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The Popularity of Direct Selling Brands Across The Continents
Direct selling is a fast-growing industry that is revolutionizing the way people shop. These direct selling brands have been growing in popularity for years and have been flourishing on each continent with their own culture and interests. In this study, we analyzed the search trends of the direct selling brands across different countries around the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, etc. Mentioning the contribution of North American countries in the direct selling industry is very much imperative. According to direct selling stats, American countries have contributed about 36% of the global sales generated in the direct selling industry. American countries have about a 10.6% growth rate by region which is 64.7 billion USD in retail sales. The United States has contributed about 22.4% of global sales. The most searched direct selling brand in the US is Exp Realty, a real estate enterprise. It is also popular in Canada. Canada has about 1.39M independent sales consultants in 2020. Arbonne International, a company of beauty and personal care products are also popular in the Canadian market. Also, the share of the popularity of direct selling brands such as Kynect, Ambit Energy, and Optavia is comparatively higher in the United States than in other parts of the world. Brazilian direct selling market holds 6th position in the direct selling industry by generating 8.2 billion retail sales. It has been dominating the search for O boticario, a popular direct selling company for cosmetics products for the past 5 years. DXN Global another popular direct selling brand is the most searched company in Potosi Department, a city in Bolivia. For Hinode cosmetics, brazil had an appreciative reach for the past 5 years but now it is popular in Alto Parana popular city of Paraguay.
Expert Cites New Rules of Professional Speaking (Virtual or Live)
Much has changed in the business landscape over the last few years, including kicking the already booming public speaking sector into the stratosphere as virtual live presentations (via Zoom and other boundryless real-time communication platforms) have become an accepted norm. Professional speaking helped generating millions of career opportunities too. Below, international award-winning professional speaker Saana Azzam, the MENA region’s premier public speaking authority who is also revered worldwide for her compelling keynotes at conferences and events around the globe, offers some tactical advice for those who already serve as a public speaker and those who intend to. MK: How do you see the public speaking trade evolving? SA: Professional speaking has grown substantially over the years into a global industry and, in doing so, has opened doors of career opportunity for those who are experts and influencers in their respective fields. While opportunities have arisen, so too has competition for professional speakers. The world of professional public speaking has also changed over the past 18 months, much in the same ways the world did as businesses evolved in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Professional speaking no longer exists in a vacuum where experts take the stage, give a presentation and are compensated for their time and expertise. Professionals today must continually work on their skills, continually examine industry trends and manage speaking engagements with care to rise above the competition. Prospects in 21st century professional speaking are often live, though some excellent opportunities exist in the virtual realm with more to come in the future. With these changes in the industry come new rules of professional speaking. MK: What fundamentals should professional speakers always remain mindful of? SA: Nearly everyone is familiar with the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” While featuring its own unique measure of sarcasm, the adage is accurate. Although changes happen frequently, much remains constant in the midst of that ebb and flow—certainly in the professional speaking industry. There are “rules of public speaking” that will stand the test of time. Professional speakers still need to hone their style in order to establish authority and guide the audience to focus and relate as they glean the benefits of listening to an expert. Setting the tone requires the professional speaker to first know the audience and incorporate their own personality into the speech or presentation. In addition, clothing, sense of humor and movements also help to establish tone and style. As a professional speaker, eye contact remains key. This establishes a connection with audience members and demonstrates investment in them. The goal remains to make the audience a part of the speech or presentation, drawing them in and encouraging them to engage and participate. Pacing presentation and pausing to punctuate important points endures as a significant tenet, both in live venues, as well as virtual ones. One final reminder in this world of change: Venue arrival time is critical and it should be done before the appointed time, whether appearing before a live audience or virtually from the living room. Take the time to familiarize with the setup, ensure the technology being utilized is functioning properly and check audio and visual equipment. Also take the extra time to get in a minute or two of practice before the presentation begins. MK: So how about the 'new rules' -- what should today's public speaker set aspire toward? SA: While it may seem as though virtual professional speaking came on the scene quickly after the global pandemic, it has actually been around for quite some time. What has changed is clients are now actively seeking virtual speakers to motivate and encourage employees and customers with nearly the same frequency as they seek live speakers for conferences, seminars, conventions and more. Professional speakers are no longer the purveyors of ritualistic prepared remarks. Instead, today’s most influential presenters are those who give off an effective, honest and communicative dialogue. As presentations become more interactive, audiences expect conversations, not lectures, which means professional speakers can stay ahead of the competition with dynamic, interactive speeches designed to draw your audience in and deliver your message in an accessible and engaging manner. Formal presentations are out, approachability and authenticity are in. There is a new rule No. 1: Be yourself and continue to hone your speaking skills. Refining a skillset doesn’t necessarily mean more practice. Instead, it means better practice. Repeating what has been done it the past won’t lead to improvement, but taking feedback and making positive changes can. The latest technology can also help. Simply record rehearsals, watch them back and take notes, while factoring in any feedback. The changes needed will become clear, allowing