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Ways To Intentionally Improve Your Health
Health is a choice. In order to achieve optimum health, we must educate ourselves about it and follow a plan to optimize it. Here are eight tips that will help you optimize your health and well-being. Use Your Executive Function Human beings have an amazing organ: the brain. One part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, gives us the ability to reason and make good decisions. It is responsible for our executive decisions. Use your executive faculty to develop, write down, and commit to the practices that will bring you optimal health. These practices include regular exercise, a good diet, using dietary supplementation, continued learning, and recognizing the connection between the body and the mind. Realize that Body and Mind Are Connected Your body is not the whole of you. Your mind is critically important as well. In order for the body to be healthy, the mind must be sound too. And vice versa!  The body-mind connection is not made-up junk science. Indeed, many scientific studies support the efficacy of practices such as biofeedback, guided imagery, and meditation.  Exercise Intelligently In order for the body to be at optimum health, it must receive regular physical exercise. Use your executive function to schedule and keep up with a periodic and intelligent exercise program. What is meant by intelligent exercise? This simply means that you don't engage in exercise habits that are beyond your skill or health level so as to avoid injury. Some of the best exercises for cardiovascular health with minimal injury potential include walking, stationary bike riding, and swimming. Muscle training is important as well but remember to engage in an intelligent strength-training program. This means not lifting weights that are too heavy, stretching beforehand, and using proper form. You Are What You Eat In order to maintain good health, you must eat properly. Countless scientific studies have demonstrated that eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day is very important for your health. Not only are they generally low in calories, but they also provide vitamins and numerous micro-nutrients that furnish the body with disease-fighting abilities. Likewise, minimizing the consumption of sugary foods and simple carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta contributes to keeping your cardiovascular system in top working order. Use Dietary Supplements For Maximum Results  Cerian dietary supplements are scientifically proven to contribute to optimum health. Some of these, such as vitamin C and vitamin D you may be aware of. Others, such as green tea extract, COQ10, white willow bark, and curcumin may be less well known to you. Le-Vel Thrive is a product that includes specific dietary supplementation to help in maintaining peak health. Thrive side effects are minimal to non-existent and it is completely safe to use. Stay Calm and In Control  When you properly use your executive function, you will make better decisions. This is in part because your executive function operates best when you are calm and not in an emotionally upset state. Therefore, strive to keep a balanced and calm approach in your daily activities. Your health will improve. Feed Your Spirit Engage in activities and practices that feed and nurture your human spirit. These include meditation, prayer, volunteering, and creative hobbies such as writing, painting, and music. If you don't know where to start, look into getting a life coach to teach you tools and provide support. When the human spirit is engaged and cared for, physical health will likely follow suit. Read Quality Literature Make sure that you read a wide variety of quality health-related books, articles, and blogs. Numerous well-known physicians and other health professionals have published books and maintained websites that offer the opportunity for continued learning about the cutting-edge of maintaining good health. Never before in human history has so much been known about maintaining good health. But, if you are now aware of it, it is essentially of no use.  By following and practicing these health tips, you will put yourself on a trajectory to optimal health. You'll feel better, be able to do more, and will be less likely to come down with illness or disease. 
Religious Products and Supplies
Everybody who enjoys connecting to their religion and spirituality, we are here to serve you with religious products and supplies that you are in search of. Whether you want a religious textbook or covers to protect, and accessories to decorate them. Selecting a beautiful cover for the text allows you to enjoy it even while keeping it in pristine condition, whether at home or while traveling as well. How will a cover protect your religious textbook? Whether it’s paperback, hardbound, vinyl, or leather-bound, books of all types get affected with the daily wear and tear, with continuous usage. If you’ll keep your Bible, Qur’an, Mahabharat, or any other book of a similar size and importance, in a cover that intends to protect it from getting damaged. The edges of the pages or the covers are prevented from getting damaged. We have covers that are water-resistant, protecting the enclosed from drops, spills, and weather, such as rain or snow. Covers that are leather-bound and especially sturdy, and are available in various colors such as brown, black, lavender, and many more, giving the texts an aesthetic appearance. How do you identify the proper size of your religious textbook’s cover? Firstly measure the height, width, and depth of the book you desire to purchase a cover for. Then consider the dimensions of the book cover. The Cover’s dimensions must be listed in two ways. Some may determine, “fits books measuring…” further with a mention of the dimensions or the range of sizes available. Others may mention the outside measurements of the case directly. In this case, go for the cover that is a bit larger than the dimensions of your textbook. How to clean and take care of a leather cover? Mostly, just wiping your leather cover with a soft dry or damp cloth is sufficient for getting rid of the fingerprints, dust, or other soils. But, for the tougher stains, go for a product that is prevalently used for cleaning the cover’s material. for covers made of leather, select a gentle leather soap or a dusting agent approved for use on leather. For the covers made of cloth, take a mild soap or an upholstery stain remover. If any time you tend to use some new product for cleaning the covers, first you must test it for the colorfastness in a small, inconspicuous area. What are the other accessories available for religious textbooks? To aid your study of religious textbooks, here are some accessories: Bible indexing tabs: these are self-adhesive tabs that are labeled with the names of several books of the bible. Apply the tabs to the pages that are corresponding so that you can easily find the cited scriptures. Bible tabs are available in various colors such as white, clear, rainbow, silver, and gold. Safe gel highlighters: most of the religious textbooks have thin pages that are incapable of holding the ink from imprinting on the next page. Thus, these safe gel highlighters are smear-resistant and help keep your sturdy notes pristine. At TrueGether, one of the best eBay alternatives, you’ll find everything you need at a very affordable cost. Keep visiting our website regularly and get exciting offers!
