Kpop vs KHip Hop

I have many friends who like Kpop for straight out and some for the Hip Hop. People like Verbal Jint and SanE. But many of them can't distinguish one from another. What do you prefer? Hip Hop, Cosmopolitan/Fusion, or straight out Kpop? KPop There are certainly many Kpop groups who represent the Hallyu culture to the world. Famous ones include SNSD, f(x), APink etc, and usually represent a cute or girly concept. We can't forget about the guy groups like Teen Top, Shinee, UKISS, B.A.P andany others. Although these groups sometimes portray a upbeat tone and a different type of music, they don't usually fall under Hip Hop for they usually are vocally focused and the beat, tempo, and or subject matter falls more into the regular pop music genre. This doesn't exactly mean they can't to Hip Hop, although many don't pursue it. CosmopolitanxFusion Groups who can do Hip Hop and Pop music are such cosmopolitan groups they are usually incredibly famous. 4Minute isn't exactly Khiphop however, HyunA and LE's collaboration song, Blacklist, is considered as Hip Hop, and thus makes them a semi cosmopolitan group. Against common belief, Big Bang actually isn't Hip Hop. They are more pop leaning on the Hip Hop like style, but subunit GD&TOP is definitely Hip Hop as defined by Zutter and other members like Taeyang in the Infinity Challenge HwangTaeJi unit can also pull off Hip Hop almost flawlessly. Rookie group Winner and Trainee Team B/iKon also can pull off both genres flawlessly.

Netizens Protest B.I's Debut?

In a recent article on koreaboo, Netizens have been protesting about the debut of iKon's leader B.I because of his father's charges on "business embezzlement". Here's the whole article (http://www.koreaboo.com/news/netizens-protest-the-debut-of-ikons-b-i-due-to-his-fathers-crimes/) Originally posted on Pann: “As you already know, B.I’s father destroyed families by stealing over billions of won. That’s called “business embezzlement fraud.” If B.I were to debut normally, what do you think of all of the children and family members that went bankrupt due to his father would feel? hahahaha Probably there are many families who are going to threaten him if he were to debut. haha. And don’t try to protect him by saying all of his hard work in training is going to go to waste. Their family can live the rest of their lives off all of the money that they stole from other families. Is B.I’s dream more important than other families that are going to cry blood after seeing him debut? Please make some sense fans hahaha He is not even good a rapper and if his dad is going to still commit crimes despite his son being a celebrity, then the son deserves the scorn. As soon as he debuts, I am going to spam “business embezzlement fraud father” on every community so that it’ll never die out. So don’t debut B.I unless he is going to officially disown his family.” [ +196 / -22] You guys would be okay too if your parents are out in the street due to B.I’s father huh? [ +194 / -22] As much as I want to say it is separate from B.I and what his father did, every time B.I is on broadcast, he ignores people without money. And he bought all of those bags, clothes and hats with money that his father stole from other families…. 1 out of 3 raps that he did in Show Me The Money is dissing other companies asking them if they have much money as their company making fun of mid-size companies. ha. And his mom going to international vacations with the money they stole and posting pictures of them going to casinos and places. But the sad truth is that once he debuts, there are going to be people trying to protect him. Whew… [ +171 / -28] If he debuts, I’m going to insult him every day. I’m serious, he is the son of a fraud who made many families go out in the streets bankrupt. We cannot let him debut. Don’t you think the victims will want to die after they see him debut.

The Soundtrack to Life: Summer Challenge

Hi everyone! So since I'm new in this community, I decided to step up and do something instead of being a phantom reader hahaha this actually is the exact opposite to my personality in real life... lol.... Anyways, this challenge was posted by @MattK95 and is made by @PassTheSuga and seconded by @aabxo so yeah hahaha... Fly to Love- Lunafly So Lunafly is a band under the same entertainment as Brown Eyed Girls, and yeah, all their songs are also released in English so that's also a bonus! *cheers*. I actually like Fly to Love and it certainly has summery feelings mixed in... kinda tropical "I'm-in-Hawaii" feels too... hahahaha. Slow Boat Home- OST This is kind of like an OST I guess you could say, but not really... so idk. This is a HK drama and I watched it during my summer there, so I guess you could say that it's summery, but the setting and everything also represents summer a lot so I consider this song as a Summer Song. For anyone who hasn't watched it, I'd highly recommend it, I remember waiting the whole day just to watch this drama in HK!!! It was sooooo gooood... and WiFi in HK was so bad I couldn't rewatch the episodes :( but still...
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