17 days ago
never thought it was possible news i was involved in a car accident where an elderly lady hit me with her car while i was walking in the parking lot headed towards a chinese restaurant. my head hit the concrete floor and my whole right side of my body is bruised and scraped up. i am on some pain meds, no broken bones but my body hurts alot. i will continue the series after i get better. I'm debating whether or not to press charges to pay for the medical bills. I've had a cat scan an a chest X-ray to make sure no internal bleeding was going on. so please be patient and if u r not bothered by seeing bruises then look at the pics below. my ass will be showing just a bit i was wearing a dress so my butt literally got some abrasions. she said i didn't look, so does that mean you can run ppl over?!?! anyways my neck hurts and now my left side hurts. my shoulder that hit her hood hurts and my left knee where her car hit me hurts when i walk so wish me luck! @amandamuska @AubriePope @AdiaJasinski @ashleyemmert @ArmyStarlight @AyameTenchu @AarohiHalbe @abby177 @AnnahiZaragoza @aliahwhbmida @anarose @aliendestina @AI0AI @axosrain @AmberFranco @ammagrande @AnaP @angiey0222 @AnnieGoodman @Anna5221 @AegyoBunny @Alyessiazavala @Areannaareanna @anahiml11 @abbylucas @aliendestina @addri @analeon123 @AraceliJimenez @AnimeFan4Evr @Addixtion @AkiraMarie13 @aleciaLOVES @AlexisRiver @Aliyah16 @AlysonUnderland @amobts @anahiriosl @analeon123 @anarevilla34 @artificialgold @AyleenChavez

When I first came here got7 and exo were the most popular, now BTS.Yay!!! Im an old army since 2013. i have some cards about BTS. follow me on instagram @jinnyrod3