Like My Tattoo?

So today I got my first tattoo and I wanted to show my Vingle family because I thought they would appreciate the meaning behind it! If you haven't already recognized the butterfly at the end of the staff, it's the butterfly from the playing card Namjoon picks up in BTS's Run MV. The notes in the staff are from the song Butterfly by BTS which I got for several reasons! First, I have depression and anxiety. When I have a panic attack or when I'm having a really bad day, Butterfly is the first song I listen to calm me down and to make my mood better. I also, thanks to BTS and this song, draw butterfly on me when I feel the need to self harm instead of hurting myself. So now I always have a butterfly with me! Second, the song Butterfly was a very popular song within the HwaYangYeonHwa series and that series made me open up and get help for my problems. The whole concept and meaning behind the series helped me a lot and I'm really glad BTS promoted it. Without BTS and the HwaYangYeonHwa series, I really have no idea where I would be. Also, I was able to get my tattoo today on their third debut anniversary which was awesome!