Upgrade Your Target Game With Visual Vital Zombie Splatter Targets

Are you a gun enthusiast? Someone who can talk about guns, their specialties, and their specifications for days together. If so, you definitely are a person who visits the range now and then to train or check how different guns work. Think about your training time. What kind of targets do you use? Are they the same targets with concentric circles in them as shown in movies? It is high time you also became shooting targets enthusiasts. Training with guns is fun, but as you progress through your training time you might feel the fatigue of using the same kind of targets. And to eliminate such fatigue, and bring more fun to your training is our mission at Triumph Systems. Our goal is to combine innovation and excitement to develop shooting targets, zombie targets, etc. that give everyone a break from the monotony of bullseye targets. One such baby of our innovation is the Visual Vital Zombie Splatter Targets. It is a 14.5” x 9.5” target that is great for indoor and outdoor training. You can take it wherever your mood takes you and train. The target comes in 10-pack, 20-pack, and 40-pack bundles and is easy to carry and set up. You can see instant feedback on your shooting, from a long distance, through the reactive splatter that provides a highly visible white color bust at the point of contact. And I’m sure you know how to kill a zombie! Aim for the head. Take your friends with you and set up a game of shooting, or a game based on the story. The possibilities are endless when you start thinking. Let’s see who lands the most kill in a single shot. Order your Zombie Splatter Targets with Triumph Systems. Train Hard and Stay Frosty.
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