So lately I've been using a lot of Korean skincare and makeup products and it has always been super expensive. Recently I was watching a video on Facebook and the YouTube Heyitsfeiii helped me discover the wonders of Memebox. I freaking love all the products and not only does it tell you what it does and how to apply them but some times there are videos involved in case you don't get it. The thing I love the most is that if you feel skeptical about the product you can read people's reviews and base your decision on that. Another awesome thing about Memebox is that it has makeup and skincare for all skin types! There are even boxes that you can order that come with the theme of the box. I know that there's one for spring that has like travel shampoo,conditioner,toothpaste,etc. and it also brings a brush and other things. For those interested here's a link (http://share.memebox.com/x/d7cMSz) which will get you I think 20% off your first purchase at Memebox. I recommend that you download the app because it's easier to browse and check out the different brands and honestly I check it everyday for their app only deals. Hope this didn't bore you and that you enjoy the awesome prices. BYE~ ❤️ Okay guys I just noticed something. If you're interested in the 20% discount you have to personally message me because the link only works for one person and someone already used the one that I posted previously. To clarify its 20% off a $25 or more purchase but it has to be your first purchase or it won't apply. Sorry for the inconvenience guys 😔🙏.