From London to Korea Pt 15

Yeah....... Um....... We'll just leave it at that. ~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s been a wild few months. I graduated top of my class, which wasn’t even my class at first. I was bumped up two grades after my freshman year, so I graduated two whole years before I was originally supposed to. And thanks to some help from teachers and my TS tutor, I moved from 5th in my class to 1st. All my academics changed, as well as many of my physical aspects. Once I got settled back into school and had fully realized I was a trainee, TS sent me a workout regimen to follow, as well as a diet to prevent any illnesses. Thankfully I didn’t have to cut to many things, just had to add a bunch more veggies and some more vitamin D. Between the diet changes and the workouts, my body toned up in new ways. So much that many of my clothes no longer fit right and I had to go shopping to get new ones. During all this, I began to receive small paychecks. Not the amount I’ll be getting once I debut, but enough to start saving for any costs I’ll have once I make the move. And I secretly began to sneak some of it to mom to help with bills. I won’t stop once I’m gone, I refuse. That’s part of the reason why I tried out. To help mom with all the bills and the costs of living. Well, graduation was a few days ago, and TS is letting me have my grad party before I leave, but to expect some reps to be showing up. Apparently some TS fans have already learned about my new status, and began to stalk every website they could find me on. So I guess it’s more of a security issue. Not that I mind, but I wanted to spend this last day with my family without thinking about it. I’m sitting on my bed, lost in thought about what I’m going to wear for the party because my fashion sense is seriously failing at the moment, when mom hollers up the stairs for me to answer the door. She would’ve, but she is currently in the kitchen with my aunt and grandma cooking some food for tonight. I run down the stairs, almost face-planting right before I reach the door. Whoever is on the other side tries to hide, but I see a glimpse of hair that looks oddly familiar.

From London to Korea Pt 11

Gah! Curse my forgetful memory! I have a question for you guys. What do you think is going to happen, when Carrie returns to school or once she's a trainee? Have I been leaving good hints or are you still clueless about where the plot will go? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Waking up the next morning, dried tears rest on my face and I’m completely exhausted. Krista is still out cold, so I go to the bathroom and wash my face. She starts groaning and complaining when I turn on a light to get dressed, so I choose to use a flashlight. If Krista is anything like I am, she needs way more sleep than what she gets. Suddenly, I hear a very loud and boisterous voice bragging to the empty halls, one I recognize to belong to Jung Nam. I peak out the door, and his face lights up. He begins to talk, but I silence him quickly, trying to not wake Krista. Unfortunately, she wakes up the second he walks through the door, probably recognizing Jung Nam’s footsteps. Krista shoots up, muttering something along the lines of she’s up and will have that new routine ready for him by the end of the day. Jung Nam laughs, filling the room with the sound of a lion’s roar. “Oh Krista! You don’t have to worry about it! That was finished, and today is your day off! Relax, have a spa day! You deserve it.” Turning to face me, he says, “on the other hand, we have to get you to the airport. Your mother is expecting you home today, Carrie, and I intend to have you home when she wants you. You are still a minor, and we never want to upset parents too much. We are left in charge of their precious children, keeping them apart for months at a time, which upsets them enough. So, are you all packed and ready to go?” “Yes, sir! I have all my things packed, though not as organized as before.” I chuckle at that last part. For some reason, packing to leave I always have everything folded nicely and each item in its special spot, but going home, nothing is where it should be.