2 years ago
"Army's" Vs. Jimin
okay so today it has been brought to my attention that some fans of BTS have been making very hurtful and rude comments on his body. now, during the promotion of I NEED U he was working on his image getting more fit and more handsome. ChimChim was very know for having an amazing body, ads and all. But since the promotions hes been on vacation so, hes been relaxing and probably not working out as much or anot at all which is fine. Jimin actually thinks he's fat and is insecure about jis body image, so he worked hard to lose weight and exercised more. But now his abs are less defined and THATS OKAY BUT SOME FANS HAVE BEEN SAYIBG HE LOOKS LIKE A PIG AND HE COMMENTED ABOUT IT AGREEING WITH THEM. THATS SAD. HONESTLY ITS SO SAD. If you stan jimin then you should love him regardless of his body image and notice other things about him. He's more than a hot body, ya'know? He's a very talented singer/dancer, his personality is beautiful and his smile is amazing. thats all i really have to say, and also this is my first card so sorry if it sucks. have some pictures of his beauty. #jiminyoureperfect
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