Interior Design for Small Apartments and Flats

I've got lots of tips and tricks for you guys but before I spill the tea on all the ways that you guys can improve living in teeny tiny spaces why don't you guys hit the subscription button if you have not yet subscribed and if you guys don't follow me on Instagram why not go over to Instagram it's at Sheriff Stephens give me a follow and I post a lot of stuff throughout the week whether it's just like behind the scenes step for work or personal stuff or even tutorials and cool light fixture hacks and things like that so if you're not following go check it out. If you guys are a part of the small space gang like I am giving this video a thumbs up and let's get started the first tip to surviving and thriving in the small space is to decorate using light colours so whether that's paint colours or just like large pieces of furniture you want to select colour patterns that are gonna be on the lighter and brighter side and that's only because although dark feels cosy it also can feel cramped. It can make a space feel really small and shrunken a little bit and it just doesn't give you all of the maxes my space and appearance of space like a lighter white or maybe even light grey colour might do also lighter colours reflect light better they don't absorb light and so when the light does shine through your windows you just feel instantly airy and fresh like behind me in my little apartment here you'd never know this is a teeny room would you it's pretty teeny. If you want to do something other than white I recommend going for like a light cool grey tone away from the warmer colours because often warmer colours can also be on the darker side they start to feel a little bit more like it's all in closing in like our bedroom is grey but we chose a lighter cooler grey and not a darker warmer grey if that makes sense and then again when you guys have furniture your furniture in the space is probably gonna be the biggest item in the room so you want to make sure that you're selecting colour palettes even if it is would go for a lighter colour wood as opposed to a dark espresso wood or go for a lighter colour sofa as opposed to a black leather sofa just all of those little things kind of allow the room to open up feel bigger more spacious You'll forget that you live in a shoebox the second way to survive to live in a very small space is to create zones in your home so for me I have one large area here it does serve as three different purposes so I have my office our living room and our dining room and the way that I really kind of differentiate these spaces is by using rugs it'll ground that area and it kind of sections it off without putting a big divider in the room that might make the room feel smaller also turning furniture against each other so my sofa I have to face distinctly the TV in an elf shape the back of the sofa is directly up against where my office starts the fact that there is that differentiation of space here allows me to kind of show that this is one room This is another even though it's all in the same room in the dining room I use other means to separate the dining room from the living room by using as a light fixture or also using a rug but having a light fixture over a piece of furniture kind of identifies it as like this is its own little space by the way I got my dining room light fixture at Target and I will link it below it is so cute and they have a bunch of other ones so check them outnumber three take the doors off of your cabinets and your closets okay so if you guys remember like right when we started doing that series of how to make the most of your small space I actually did not have any closet doors on my closet behind me and that was intentional mostly because we don't have a lot of space when you have a door opened it usually hits something else in order to walk through the walkway you gotta close the door at first