Ways to Increase Breast Milk

Relaxation – you’ll be surprised, once you begin to relax while breastfeeding or your pumping sessions, at just how much more milk you will begin to have. If you are breast pumping, it is important not look at the breast milk going into the bottle while you are pumping. Sometimes breastfeeding does not go exactly as you would like. Between a start that can be difficult or a lack of lactation, you can find yourself discouraged. How to overcome a drop in milk production? Are there any tips for increasing lactation? We take stock of breastfeeding and give you all our advice. Many mums wonder if their baby is getting enough milk or worry that they won't get enough. Let's take the time to understand the mechanism of lactation, it will help you to have confidence in yourself, and to ask yourself the right questions. The amount of milk produced by the breasts depends on 2 things: Attendance at feedings; How effectively the baby sucks on the breast. When the baby nurses, his sucking causes the release of 2 hormones: oxytocin and prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that is associated with milk production. In itself, the more the baby suckles, the more the mother's body will release prolactin and the breasts will produce milk. Thus, if the quantity of milk produced is insufficient for the baby, he will ask to breastfeed more often. This increase in suckling, which will often be accompanied by effective sucking, will cause an increase in milk production. Oxytocin is the hormone that causes muscle contractions in the breasts. These allow milk to travel through the milk ducts and out of the nipple when the baby sucks. This phenomenon called "ejection reflex" is often felt by the mother as a tingling in the breast. It also sometimes happens that a few drops of milk come out of the breast from which the baby is not suckling.