Boku no Hero Academia (Spoilers)

I'm sorry for not posting my reviews on My Hero Academy. I've been so busy with school and my story. But I have returned to offer my opinions on this anime, and let me tell you that they're all positive feedback. So in episode 2, this dude, Midoriya, finally finds his calling. He jumps into action and gets acknowledged by All Might, which is his favorite hero. Oh yeah, and speaking of All Might, we get to see his true form... which is like, Halloween on a man. I really liked episode 2 especially because of All Might to be honest. He's just. America. With his Texas Smash and his Detroit Smash. He just adds like American states and then smash. it's awesome haha. And Midoriya just brings out your inner hero when he jumps into action like that and tries to save Katsuki or I mean Kacchan cause that sounds so much cuter lol. like he makes me go back to my junior high days when my friends and I pretended to be heroes running around the basketball courts. Oh Youthfulness, how I enjoyed you so. Then episode 3 came along and oh my gosh. I just wanted to work out with him. like I was like cheering for Midoriya in my living room at 1 in the morning. I felt so inspired by his training montage and All Might being the coach I always wanted. But after 10 months of training and preparing for the U.A. exam, he did it. after strenuous training and just eating poop, literally and not literally, he finally became the perfect vessel for All Might's power. Honestly this episode was more of like a hype up for the next episode. Like I felt like I was left hanging with the cliff hanger. I need more, please, more of the the drug you call Boku no Hero Academia. This show is just pure awesomeness and I don't have anything bad to say cause I feel like a kid again when I watch this. Like I just want to get up and ... pew, pew, pew and hammer smash and just call out random moves and actions and be the hero lol okay I'll stop now before I embarrass myself even more and make you guys cringe.

Boku no Hero Acadamia (Spoilers Ahead)

this card does not necessarily have spoilers cause episode 1 is basically the synopsis on myanimelist. but I'll label it as a spoiler in case. okay back to the card. so this anime came out yesterday and I just watched episode 1. unfortunately I didn't read the manga so I don't know much about the story. but the first episode was able to explain a lot and made me interested for the next episode. so the story follows this dude, his name is Izuku Midoriya. he pretty much wants to be a hero like his idol, All Might, the number one hero. so he goes to a school that trains kids to become heroes. unfortunately he doesn't have any powers or "quirks". so he's looked down upon but he doesn't give up. this dude, his name is Katsuki Bakugou. I don't know much about him but in the first episode, he's one large jerk. he picks on Midoriya and uses his ability(which is to blow things up, I think) to burn Midoriya's stuff. I don't really like him but my friend begs to differ so I'll just wait for my episodes. But that's pretty much all I have seen and know from the first episode. I think its pretty interesting cause like dont we all want to be heroes but find it difficult cause we don't have powers? were basically Midorya. I also like the few powers that were introduced in the episode and its pretty funny. Im looking forward to watching the next episode. if you have seen it, let me know what you think of it or even if you read the manga, let me know too. if you haven't, go watch it. well if you want, I'm not forcing you cause that's mean. but yeah! let me know in the comments.