How Did Kishore Pallapothu Get a Place in the List of Millionaires?

Kishore Pallapothu has come a long way down over the years, transcending his career from a tech guru to a millionaire. His stringent approach as a venture capitalist also contributed to his financial success. It all started with his academic success as a Computer Science Student. During his early career, Kishore focused largely on acquiring advanced skills. Coupled with this experience and his industry knowledge, Kishore started working on his startups. At the same time, he channelized his aptitude towards technology and skills to collaborate with other startups. Success in the financial front comes from being intelligent with investments. This is exactly what Kishore Pallapothu did. Have a look at how he succeeded as an employee, before establishing himself financially. Kishore Pallapothu as a student and employee Kishore Pallapothu performed brilliantly as a student. Academically, he was above the average student with his performance. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nagarjuna University and then pursued a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the US. Next, he dedicated his career to the IT industry. After integrating himself into the industry, he largely focused on futuristic technologies like AI and ML. Moreover, he gained advanced knowledge in computer vision, cloud infrastructure and mobile infrastructure. Initially, he started his career at Redwood City headquarters of Oracle Corporation as a senior engineer. In course of time, he joined Siebel Systems, a reputed CRM firm as a project team lead. From an employee to a venture capitalist Once Kishore Pallapothu gained adequate experience as an employee, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He founded several startups during his career. Prominent among these are SkillWiki and ChoozeHire. In both these startups, he channelized advanced technologies that he mastered during his academic and professional ventures. At the same time, Kishore Pallapothu started his life as a venture capitalist.

Kishore Pallapothu - The venture capitalist's achievements & startups that you should know about

While various entrepreneurs have gained popularity, only a few have been able to build up a career as lustrous as Kishore Pallapothu while helping the commoners at the same time. Based in Silicon Valley, he is a well-known tech guru who has taken up a number of entrepreneurial ventures. His specialisation lies in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, deep learning, application security, computer vision and more. Evidently, this wide field of expertise has allowed him to launch various types of startups and collaborate with other venture capitalists. ChoozeHire ChoozeHire, the company that Kishore Pallapothu is currently involved in was founded by him back in 2017. This innovative startup consists of an AI-powered platform useful in the HR department of various companies. ChoozeHire makes recruitment much easier by automating several of the steps in the hiring process. This platform is capable of sourcing, matching and screening the candidates. It can even carry out the preliminary interviews, thus reducing the manual processes to a great extent. This startup is a perfect example of Kishore’s expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure. SkillWiki Launched in 2016, SkillWiki was one of the initiatives taken by this venture capitalist to help the society. This was a non-profit organisation built with the goal of providing free training in the field of IT. SkillWiki has been established mostly to help the non-wage workers who couldn’t move up in their career due to lack of training. The platform helps them to gain the latest IT skills by offering them training courses without charging them any fees for it. These were only two of the several initiatives taken up by this entrepreneur. Sysnet Technologies Inc., founded in 2003, is another invaluable startup launched by him. His social works also include providing food and shelter to various needy families. Due to his outstanding contributions towards the society and in the field of IT, Kishore Pallapothu has earned prestigious awards.

Why the Economy Needs more Non-Profits like Kishore Pallapothu’s SkillWiki?

The economy is just recuperating from the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent slowdown. There are a handful of innovative companies and non-profits out there that are working to support this recovery. Some like SkillWiki are proving an asset with their unique model, as they are helping workers improve their skills and apply for jobs with better prospects. While many may never have thought about the impact that a non-profit founded in 2016 could make at such a time, it really is something that the economy needs right now. What is SkillWiki? Kishore Pallapothu is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and a tech guru. Over the decades, he has launched many IT companies and platforms that revolutionized processes in specific sectors. He founded SkillWiki in 2016 as his first non-profit organization. SkillWiki supports low-wage workers to get training on the latest IT skills. It helps with upskilling and competing for better paying jobs in the hi-tech job marketplace. Interestingly, Kishore himself volunteers as part of his organization’s efforts. Addressing the Growing Tech-Skills Challenge Even before the pandemic made its presence felt to the economy, the growing demand for hi-tech skills was making its impact felt. Over the years, many studies have demonstrated how upskilling can help improve employee wages. Workers with better IT skills are in greater demand, as they bring more value to potential employers.

Kishore Pallapothu's Interview on Leveraging AI to Revamp Recruitment Process

It was first Chatbots, but now there are full-fledged AI-based services and tools that are helping organizations and their HR teams to find and recruit the best talent available in the market. Where does AI actually stand in the industry? How is it helping businesses recruit the perfect talent and whether it is replacing the HR department or complementing their services? There are many questions that most business managers still find unanswered. Kishore Pallapothu, CEO at ChoozeHire, an AI-based hiring platform, is one of the best professionals to enlighten this new world of finding and managing talent. The best way, we thought, to get these answers was to interview the entrepreneur, who is a Silicon-Valley IT expert with decades of industry experience. Here are some excerpts from the conversation: An interview with Kishore Pallapothu, Founder and CEO, ChoozeHire. Q. Straight to the most pressing question right now. Will AI replace the HR department? Kishore Pallapothu: That is certainly the first question that comes to most people’s minds when they think of AI. I don’t think AI will replace the HR team in an organization. And I will give you my reasons. What AI does in its recruitment assistance role is to use data processing and pattern recognition. AI tools can conduct these functions much faster and with greater efficiency compared to humans. The key is to automate most aspects of the HR process. But the human aspect of HR can never be neglected. The human HR team will still be required for making the final hiring decision and keeping employees engaged. HR teams know their employees and the organization in ways that AI tools can never do. Q. So how is AI actually revamping the recruitment process?