The Best Spiritual Mentorship Program
For different people having various faiths, spirituality can mean very different concepts. However, we commonly agree that spirituality is about connecting with soul. It is a sense of awareness going far above average thinking. Among pathways to spiritual growth are particular worship, meditation, and contemplation. Spiritual Mentor refers to the process of trying to understand the meaning of life, death and the reason for existence. No wonder, it may take years of awareness and practice to reach spirituality. Practicing all the activities that lead to a spiritual path overnight will not automatically bring you to your destination. In fact, every person has his or her own pace to develop spiritually. When a crisis bumps, all of us need an ability to transcend ourselves at least to have ability to hold on to something higher than our crisis itself. People healthily affiliated with a particular religion usually are familiar with this concept although spirituality is actually different from religion. However, those with or without any religions need to develop spiritual mentor training because this is the only way to keep human survival, particularly when facing big crises. If you wish to grow the spiritual element of your personality, you need to look deeply into yourself and start to listen to it more often. As one embraces a disciplined Spiritual Path, he or she will experience several levels of growth. Here is a brief synopsis of those stages and what to expect in each. According to many spiritualists, spirituality normally connotes a progression through 9 steps: The egocentric or the first awakening step This is the first stage of spirituality related with the search to fill the void after the fulfilment of self, basic instincts and desires. As we grow older, typically some needs of pleasure as well as other self-serving habits such as foods, sex, fame, or drugs begin to dwindle and lose their thrill of excitement. They may start to think about the idea of spirituality, by trying to enrich themselves with something above worldly things for themselves. Unfortunately not all are lucky enough to recognize this stage. Worse, they are just get stuck here and thus, they are unable to enter the next level of spirituality development or to produce any of the spiritual mentorship program. The believing or honeymoon step At this second step towards spirituality, people may acknowledge the power that creates them. Unfortunately at this point their minds are still undisciplined, while they know just a too little about divine creativity, which could be quite risky. It is because people may have opened their minds to new ideas, but they don't relate it with the discipline of the mind. As the result, this situation often leads them to the third level, the first disillusionment stage. First disillusionment step This step is when many people who start believing begin to give up at the same time resulting in pessimism. These people doubt whether their thought about spirituality is going to work. Actually what is really happening on is that it is the best time for these people really learn about real spirituality from reliable sources. This stage is like someone who falls in love but suddenly the reality makes his or her feeling starts to sink in. This is why it is important to note that spirituality is not simple and actually requires a lot of discipline. Realization step People are lucky enough to reach this step as they realize that spirituality is not a problem, but they are. However, still there are many pitfalls. Although now people begin to enjoy reading as many spiritual books as the can, attending many spiritual-related seminars, taking spiritual teachers, or even creating contemplation session by their own, still they cannot find many answer in their mind. Only few people can free themselves from this stage to move to the next step. The conformist or agreement step In this step people begin evaluating what spiritual teachers or books say about various spirituality paths. At some points they have to decide to agree or disagree with the ideas. They will agree to some ideas when they feel the points fit into what they think they already know. It is actually fine for them to feel they cannot take some ideas. It is however important to recall their past to see whether it is actually the cause why they cannot accept new paradigm. The push-back step This step is when people realize that they get new information radically. It means the new ideas they get are totally different to what they have experienced and therefore, cannot fit into their current belief system at all. As the outcome, people push back (usually hard) what they have acknowledged about spirituality. Some people may leave their spiritual teachers while the rest try to replace the old teachers with the better ones, who will not challenge them too much. The early enlightenment step For all of those who push back, a genuine spiritual mentor or guide can lead them to experience their first real breakthrough. The spirituality seekers can get a glimpse of what is going on behind the veil for real, and reach some rudimentary skills in altering his or her universe in a much real way. This is glorious but full of risks as at this early enlightenment step many people may leave their teachers or guides as they believe they have found what they are looking for. This could be a big mistake leading