Korean Festival Hawaii 2015~

Helloo! I started a new collection called "Bethany's Adventures!" and I'm gonna start putting stuff up of my new adventures as a Kpop fan in Hawai'i and my life xD basically. I hope you guys enjoy! So my first real adventure would be the Korean Festival 2015 in Hawai'i that took place on July 11. I went with my friends.. and we got there at about 10:30 A.M. But for us.. there was a storm that was passing by that weekend.. and with that it would make it 10000000x hotter. (sorry I forgot the details) so long story short.. it was hot af! and not much tents for us to stay under! It took place at a beach park.. and it wasn't very sunny. But more overcast. But no wind D: It was pretty crowded too! The first thing we did when we got there was watch people perform! They were amazinngg. (don't worry I took some videos of other acts!) But we also had to buy some drinks and snacks xD We bought a drink called"Rainbow lemonade" It was suupeer good! Very refreshing :) especially while we're dying in the hot sun D: Unfortunately... we were super thirsty and it only dawned on me -- after we drank half of it-- that I should take a picture. Sorry! and in the bottom is my sister's bulgogi musubi! It is rice with bulgogi and spam wrapped in nori (seaweed). She wouldn't let me taste >.>.. but according to her it was really good!
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