About Us

It does not take a genius to understand that we are passionate about what we do. When it comes to removing client's junk safely and efficiently, we are the people you can rely on. No matter what you may need to be hauled away, we can assure you that we have the solution for you. We were born out of the need to provide the fine people of Lafayette and surrounding areas with the junk removal services they deserve. We have heard too many horror stories where clients were taken advantage of and certainly did not get value for money. We promise this will never be the case when you choose us. We go out there every day to ensure that we are better than the day before. Always striving for client satisfaction. This client-centric approach has ensured that we are now one of the most reputable junk removal companies in the state. Servicing residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Added to this we can assure that our staff are always ready and waiting to go the extra mile. This means that no matter which one of our high-quality services you select, you will most certainly be getting more than you bargained for. So give us a chance today to show you what we are all about. We guarantee your junk will be disposed of quickly and responsibly. Now pick up the phone and give Rajun Cajun Junk Removal a chance today, we are always ready and waiting to add new members to our family. Or just fill out a contact form Now.

Rock 'N Roll Wrecker Service

Welcome to Rock and roll wrecker service. If you are visiting our website you are more than likely in need of a tow truck service or wrecker. We know that having to get a car or vehicle towed can be a stressful situation. That is why we do our best to make sure that your towing experience with us is pleasant and stress-free. We follow specific state and federal safety protocols and everything that we do. We do this to ensure not only the safety of your vehicle but also to the safety of others on the road. So whether you are stuck on side of the road. Have a vehicle that has been in an accident or need your car towed to your mechanic to for repair We are the company for you. Our company works closely with insurance providers to make sure your toe has little to no cost for you. Rock and roll wrecker service is the entire New Orleans area. This includes Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans, Harahan River edge, and the West Bank of New Orleans. Do not hesitate to call give the most affordable tow truck company in New Orleans a chance by calling us today. Rock N Roll Wrecker Service has been in business for over two decades in the Kenner and Metairie area. We take pride in everything that we do. We have partnered up with R&S Towing to provide even better tow service to our customers all across the New Orleans area. Being locally owned and operated we care about the safety and care of our city and its residents.

Asphalt Roof Replacement

Many residential roofs in the New Orleans area are covered in asphalt shingles.  Asphalt roofing is a popular choice for homes and businesses for a variety of reasons including their durability, effectiveness in protecting buildings from extreme temperatures and weather, and their cost.  Asphalt shingles are also available in different angles and shapes, making them a perfect fit for any roof, no matter the pitch or complication of design, and they are also available in a variety of colors and textures to give any property owner the look they want, making this type of roofing extremely versatile.  In addition, asphalt roofs contribute significantly to a property’s energy efficiency and act as natural sound proofing barriers, making them an excellent choice for homes and businesses alike.  No matter if you are looking to update a residential or commercial property or building a new property, Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal can handle the job.  Contact us today for a no obligation quote. Most asphalt roof sare designed to last from 20 to 25 years and are engineered to withstand all types of environmental issues.  Over time, though, shingles may show signs of weathering or storm damage, and sections of your roof may need to be patched in order to prevent further damage.  Often homeowners see the signs of this weathering process by noting that their shingles begin to curl or pop up in the middle or they find an excess of granules from roof shingles in the gutters surrounding the house.  Homeowners may also notice missing shingles or exposed patches on their roofs after a major wind event like a tornado or hurricane or may experience small roof leaks as a result of exposure. If you suspect that you may be experiencing some of these signs of weathering or suspect you have damage due to a natural disaster, Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal can help by providing roof repair or roof replacement. Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal can handle any roofing job you have from matching and replacing a few shingles to a major job like replacing the roof on your entire home or commercial property.  During a major weather event, you may notice some shingles come off of your roof.  Normally, this is a simple repair when taken care of right away and when the roof is in the hands of professionals.  However, if your roof has water damage or the shingles are soggy, damaged, or missing in large patches, a better option for you may be to have the experts at Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal do a roof replacement on your home or commercial property. Instead of covering up minor damage or age, a roof replacement will make sure that all issues with your roof are taken care of and will protect your property for years to come.

Mandeville Roofer

Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal is a family-owned and operated business that has seen three generations of roofers.  Since 1928, the licensed and insured professionals at Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal have served the Northshore and Southshore of the New Orleans area for all new construction, roof replacement, and roof repair needs.  Over our 80 years in the roofing business, we have come to understand that a roof is more than just a covering for a home or commercial property.  It provides a safe haven and peace of mind to those who live and work under its protection.  We are committed to providing our customers with quality roof installation and repairs at competitive prices and pride ourselves on the care we take in planning and executing to exact specifications each project we take on. Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal believes in treating our customers with respect and with candor so that they trust us to tell them the truth, to help them find the right roofing options that will work for them, and to build lasting relationships. Whether you are designing a new home, seek help with updating your roof design, or have experienced damage from a natural disaster or from weathering, our roofing contractors are eager to help you get the look you want while protecting your home from the outside elements.  Sentry Roofing and Sheet Metal not only deals with residential properties; we have a large commercial clientele as well.  Whatever your needs, we can get the job done for you. Contact ustoday for a free, no obligation roof estimate.