Fix “Bard isn’t Currently Supported in Your Country. Stay Tuned!”

Bard is Google’s experimental, conversational, AI chat service. It is meant to function similarly to ChatGPT, with the biggest difference being that Google’s service will pull its information from the web. Google Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot tool which is basically designed by Google to simulate human conversations using natural language processing and machine learning.  Bard can be integrated into websites, messaging platforms or applications to provide realistic, natural language responses to user questions. Google bard is taking the place of chatgpt and other in artificial intelligence tools. Google bard AI is based on LaMDA,(language model for dialogue application) which is basically Google’s language model. Developed by google to create advanced form artificial intelligence, but google has not announced the exact date when everyone can start using it. There are numerous number of people who are aware about google bard but are not currently accessing to the platform due to the difficulties they have been facing in using such AI tool. There are many countries which are not accessing to such platforms in their countries. People who are willing to use bard in such countries which are actually not allowing it to be worked in their own countries are always denied access.https://www.karookeen.com/fix-bard-isnt-currently-supported/