Are Breitling Watches Worth the Hype?

Breitling watches are the secret gem in the world of watchmaking. These timepieces offer convenience, style, and luxury at an admirable cost. The only difference between Breitling watches and other watchmaking brands is their target audience. The brand focuses its attention on the aviation industry by creating unique luxury pieces that complement professionals in the sector. However, some of the Breitling models, such as the Breitling Navitimer, have done well beyond the aviation industry. According to statistics, the Breitling ranks at number 15 on the famous watch brands list. That is quite exceptional because the number of luxury watches on the market is vast. From Rolex watches to Patek Philippe watches, Breitling competes with the crème de la crème in watchmaking. If that is not reason enough for you to own a Breitling watch, here are a few more reasons. 1. Great features The attention to detail and magnificent features are the best part of owning a Breitling watch. These watches are famous for their precision-made clocks, which were designed specifically for aviators. Breitling uses heavy materials such as stainless steel, platinum, and gold to produce the watches. The straps are made from pure leather, rubber, and ECONYL. You don’t need to worry about your straps wearing off. 2. Cost Breitling watches offer luxury on a budget. Compared to other luxury watch brands, you can pay nearly half the amount for a Breitling watch. You get to look stylish and save money. On average, the most expensive Breitling goes for $ 174,000. Compared to other luxury brands, the price is a steal. However, if you want a more affordable Breitling watch, you only need to part with $3,000. The price is always a point of contention when it comes to watches, but finding quality pieces at an affordable price is glorious.