Features of classified website development

Sometimes people think about how to start a website like OLX, because such projects allow you to get good, and most importantly, constant passive income. The first thing you need is to calculate the estimated amount of investment, as well as the possible profit. Next, you need to study the intricacies of web development for such a portal. There are two ways to build websites - from scratch or open source. Each of them has pros and cons and is suitable for specific situations. Open-source solution Mostly open source solutions involve using WordPress themes. The advantages are ease of use, good versatility. In case of lack of a particular function, you can easily solve the problem by installing a plugin. The best theme options for creating a site like OLX are Classifields, Classiads, FlatAds, ListingPro, Classify. The advantages of this option for creating a website: 1. Cost. She is usually short. Domain and hosting can be highlighted among the significant expenses - it will cost about $ 200. Most of the themes are available free of charge, but if you want to use rich and colorful options, you need to pay $ 200-1000. Plugins are also presented both free and paid. 2. Development time. WordPress is a kind of builder, from which it is easy to assemble what you need. Technically, this suggests that there is no need for development. Therefore, the creation time takes from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days, taking into account the design ideas and the complexity of the project.