Things to pack for your Thailand vacation

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. It offers tourists a myriad of attractions. One can frolic on beaches, hop from island to island, and soak in the culture. How can we forget the lip-smacking cuisine that Thailand calls home? A trip to Thailand is sure to keep you mesmerised for days to come. Given so much that is on offer, Thailand travel packages are extremely popular. Given how Thailand is a unique country, travel through Thailand brings with it a unique set of challenges. It is best to be prepared no matter where you are travelling. After all, a safe traveller is a happy traveller. So, to help you be prepared no matter what Thailand throws at you, here is a list of things to pack in for your Thailand vacation. Health essentials: The most important asset that you have while travelling anywhere is your health. So, it goes without saying that you must have access to clean drinking water. This is where it is seldom possible for you to run into problems. Water supplies don’t always supply clean water and this can spell trouble in a tropical country like Thailand. Henceforth, it is best to be prepared. Lifestraw is easily available on online shopping platforms like Amazon and goes a long way in preventing illnesses. It filters water as you drink through it and is the next best thing when you have little to no access to potable water. Lifestraw can prove to be a lifesaver, hence it makes for an important thing to pack for your Thailand vacation. Next, we would like to discuss activated charcoals. One can only hope that the day doesn’t come when the use of activated charcoal is deemed necessary. But if you do find yourself afflicted with the dreaded infections due to your food or water intake, then activated charcoal can be your boon. Activated charcoal helps in absorbing the toxins out of your system and works like a charm. Lastly, in this section, we would like to highlight - electrolytes. Whether or not you find yourself sick, electrolytes are always a good addition to your health kit. In case you get sick, then handy electrolyte pills can help you replenish the lost electrolytes in your system. This can save you from otherwise serious health issues. And even if you are not sick then these give your otherwise dehydrated body a healthy input to help you keep travelling on and on.

10 couple things to do for a fantastic honeymoon in Vietnam

In the event that an arrangement of a special night to Vietnam, at that point be certain not to be frustrated. Regardless of whether one needs to sit back on the sea shore, appreciate the staggering sentimental view, absorb the lively culture and rich history or plunk down and appreciate the delightful food then Vietnam has everything. There is such a great amount to see and do while One is here as a recently hitched couple, consequently, we have incorporated our best 10 sentimental activities in one of Asia's top wedding trip goals… 1) Walk connected at the hip along the white sands of Sao sea shore, Phu Quoc Island Envision taking a sentimental walk around truly outstanding and prestigious truly amazing white sandy sea shores in Vietnam, the Sao sea shore. Settled on the Phu Quoc Island's southern tip, this quiet sea shore encompassed by clear turquoise waters, is the ideal spot for honeymooners or couples to get the perfect nightfall sees, appreciate heavenly new fish, taste mixed drinks, take a dip in the sea or laze away on the delightful sands. Hope to appreciate a quiet day on this immaculate and confined sea shore. 2) Sail along the waters of Halong Bay For an exceptional sentimental encounter, sail across on a journey to Vietnam's reality legacy seascape of Halong Bay, signifying 'Inlet of dropping Dragons'. Displaying limestone tops, shrouded sea shores and coasting fish towns, appreciate the truly flawless views as lovers can cherish one swim along the emerald waters. With more than 1,600 islands and islets it unquestionably is one to tick off on the wedding trip container list. 3) Spend time at Valley of adoration, Da Lat