Promote your business with B2C e-commerce software

As ecommerce marketplace assumes considerable significance in the wake of growing online shopping preferences, B2C e-commerce software has become the in-thing By Aruna R. Prakash E-commerce has made shopping convenient for consumers across the world. It has revolutionized the shopping preferences. Presently, more and more consumers buy their desired products online. So, it has become all the more important to provide customers with very positive customer service experiences to run the business smoothly. Many of the wholesalers have started adapting the modern ways to sell through the Internet directly to the customers. B2C e-commerce software focuses on retail transactions for improving customer experience by promoting seamless business to customer (B2C) interaction.This softwarehelps customers select their preferred goods at competitive rates, put these in B2C shopping cartand pay the bill online. These goods are later delivered to customers at their addresses. With the help of this software, people save their time and money. The other important benefit provided by the e-commerce software is that consumers can access brands from all across the globe. For the sellers as well, it provides lucrative opportunities to showcase their brands to the maximum consumers. The B2C e-commerce software has become one of the most sought after business tools for most of the companies to increase their sales online. The consumers are also equally benefitted by the easy availability of their choicest brands.

Best eCommerce Platforms for Building Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

So many vendors have wonderful products to offer, but it’s a shame they have no way to reach the maximum number of potential consumers, sitting in their small, homely shops which only localites are aware about. An aggregator faces issues that are very similar to the above. He has a business idea of an ideal marketplace and is prepared to put in the hard work of discovering and collaborating with vendors to assemble an e-commerce market platform,but is struggling to find the technical ability to fulfil his dream. He cannot design a website, let alone build it from scratch. This is where pre-programmed platforms for building B2C ecommerce software came into the picture. This also includes a service called B2C shopping cart came into picture and took the world by the storm. It is astonishing that how unbelievably easy it is today to set up an online B2C shopping cart like Etsy or Alibaba. In fact, all the credit goes to these wonderful B2C ecommerce software. In this article, we present to you the best building platforms for your e-commerce site. Each one of them has its own perks and you could choose the one best suited to your needs. WooCommerce for WordPress One of the oldest and most popular WordPress themes, it has a plethora of options for plugin and integration. WooCommerce can transform itself into a multi-vendor platform within minutes. WooCommerce allows vendors to easily upload their products and products images, and also allows them to have a dedicated page for themselves. Vendors also get the option to integrate their social media profiles which makes your online marketplace a much more creditworthy platform than your peers. Marketify from WordPress

Consumer Advantage of Open Source Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Multi-vendor marketplaces are thriving nowadays. With such an ease provided by numerous marketplace software, it’s easy for anyone with a great business idea to go online and have a shop. While open source multi-vendor platforms like Magento, cs.cart etc. have made lives of business owners easier, they offer a number of advantage to the consumers as well. There is no doubt that entire online marketplace emerged only from one thought: let customers shop from the comfort of their home. All the first online shopping sites emerge with this same thought and the multivendor marketplaces are taking the same legacy forward. Here are the various advantages customers have because of such software. Offering the Best Price When you are an aggregator between vendors and customers, and you are fighting with online giants like Amazon and Alibaba to grab a spot in your consumer's head, you tend to offer the best prices and discounts there are. This technique is often used by start-ups who are new online and quickly want to build up a foll owing. If you are a start-up looking for a marketplace software that saves you from the hassle of backend coding, Sharetribe is there for saving the day. The software comes with built-in payment systems that allow your vendors to work with major visa and master cards and also services like PayPal. Sharetribe is extremely easy to customize which makes it a favorite choice for start-ups.