I write fanfics and I'm not ashamed

I don't know if some of you guys know this. Maybe because I write imagines. I am a fanfic writer. I have my own account on AFF. I'm not ashamed (maybe sometimes a little). Some of you guys may not like fanfics or imagines, and that's okay. Some of you love it, and that's okay too. I don't mind your preference, but please respect me and what I do (I don't write anything bad). Recently I've been told the worst thing I can ever hear. To stop writing fanfics. That if I want to get anywhere with my writing than it's best to stop. I've stopped writing because for a moment in my life, I was lost. So many things happened that I was lost and couldn't get my life together. Now I'm backand better than ever. The reason I even started writing was that same reason. I was lost at some point and K-Pop glued my life together. On top of that I liked writing so I thought, "why not?"