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Let's Play OMEGA STRIKE #01 | TOUGH GUY FIRST BOSS FIGHT | Steam Gameplay [EARLY ACCESS] 1080p 60FPS GAME: Omega Strike RELEASE: October 4, 2017 BUY IT NOW: Doctor Omega and his mutant armies march toward world domination with only a few brave freedom fighters standing in his way! Omega Strike is an action-adventure game with multiple playable characters. Explore the interconnected world, defeat monstrous enemies, search for hidden treasures and learn new abilities for your heroes. Each character has unique abilities which you must utilize to overcome the deadly traps and enemies that roam the world of Omega Strike. FEATURE - Explore a vast interconnected world with seven unique areas - Three playable heroes who each have their own special abilities - Swap your heroes at any time to take advantage of their skills - Search for hidden treasures and purchase weapon upgrades - 12 bosses and over 45 different types of enemies OFFICIAL CHANNELS - - - - 👍Don't forget to subscribe if you like this video! 👍 👇If you have any question's and suggestions, please feel free to comment below 👇 ============================= ► Subscribe! ► Website: ► Discord: ► Donation (Not Mandatory but Appreciated) - ► Comments / Suggestion / Contact (I love to hear from our viewers, if theres anything you want to discuss. PLEASE feel free to contact me) ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Instagram: ► Follow me on Tumblr: ► Like me on Facebook: Livestream: ► Twitch: ► YouTube: Affiliate / Partner ► Anime-Gaming Figure & Poster Stores - ► PoloDaReaper / PoloGeist Gaming Channel - ► DamnLag (A Gaming Community) -