to major disappointment. It is important that people realize there are things they still need guidance to give them ability to do the next step of their journey The wall or mountain step Those adhering their spiritual paths may eventually face their wall or mountain between their will and the spirituality goal. The wall or mountain here refers to a central issue, crises or challenge of one's life. Only if someone is truly willing to grow and blossom, then he or she is not going to resist to get along with such issues as gift or grace, as hurt as it may look and as hard as it may seem. Crossing this wall or mountain is critical but difficult. Such bravery is what makes only a few people who reach this step can get over their life's main problem. The paradigm shift step After people can get over the wall or mountain, they will come to see all in an entire different light by entering the paradigm shift step. This stage is where actually they will have started to gain true skills in making the universe they wish to live in. They will start to realize that they are here and existed for a reason. They likely can see how whole past phases they have undergone for their spirituality quest as being unimportant allowing them to embrace the fullness of their humanity. This paradigm shift step is where people can realize that spirituality is not just for them or their family, but for something bigger than that, and they have a task and destiny. By succeeding this step people will be able to reach the end point of their spirituality journey, which is also the goal of the spiritual quest. It is when people become fully integrated persons having a new understanding to welcome a whole new Universe. It is when at a very deep level people can have true joy regardless their situation. Above all, spiritual growth is likely more than just believe as it is really talking about something deeper, our faith. It is faith that can help people in times of troubles. It is an anchor when times of fear, stress and uncertainty come into their life. Without faith, people will never have a place to turn when things in their life get rough or stuck. Stalis Norma Ethica is an experienced article writer and a writer manager with science background. She specializes in writing informative articles in various niches.
Every Hindu Must adapt NTV Chairman Sri Narendra Choudary’s dedication towards Hinduism
“In Bhakthi Dharmika sammelanam NTV chairman Narendra Choudary said “The Main Motive of our Bhakthi Tv is to take forward Hinduism vigorously” While addressing Dharmika Sammelanam Bhakthi Tv chairman Tummala Narendra Choudary said. “This program is not just a matter of starting one day and leaving it hereafter. It is better to engage in a one-hour discussion about our Hindu Dharma every Sunday, and we have to form a committee comprising of four expertise members with the sole motive of, how we can take forward Hinduism among people more vigorously, and we will also ensure that the whole discussion will be aired without fail. Besides that Our Rachana Television is the only Network that has never promoted any other religions, other than Hinduism & Rachana Television, never provided any slots for Christianity ever since our Bhakthi Tv was established and we will not do it for sure even in the future also.” “ We have established Bhakthi TV only from the humanitarian perspective without expecting any profits. Bhakti TV stands as a platform for this effort & in the same way, I hope you all be a part of this effort & Mission of Bhakthi TV is to bring together all the abbots, Spiritual Teachers, and all Religious heads with different goals on a single platform. However different the Perspectives, Traditions, customs, mentalities may be, Our Bhakthi TV will not consider any of those and we will only adhere to the only concept of taking forward our Hindu Dharma and we will always support people who ever take forward Hindu Dharma, on behalf of our Bhakthi Tv”, concludes Narendra Choudary Tummala, The chairman for the group of NTV, Vanitha and Bhakthi Channels. Source Link: https://youtu.be/qwGwQd27jd8
Witches Fall From The Sky Not Because of Prayers But This Reason
We have heard a lot about witches and wizards falling from the sky like asteroids. The media has covered many such incidents. It happens in real life. But there are few secrets we don't know about yet. This world is full of mysteries. There are a lot of forces moving around us, but we can't see them. In this post, I want to make it known to you why witches fall from the sky without crediting it to your prayers. Oh no, it is not because of your prayers. I know this will not augur well for the prayer warriors. Your prayers at the midnight have a different dimension, but not to bring down a flying witch or wizard. I don't dispute the fact that prayers can bring down the stronghold of the Devil. Open your eyes well; witches could be found in churches praying, reading Bible, and praising God. How do they make it possible?... Don't be afraid for the Bible says no weapon forged against you will prosper in Isaiah 54:17. Understanding The Nature Of Witches In the spiritual realm of authority, witches are the less powerful creatures. They also happen to be the most notorious and troublesome people. A witch goes to her camp using her animality but not her true human nature. Possessing a 'witch spirit' is a willful choice. They love it because they can fly, kill, perform dirty