How I got into KPOP

I was nominated to do this by @AgentLeo so thank you <3 The song above was what got me into Kpop. I honestly have no idea as to how I went from listening to shinedown to listening to b1a4 it just sort of happened that way. I stan b1a4 so hard man, like I had followed them around pre debut so I guess I've been into kpop for more than 4 years and that seems like a really long time tbh. Anyhow, after being introduced to kpop through b1a4 I just kind of wandered from there and I eventually met my best friend of 8 months @AgentLeo all because VIXX brought us here. Honestly if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here and I'm just so grateful we have met. In b1a4 I biased CNU but I think I'm biasing Jinyoung now? And in VIXX I went from biasing N, to hongbin, to Leo and eventually I just biased all three of them. This man, Kim Jaejoong has saved my life multiple times as well. And honestly, I do hope to meet him one day, or even if I can't meet him I'd really like him to read a letter from me. No wait, if he even touched it I'd be the happiest person in the world. I just need him to know what he's done for me. I like so many kpop groups that I get confused between them. If you end up talking to me you'll find them out though. I've been trying to get into got7 and agentleo said she'd help me. So I'm really excited about that. I spend so much time on tumblr it's not even funny. It's my best hobby. Other than that I don't really have too much to say. I'm just so grateful for kpop. It helped me make friends (One that will definitely last a lifetime) and it helped me discover my dreams. It's helped me become the person I am today.
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