Videojet Inkjet printer - Redefines the Future of Inkjet

Chicago, Illinois - May 18, 2017 - 1860 leverages industry-leading predictive features, including an industry-first ink-accumulation sensor. The new Videojet Inkjet printer features up to 8 hours of notice of the most probable failure conditions affecting line uptime. For over 40 years, Videojet has been a global leader in inkjet printing, enabling manufacturers to realize greater productivity goals. Videojet is thrilled to introduce the Videojet 1860, which is designed to improve your productivity today and evolve as your production needs change in the future. With 1860, Videojet redesigned inkjet technology. The Videojet 1860 combines pioneering internal intelligence and communication features with revolutionary technological elements to help meet the ever-evolving and growing demands of manufacturers. 1860 offers unmatched operating performance that increases productivity and lowers costs. The uptime feature provides performance without any surprises. The industry-leading set of predictive features enables the most common and leading events to be corrected in advance, Videojet Inkjet printer. It provides expert diagnostics, analysis, and guidance with 50 real-time sensors that continuously monitor more than 150 key indicators of 1860 printer performance. The revolutionary nozzle system features a predictive gutter build-up sensor and provides advance notice for the most common possible error conditions.