration support, E&P may be able to help you.
Customizing Logo and Color on Gun
* One of the best things ever that you could do on a weapon is customization. Engraving is the best possible way to add what you need. Sometimes you have to cast away the preferences and look for other alternatives. * If you want to include a Logo, then laser or Mechanical engraving is likely the candidate for this. Please note another thing too. The former is an excellent technique, whereas if you look at the other methods, it seems to be a tricky thing. * In this blog, we’ll be discussing a lot more. So stay relaxed and get a good read about Customizable guns. Coloring the weapon * In the earlier days, Customizable guns were painted by manual resources. But with Automation on the prowl, it seems like lots of things have changed. You could even note down several factors as well. The changes have happened, and there’s no stopping it at all. * If you visit a website, you can note that there are lots of weapon designs. All you need is to choose the one and get the job done. * Coatings are a part of this. But make sure that everything is legal and finish the job soon. Start building it * Yes, it is essential to build a weapon in the first place. The process is quite simple, and you need to be specific about what you need. * Register the receiver in the initial stages and see the outcome. You’ll receive the identification number from the ATF, and things will be sorted out. * You can even find that the Federal Law accepts several elements. So, it is up to you and takes things as part of the process
Simple self defense tips everyone should know
We get to hear and read stories of attacks happening everywhere but we always tend to think that this is something that happens to others and will not happen to us. The fact is that such attacks could happen to anyone and one should be prepared for it. In this article we are going to talk about some basic self defense tips that everyone should know Learn to create a proper fist We all use a fist when we get into a fight but there are a lot of people who do not know the correct way to form a fist. An incorrect fist could lead to fracture in your own hand when you hot someone with it. In order to create a proper fist you should not expose the thumb to your opponent but you shoud also take care to not hide the thumb in your fist. Learn to break free from a cord If you want to break free from a cord tied on your hands, you will need to start working when your hand are being tied. When your hands are being tied try your best to leave as much room. You could do this by clenching your hands in a fist when the hands are being tied. This way you will have more chace of escaping Use security apps There are many security apps availbale nowadays and lot of them are really useful. A lot of these apps let you trcak the location of your friends and family. You can create family groups where each member can track the location of everyone else in th egroup. Carry something to defend you You should carry something that can help you to defed yourself in case of an attack. It should be something as simple as a whistle or even a taser. Something to defend yourself can go a long way when your hands are not able to protect you
VeePN Overview
Incorporated beyond the reach of US and EU jurisdictions in privacy-friendly Switzerland, VeePN has some strong privacy and security features that make it an appealing choice if this is your priority. At the same time, it clocks some impressive speeds in particular locations, such as the US, which means you won’t suffer slowdown as the price of your security. You should be aware that Golden Frog do keep basic connection (not activity) logs for 30 days however (see our privacy review below for more info), which makes VeePN a little less appealing from a pure privacy perspective. Heavy torrenters might wish to look elsewhere. The apps are simple and easy on the eye while offering a degree of configurability and power features. The range of locations is solid with the option of selecting specific US cities, which is great for optimizing your connection. A major plus point for VeePN is that it works in China, making it a strong choice for anyone affected by the Great Firewall. VeePN also works well with Netflix – a major plus. What we like · Chameleon tech to get round the Great Firewall of China · Based in Switzerland - not subject to US/EU laws · NAT firewall included for additional security What we like less · Logs data for 30 days (but it doesn’t retain activity details) · Mobile experience not as slick as it could be · Premium plan required for best features Privacy 8.3 VeePN is a strong choice for privacy, with a couple of caveats that most people will happily live with. We love brilliant features like NAT firewall for blocking unrequested incoming traffic, a killswitch to protect you during VPN connection drops and their proprietary Chameleon encryption that thwarts the Great Firewall of China. Another major plus is that they maintain their own DNS servers, which are zero logs (unlike many third-party DNS servers). VeePN does keep a very minimal log of your connection metadata for 30 days before deleting it. They do however guarantee not to log or track any of your online activity. VeePN does not block any P2P traffic but has attracted some criticism for the way it manages privacy issues in this area. We spent time with VeePN talking through their internal processes and we’re happy that they are pro-user and can recommend them as a great VPN for privacy, regardless of whether you use P2P technology. Speed & Performance 9.5 VeePN have been working hard on improving their server performance and wow, does it show! Speeds are now consistently top-tier across the entire network. Our tests showed that connecting to pretty much any server in your hemisphere will give you blistering speeds that can cope with multiple ultra HD video streams without breaking a sweat. The oh-so important US connection speed is very fast although not quite in the same league as the sizzling performance on the Dutch, German, French and UK servers. We were very impressed indeed at speeds on distant servers like Brazil and Mexico. Locations 7.7 VeePN offers a very solid spread of locations with server locations in most key countries – with limited city selection in the US – but lacks the variety and breadth of leading competitors. Dynamic server switching is a nice feature that helps maintain performance as the VeePN app will ensure you are always on the best performing server in your chosen location without you having to compare server load, ping time and download speed manually yourself. Ease of use 8.2 What we like · Simple uncluttered app · Advanced options easy to manage · Changing servers is smooth What we like less · Mobile apps a little fiddly · Desktop app is unpolished · Inaccessible settings during connection · VeePN has a simple uncluttered desktop app that while a bit raw, certainly prioritises clarity in its user experience. We can take or leave the graph showing network activity but it’s a nice touch. Choosing server locations is simple enough and works smoothly, although we aren’t fans of the separate window for the server list. Connection is relatively swift and pain-free with your new IP address displayed clearly on the main interface. It’s not immediately clear that you can’t access most options while your connection is active, which is a bit confusing, however once you’ve figured that out, navigating the options is easy and we like the straightforward layout and explanatory language. The mobile apps fare less well and we found them very fiddly to use, requiring multiple password entries, which is no fun if you have fat fingers and random strings as passwords. Otherwise the mobile experience is similar to desktop. We’ve seen recent improvements in ease of connection to the more VPN-averse streaming services. However, if you are still having issues, try this: clear all browsing data, sign out of Chrome and block any apps from requesting location data in Chrome’s advanced content settings.