chapter 0: prologue

The place was downtown los Angeles, on a moon lit Halloween, today. And today had been quiet, abnormally quiet all public services were not operating, no money transactions, no person outside and that night all power was cut, it was a nation wide blackout, then just as the sudden darkness crept over LA a ominous red glow began. A man who used to be rich see's the coming crimson red glow approaching his penthouse. "what the fuck is that?", "fuck me in the ass I got to get out of here right now", he rushes out an empty apartment, but quickly stops and glances over at his home "fuck this country" and runs down the stairs and out the buildings main door but is too late the riot had reached him, angry people setting cars on fire smashing windows,yelling anti american phrases, "fuck this country", "fuck the president", "this nation is dead" the man thought,"what the hell", "the people of LA-they're mental". "I, I gotta get out of here" and just as he said that, the people close to his building spotted him, "he's the reason this is happening", "wait what?!??" ,"I'm not the reason", the man shouted, but was quickly surrounded by the people rioting and began to beat him without mercy and without cause. "Why, why are these fuck faces taking it ougghhtyv inn my eeeeee" those was his final thought as they beat him to death. a man running to safety from the chaos see's the beating of an innocent man, "my god...... his head... its nothing but a red paste". his two kids ask why they beat that man, the father says he doesn't know and he probably deserves the death sentence, he tells his wife to keep moving and if anything happens leave him behind, she agrees and tells the father that if she is die that her mother must know of her demise the father agrees and the family keeps moving. As they move along they run into a group of people standing in a circle, among themselves the people talk about the stores that are filled and what is valuable, the people see the family, the entire group was made up of males and they saw the wife as a good time, they chased the family and caught them, the group told the father leave and the kids live, the wife screaming as her clothes and underwear were being torn off and the group started raping her. The father took his kids and ran away from the cries of his wife, the cries of pain, the man near the shopping district of downtown LA tells his kids to hide in a dumpster as he goes to find food and supplies, the kids jump in and he leaves. As the father nears the stores he hears voices shouting profanity and boasts he tries to sneak into a store but is found by two teenage looters from the group, the older one was the leader and pulled a gun on the father, "sorry but no laws to protect anyone now", "God please save.....please god don't let me die; save me I've been good please answer m................." the leader of the group shot the father in the head. the two teenagers that experienced the death of the father stop for a brief moment to contemplate the situation, "hey man what the fuck!", "why did you kill the fucker?!", "he wasn't gonna do anything he wasn't even armed", "sorry lil bro can't take any chances now", "so let's go". Both brothers walk out to meet the group who were collecting gold jewelry and electronics, both brothers still broken up about the situation, the oldest, "I know I didn't have to..... but now we have to look out for our friends and watch each other's back cause the night is dark and full of unknown terrors", the young brother agrees tho he will never be the same ever. he goes with a friend to find more valuables, "hey man u okay?","ye..eah.. all good", "good cause lets fucken loot these fucken stores and get us some fucken free stuff!!!!", the group hearing the friend joins in on the chant, as the two friends make there way to a darker part of the shopping district the hear a sound of helicopters, multiple helicopters equipped with search lights and loud speakers, "chimchaghage dangsin-i museun il-eulhaneunji jungjihasibsio", a translater spoke aswell after the military man, "please remain calm stop what ever your doing", "ulineun uligabad-eun geos-eul pochaghagi wihae goyong gunsa geulub-eulo hyeonjae wichi", "we are here as a hired military group to seize what has been given to us","ulineun bughan-ui tong-il minjog gonghwagug-ida", "we are the unified peoples republic of north Korea", "eotteon bulsunjong-eun chimyeongjeog-in him-eulo chungjog doel geos-ibnida", "any disobedience will be meet with lethal force", the two friends are met with a search light and both on instinct run and hide in the nearest alley and see the peoples uproar to the occupation of the north Korean army, gunfire sprouts but is quickly met with heavy suppressing fire from the military forces the city in an instant became a warzone. Amdist the chaos of a war a lone child cries and wonders in search of his family, explosions and gunfire everywhere yet the child is not grazed, the child walks away from the red glow of chaos, untill he sees a military post with many celebrities being checked and translators speaking Korean. the guards of the post see the wondering child alone and crying, they know he's a casulty of this civil disobedience, and the most humain thing a soldier can do, they shot the lone chil, and at that moment the rich celebrities stopped and saw the act but continued along, they only carried about getting themselves out of the city, the soldiers that knew what had happened, gave a moment of silence to pray for the little soul to find paradise. A wealthy family that passed the military check point is rushed into one of the many helicopters, the mother of the family consoles her children, "guy's don't worry, I'm here daddy is here and were gonna go someplace safe", the children crying start to feel comfort from their parents, the father whispers in his wife's ear, "love the place were we are going is still undecided, tho the north Koreans are bringing in the super walls to create our own safe place, we can protect our own now that we set up a place", the rest of the civilians in the helicopter talk among themselves as to find a new place to set up the new nation, over the radio they are told to head to the middle America as that place is quiet and secure. The wife consoles her family to keep them calm as they head for a new eden A 21 year old is awoken from a light sleep, by sounds of cars driving through his neighbors house, "what the fuck!!!!!", "God fucken damn it a fucken car just crashed into the neighbors house". the 21 year old runs to check the commotion and see's the red glow approach, along with the sounds of gunfire, "okay.............. ima go inside and pack some shit and ima run as fast as I can in the opposite direction", the 21 year-old does so and runs into the safety of the dark streets, but as he runs he sees the helicopters and hears the messages, he knows that this is gonna turn to complete chaos so he keeps running and as he runs he thinks, maybe the shore can offer protection, atleast allow him a way of traveling somewhere safe, his friends he couldn't reach his family he couldn't reach, he was alone and the thought hit him hard but the situation needs him to forget others and keep himself alive and with that he follows the metro rail to long beach a quiet journey that he takes alone. the man walks and is left to think about the what ifs, the death of his family and his friends? the possibility of him dying right then and there, it made him cry, cry like a child, he is weak and those who are weak die. so he falls to his knees halfway to his destination, the thought of a normal life will probably never happen and the many what ifs begin to weigh him down, and all those bad thoughts were being amplified with the sounds of chaos behind him, so he stands up and looks back for the first time, and he sees his city of birth in flames, he sees small flashes, distant gunshots and screams. he is forced to except the situation and knows that his survival is most important now, survival is now the only thing important, and like that he walks further away from the glow of red and walks into the darkness.