practice of a newer, better presentation technique with those adaptations. Visuals can also enhance a message or detract from it. Rid presentations of ineffective visuals and add those that truly express the main message or idea. Always choose high-quality images, even when using stock. Rather than matching the presentation to the visual aids, develop a narrative and then enrich it with assets that help focus the audience on the intended message. MK: I know you advocate a more conversational tone when public speaking, as if the speaker engaged in dialogue with friends. Can you elaborate on that? SA: While some of the tried and true rules of effective professional speaking remain steadfast, much has changed in this realm, whether live or virtual. Today’s most powerful speakers are authentic and approachable. Their presentations are less like formal lectures and more like a conversation with friends. The best professional speakers find that success lies in their ability to make a connection with their audience, while sharing valuable information from a position of both knowledge and confidence. For her part, MENA Speakers founder and CEO Saana Azzam, the MENA region’s premier public speaking authority, is a globally-known “Chief Inspirational Officer.” As an international award-winning economist and professional speaker, Azzam is globally known for delivering impactful conference and event keynotes. Her online Experts Market platform avails a marketplace where a variety of speakers may be booked for events, market their books, provide online courses and client advisory and generally market themselves more effectively. So, Azzam’s insights above on “the new rules of professional speaking” come from a place of deep knowledge and front-line experience. Heed her advice and you just might find yourself reveling in the high profitability that the public speaking trade proffers. ~~~ Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist who reports on noteworthy industry change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all B2B and B2C categories. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events. Merilee is Founder, Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List” as well as Host of the “Savvy Ventures” business TV show that airs nationally on FOX Business TV and Bloomberg TV and the “Savvy Living” lifestyle TV show that airs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta and other major markets on CBS, FOX and other top networks. As a prolific business and consumer trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme—also delving into the minds behind the brands. Her work reaches multi-millions worldwide via broadcast TV (her own shows and copious others on which she appears) as well as a myriad of print and online publications. Connect with her at and / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN Originally post at: Gadgetgram
Distributor Community and Direct Sales Planner
Direct sales is an industry that relies on distributor communities to grow. With so many individual distributors, it can be difficult to stay in touch with them all and provide support where needed. In order to build and manage your communities, there are features of direct selling planner software that can help you reach out to distributors. The best software is one that features easy-to-use features that help you connect with your community. Let us discuss briefly, some of the features of the direct sales planner relevant to distributor communities. - Chat feature: We are no strangers to social media chat platforms. In a similar way, the distributor network can be interconnected with the online chatting tools. It helps the distributors to stay connected always, and quick and seamless communication two-way, as well as a group. - Community forums: Online community forums are a great way to understand issues faced by distributors and admins, discuss common topics, and address them publicly. This ensures that distributors don’t miss out on relevant information - Email: Direct sales planners allows to integrate emails with the business platform, so as to send and receive work-related information in a single space - Announcements: Administrators find this feature very helpful as they can publish key information such as policies and announcements easily across the distributor network Establishing a proper communication system within the direct sales organization is important. This makes it easier for distributors to reach out to others at times of need. They can exchange information and insights about the business. Community forums are where most distributors find the answers to their queries and get their concerns addressed. These systems ultimately result in a faster resolution of common problems within an organization. Integrate your direct sales business with the right planner software and features to efficiently manage the needs of your community.
Is It Essential To Manage Your Downlines in Network Marketing Business?
The MLM Downline Manager platform is a complete solution for a successful network marketing business. This all-inclusive platform can creatively manage your downlines while confidently and comfortably building your business. MLM Downline Manager offers many tools to make business easier for you and your distributors: manage tasks such as recruiting, sending follow-up messages, or finding new leads; motivate distributors, etc. It is essential for a direct selling business to attract and retain distributors. But how can you at a time please all the distributors in the network? The effective solution for this is by choosing the right compensation plan. Network marketing entrepreneurs should have an endlessly scalable platform that offers direct selling organizations complete customization of the platform. Network marketing organizations can choose, build or revamp their own MLM compensation plans to best suit their business. Binary MLM Downline Manager: Binary MLM Downline Manager is a platform where network marketing entrepreneurs can add and manage commissions, of downline in a binary MLM structure. It also calculates commission rates based on the weaker leg sales—also called the pay leg. Breakaway MLM Downline Manager Breakaway MLM Downline Manager is a platform where network marketing entrepreneurs can set up criteria for downline to break away from the tree and form a new tree under the sponsor. It can be generally combined with standard MLM plans such as binary, unilevel, monoline called binary breakaway, unilevel breakaway, monoline breakaway. Hybrid MLM Downline Manager Hybrid MLM Plans usually bring together two unique MLM plans into one single effective compensation structure. A Hybrid MLM Downline Manager is a platform that can help maintain a balance between two different MLM plans. Direct selling entrepreneurs can get insights about how their downline is performing and also analyze the business performance to make sure that their business is on track.