My theories on EXO "Lucky one" "Monster" And "Lotto" MVs

I really dug into this watching all 3 MVs over and over. I think Lucky One may be first(they broke out) and then Lotto is the next part in the story, they went crazy from being there but they discovered they have powers when they broke out. I think someone stole that girl, they knew her before (maybe she was from the ward and broke out... Maybe the people at party were going to send her where they were too?) and they all just made diversions. The guy was tied up if you look closely enough, the one that got in his car, the swat team comes and Chanyeol runs away with the girl but gets caught. Which leads to Monster where they all get captured and they are talking about being captured and they are having memories of the party they were at and it was all in white like the ward was(maybe the girl was from there?) and in the end Baekhyun shuts off all of the security cameras and saves them. But it could be backwards because they could be just thinking about causing havoc and the swat team got them after they ran away from the ward, thus Baekhyun saving them and they walk back to save her??? Confusion XD just my theory though. I also notice symbolism in that in the Monster video someone(I think it was Kai?) was on a Pile of security cameras and then a pile of the swat team. See that is where I think it shows that they did do something. In Lotto he is on a pile of money that is burning. The car Chanyeol was driving in Lotto was burning in Monster, I think this may be why I think that Lotto is before Monster. But that could also be symbolism on what is to come... Also in the end Chanyeol is holding a casette taoe and I think she took it from him? This is messing with my mind... It's creepin in really. They need one more MV maybe it would make more sense, it feels incomplete. Unless old MVs connect but I wouldn't think so because of the Era of EXO right now, feels more relavant(I will look back on that though, maybe call me baby?)

Dancing to Kpop Nightcore is Hardcore!

So one thing I will never do again, Dancing to the nightcore version of Rocking by Teen Top. My feet hurt now, the footwork was already so fast! Teen Top if you could do more than the first 38 seconds of that song I applaud you. I can't go past that far! Also I will say dancing to the nightcore Version of Fire by BTS is not extremely hard to do but you need a lot of stamina. Like A LOT! I got through dancing till the chorus and my energy went down and I ran for water came back and was able to start dancing at Jins breakdown till most of the end xD. I want to see BTS do that song at that speed, if they haven't already, because it is insane! Also I find it funny that I was finally able to do parts I never could before very well. It really brings out potential when you dance faster I can surpisingly do If you do pretty well. It isn't extremly hard for me. It's crazy for Just Right and Fly I could not remember the dance wroth anything XD! It is so fast it scared me. Homerun I have not done in awhile so that was understandable. But I tried doing fan chants and I felt the only way to get them out was by yelling so loud I could only hear my screams over the music XDD! And I am not a loyd person most of the time so I died. No when I went to that BTS concert in Chicago last year I yelled, sang and danced loud and wildly. Now I am gonna cry, wanna go back :(. Anyways also when I yelled BTS names for fanchant of night core version died so many times. I thought I messed up with the second name. But the funny part was I didn't XD! So I kept trying and after 5 times I got it! That was soooo much fun! Nightcore music is sooooo much faster than the original songs. I have also been learning Knock by KNK and I almost have it nailed. I have been learning Heejuns part and it has really been a lot of fun. It may be one of the most complex dances I have attempted but I love it. Next I just need to learn Bapsae by BTS all the way. I love learning K-Pop dances. With night core it gets intense... I need rest now so byeeee! [If you are curious links to the songs I danced to are at the top]