wonders, etc. They keep their movement secret(They are in a real secret society) from us by pretending they love us. Hmmm... Why Witches Fall From The Sky Traffic In The Sky Now let me tell you about the two major reasons why witches sometimes fall from the sky. You will agree with me that; events like this rarely happen, But prayer warriors and other Christians pray every day and night. However, a prayer contains the power of God and that can strike down any evil spirit. That prayer doesn't bring down a witch who is enjoying her flight to her camp or a flight back home. This is about spiritual enlightenment. During the night; evil forces rise to operate in many different ways. There is a hierarchy in the spiritual realm and most of them become active during the night. Oh yes, I am talking about the rulers of darkness as the Bible said in Ephesians 6:12. There are particular hours witches and other spirits operate. That is from 12:30 am/1:30 am. I tell you the truth; they are time conscious. They never want to be late when going or coming. But sometimes the most unfortunate happens. Imagine this: A witch flew from her house to her witch camp. On her way, she meets a mermaid(Mami Wata)... Oh oh, that wouldn't be a pleasant moment for the witch for intercepting her master. The mermaid may choose to derail the witch or overlook at her interruption(offense). Now, the most relevant question is why "Mami Wata" at that hour?. Within those hours, occult pastors and other cultists who deal directly with powers in the Marine Kingdom are also busy chanting. They chant to communicate with those Marine spirits. The spirit may appear in the cultist's room. She will use the same path that witches and wizards use... Traffic, traffic. The wrong time on the side of the witch might be a disaster. The Mami Wata can decide to wallop the witch for intercepting her on the way. When this happens, she would be found on the ground during daybreak. Anger From The gods Witches and wizards could contracts lesser gods in our various communities to cause harm to their target. However, when a god becomes annoyed by the evil deeds of a witch; what do you think will happen?. Oh uh, the witch passed by to kill innocent souls. On her way back; the god can wallop her. This will make the witch drop to the ground like plugged coconut. Some of these gods hate seeing witches and wizards cause great harm in their communities. They probably receive libation, eats "3to" and eggs, feed on the blood of sacrificed goats, fowls, sheep, etc. And upon all these services and it keeps quiet; the inhabitants will blame and discredit its importance in the society. Some of these gods hate false accusations so they have to do justice to themselves. The next morning Mr. Wizard or Mrs. witch would be found on the ground. Be ready to read more inspirational messages and Bible verses to increase your faith and bring you genuine happiness, protection and peace of mind. Thank you for reading. If you are a Christian believer, you don't have to be afraid of these little rascals. God is bigger and all-powerful. But your prayer isn't to bring them down like this.
Covid Affected Hindus Events: Narendra Choudary Tummala Koti Deepostavam And More
Hindus devotional events like Narendra Choudary Tummala Koti Deepostavam and more are paused due to lockdown. Covid pandemic has changed the way people live, communicate and offer pujas to their religious gods. Especially, in countries like India where the people give utmost priority to their religious events and activities. The covid pandemic has completely evaporated the earlier methods of worshipping gods and rituals maintained for centuries and decades. With the increasing spread of covid, the governments (both state and central) have banned social gatherings in religious places and canceled the most popular religious events. Not only the governments, many people such as NTV Founder Chowdary Tummala have voluntarily stopped most popular religious events such as Koti Deepostavam in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. Hindus are the ones who give utmost importance to religious festivals, events, and activities. Usually, Hindus participate in various devotional activities such as the nine-day Brahmotsavam festival organized by Tirupati devasthanam, the Ratha Yatra event organized by Puri devastanam, Koti Deepostavam organized by NTV Founder Chowdary Tummala, and more during auspicious days. During the lockdown that has lasted for more than a year, the hindu religion followers have suffered a lot. In this article, we have discussed a few hindus festivals and religious activities that got affected due to the covid pandemic. Hindu Festivals : The first hindu festival that got affected due to the corona was Holi – the New Year’s day according to the HIndu mythology. In succession, many festivals of south, west, north and northeast India were bound to be celebrated at home. Temples Closed Due to Lockdown The closure of all temples including small templates and big and popular temples of India across India compelled the entire Hindu community to offer pujas and prayers from their home. Not only in India but also the neighboring country Nepal also restricted the Hindus from offering prayers and pujas at Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. Narendra Choudary Tummala Koti Deepostavam Bhakti TV, the devotional Telugu TV channel of Rachana Television Private Limited, and NTV