Nearshore Or Offshore Development – Which Is Better?

Software development outsourcing opens a wide variety of options for businesses and startups. Offshore software development as a tendency is booming. Now it is embraced by the organizations of different domains and sizes. It is a powerful tool of choice, which helps to gain competitive advantages in the business sphere. Every business today is present on the internet on multiple platforms: social networks, cloud, mobile devices, mass media. Stakeholders spread their business geographically and adapt them to the changing environment. The business scenarios often include an “outsource and survive” phase. Among the future offshore development tendencies there are: Standardized relations and people-driven processes, instead of the price-driven ones More flexible Service Level Agreements and scope of delivery The outsourcing is becoming more popular for small businesses and startups: it helps to increase their time to market The outsourcing will help to save costs, even if the transportation and oil cost will continue growing

Software MVP Development Guide, MPV Software Checklist

Ideas on the features and function of software products can be grand when still an “idea” but challenging to execute in real life. A Minimum Viable Product is one way to get those grand ideas working. Essentially, an MVP software is a test version of your product idea. While some may confuse that for creating leaner products, the idea of MVP in software development is to create the most basic version of a software product as use that as a test version. The product can then be tested, and the insights from user feedback used to further shape and materialize the custom software product to a more concrete, fully-fledged product. In the last 8 years of working with clients from all over the world on both software product development, Saigon Technology has consulted them many times to start with the MVP development before adding full functionality to the product. Let’s explore  more! Why you need MVP Software development Building a minimum viable product comes with its advantages. These include: Faster release: One of the main benefits of MVP development is it shortens the development period. You can release a basic yet fully functional product within a short time, thus capitalizing on the opportunities that emerge in the fast-paced market.

6 reasons why you should cooperate with offshore mobile app developer

The mobile app is now more than just an expenditure, it's a profitable investment. Mobile apps can assist businesses in many business operations such as customer care, customer service and follow-up orders, accompany customers on the path of health care, convenient online payment, or simply to create prismatic colors photographed extremely beautifully for a more colorful life... Amidst the ever-increasing demand of the technology market, getting a great idea is really valuable; However, it is not easy to find a service provider who is responsible for turning those wonderful ideas into reality. Because, among many service providers and individual developers, individuals, considering financial conditions, product goals of the business and understanding the work platform from the Developers is endless. Understand your anxieties to concern many options, from onshore to nearshore, or offshore mobile app developer, in the following article, Saigon Technology will come across 6 major reasons. Table of Contents 6 reasons why you should corporate with offshore mobile app developer Various talent pool worldwide
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The offshore development best practices for your business in 2020

As mentioned in many previous posts, the offshore development center has yet proved itself as a “must afford” for your business growth in 2020, since many strengths of this solutions have shown significant improvement over the years. The profits earned by big companies around the world partially thanks to the tremendous help of offshore development center: – High-standard expertise and reliability – The cut-down fee on infrastructure and recruitment – The difference in the timezone that creates flexibility And many more! However, we won’t be having any further discussion about offshore software development benefits. We’re going to take a look at the offshore development best practices in 2020 that you have to be careful whenever you decide on choosing a partner for your business. These offshore software development best practices are going to offer you the results that can hardly ever imagine!

5 Benefits of hiring an Offshore software development team

So you have a need to build software but not the skills or bandwidth to do it in-house? You gear up in the search to find a reputable agency in your city but their project estimates give you serious sticker-shock? Here, we will discuss the benefits of an offshore software development team and why you should hire one. Software development is indeed expensive and intensely time-consuming to do on your own. But really, it shouldn’t have to be like that. Given the technological advancements and cost reasons, companies of all sizes today are offshoring a range of software development tasks. From simple coding to custom software development and maintenance, mobile application development, and website design and development – companies are freeing themselves from the challenge of hiring skilled staff for doing this range of activities. So what is offshore software development? Why should companies opt for one and what are the benefits of an offshore software development team? Here you’ll get the answers to all your questions! What is Offshore software development? To put it in simple words, the definition of offshore software development is outsourcing software development tasks to another company.

Top 7 Types of software development

Software application has now become a discipline of professional work based on the rather high demand of market overview around the world; therefore, offshore software development has also been on the rise. In the midst of the current trend of digital transformation, businesses have also gradually changed their habits of approaching and serving customers, and then looking to software development outsourcing services to get software products for business and customer service and exploit the market more effectively. Therefore, the software industry worldwide has been also witnessing growth with many different types of software development such as Mobile development, Web development, Application development... with typical examples and many more to know in this article. Software technology has crept into each of us so naturally that we cannot really remember how technology came about and how it changed our way of life. In fact, the demand for this industry is expanding day by day, with many job opportunities and career development itself. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 25.6% job growth for software developers between 2018 and 2028. During that period, experts have also estimated that there would be 241,500 opened. 7 Types of popular Software development There are many types of software development, but the following are also popular and popular software development today: Web development

Offshore Software Development: Everything You Need To Know

Introduction When you are looking for a development team to create your software product, there is nothing more complicated than making a choice, especially if you don’t have any geographic limitations. Indeed, many product owners opt for offshore software development services, all due to the indisputable low costs of such an approach. The problem is that not all of those who are planning to work with a remote development team are actually ready for it. As a result, deadlines are missed, the product is not launched in time, and product owners end up with a negative experience of such a cooperation. However, there is one pending question – is this really the fault of developers exclusively? Or, perhaps, the product owner had to put maximum efforts into establishing contact with remote workers? In this article, we decided to dig deeper into analyzing this issue and created a mini-guide on how to optimize the interaction between an offshore development team and the product owner. What Is Offshore Software Development? Let’s start from the beginning. What is offshore software development? In its essence, this is the process of developing software solutions where the product owner delegates all development tasks or a part of them to a third-party company. Usually, the main reasons for using such an approach are lack of specialists with the needed qualification level and/or lack of human resources required for software development.