Taeny One-Shot

Tiffany kisses Taeyon. Taeyon makes a bold move wishing for the best, and pushes the latter up against the wall. She bites Tiffany's lip resulting in a breathy moan perfect for the entrance of Taeyon's hot wet tounge. Tongues collided, twisting and swirling around eachother. Moans were heard, getting faster every second. Taeyon trails kisses down her neck and she reaches Tifdany's sweet spot... bites then sucks. "Ung~ Tae Tae~," Tiffany moans in pure bliss. Taeyon trails kisses down the latter's collarbone and starts unbottoning her shirt. Covering her perky mounds in sloppy wet kisses. She tears off her bra and takes one mound in her hand pinching her nipple, while swirling her tongue around her other erected nipple, giving them both a little flick once every couple seconds making Tiffany beg for more, grabbing Taeyon's hair pushing to suck harder. Her hand and mouth switch jobs to please the other side. She starts trailing butterfly kisses down her toned stomach stopping at the belt. She looks up asking for permission. "Just fucking get inside me bitch" Tiffany snaps, being extremely sexually frustrated due to Taeyon's antics. Taeyon smirks pleased with her work. Taeyon then pulls Tiffany's shorts and panties down slowly, teasing the oh so horny latter making her quiver. Taeyon takes the latter's leg and drapes it over her shoulder running her fingertips along her thin strong thighs inching closer and closer to her wet hot heat groping her ass and holding her hips is place letting her know she's gonna start. She licks up her thigh dragging her tounge between the sticky wet folds from the erect nub all the way down to her waiting entrance running her tounge around the opening and back over and over. Making Tiffany tilt her head and moan waiting to be tooken by Sagheera "Hurry up and get this over with" . "Dont worry babe I'm getting there" Taeyon purrs. Taeyon then licks Tiffany's clitoras in circular motion speeding up every so often making Tiffany moan uncontrollably. She then sucks and sucks building up the pressure in the Red haired girl's core sending her shrieking and shaking for more. Sagheera stops to put her tounge in the honey dripping heat of the latter. Pumping in and out, swirling her tounge all around, sucking the juices, rubbing her nose on her clit. "UNG~ YES BABE! FASTER! MORE! IM ALMOST THE- AHHHHHHH~~~~~" Tiffany moans, Cumming all over the latter. Taeyon sucks up her juices cleaning up her mushroom real good, takes Tiffany's leg off her shoulder, stands up and gives Tiffany a passionate kiss full of lust but most of all love. "Saranghaeyo Taetae ah~" "Saranghae Miyoungie~" hope you guys liked it go ahead and like comment and clip my card if you like saranghae~~ Should i turn this into a whole fanfic or just keep it as a one shot?
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