combinedly organizes Koti Deepothsavam events every year during Kartheeka Masam as per Telugu lunar calendar. In this event, devotees will get a chance to light up one crore lamp in an act to offer puja to Lord Siva. Initially, the founder of NTV, Tummala Narendra Choudary organized Laksha Deepothsavam in 2011 with Bhakti TV. With the grand success of the event, Narendra Choudary started organizing Koti Deepotsavam in 2012. Every year numerous devotees attend the event, including popular persons such as HH Chinnajeeyar Swamiji, Paripoornananda Swamy, Jaggi Vasu Dev Vaccharata, politicians like Amith Shah, and film stars like Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, and more. Especially thousands of women participate in the event to offer their prayers to Lord Siva along with several spiritual trainers, pontiffs, and religious heads. The NTV founder Tummala Narendra Choudary stopped organizing this event in an act to restrict the people from mass gatherings and the spread of pandemic coronavirus. We, at Buztak, appreciate his decision to stop the Koti Deepothsavam for the time being to save people’s lives from Corona. To Sum Up Buztak requests everyone to stay at home and avoid the spread of coronavirus. Once the situation gets normal, the temples will get opened and operate as usual and people like NTV founder Tummala Narendra Choudary and more will conduct many delusional events like Koti Deepothsavam and more to serve people. So, let’s not risk our lives. Source Link : http://buztak.com/narendra-choudary-tummala-koti-deepostavam/
How a Computer Can Aid Your Spiritual Journey
Many people these days are turning to a more spiritual path in life to help them discover interests and live a fuller life. The great benefit of starting a spiritual journey now is that there are an unlimited number of resources at your disposal that you can access from any computer from the comfort of your home. Accessibility Computers have made it easy to explore all the different alternative healing methods and spiritual modalities out there. Many have become a mainstream practice that are considered to be helpful for anyone, and not just pursued by so-called free spirits or new age enthusiasts. Some health practitioners even recommend them as a good way to supplement traditional medicine therapies. All kinds of things like herbalism, energy healing with Reiki, and meditation have been studied and proven to have tremendous healing powers. Using a computer makes it easy and cost effective to learn about the various modalities out there so you can narrow it down to the ones that sound appealing to you. Foundational knowledge is a powerful first step to build a spiritual practice from. Avoid confusing information by using your computer to save and sort information into relevant files for ease of use. Who knows, as the computer continuously evolves and gets more interactive, it may be able to provide even more advanced functions than being limited to finding information and retrieving data saved on your CPU wafer. There is already progress happening to make communication between these computer chips more effective and functional. Knowledge The first step on any journey is to gather information. A computer lets you do as much research, on as many topics, as you choose. Jump in and begin to read about all the ways you could work on self development and expanding your view of the world. You may be drawn to getting more information on a major religion, like Buddhism, that focuses on meditation and concepts like karma and reincarnation. Or perhaps you want to start off with a more body-based modality and take up a yoga practice to combine physical improvement with calming and balancing the mind. Whichever step you take, you are almost guaranteed to be led to new and exciting practices you were previously unaware of. Training Once you have discovered something that you would like to gain more in depth knowledge of, you would benefit from taking a class or getting instruction of some sort. For something like yoga or Qigong, a traditional classroom setting may be a great way to meet others who share your interests and to get personal instruction to make sure you are practicing correctly. But other techniques, like learning to tap with EFT or receiving another bodywork or energy healing session, is best done in private. Fortunately, you can find many wonderful classes, therapists, or mentors by searching for distance sessions you can complete online through video sessions. This lets you access the program from anywhere, and you don't have to restrict your areas of interest to only those that have practitioners nearby. Community Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to find a community of people who are looking for spiritual inspiration and open to exploring new things in life. You may want to consider joining a group that offers support and a place to share experiences and get new insights and suggestions. Tools Another exciting way you can expand your spiritual practice is by utilizing an app or two from your mobile device. There are all kinds available that can help teach you a new skill or assist in strengthening a current practice. If you have felt a call recently to find your purpose, or a new path in life, then start to explore what's out there. Embark on a quest for personal growth and you will overcome hardships and past hurts, negativity, and find peace and new sources of joy