Getting BTS 4

Chapter 4: Jiyoon woke up and cooked at her own place that morning before leaving food outside the door of GOT7’s dorm with a note to reheat the food. She then left to go do her training. The day seemed to be going fairly well, until the vocal teacher became very mad at her. Jiyoon didn’t understand what she had done to make the teacher so mad. He asked her to sing and so she picked GOT7’s Playground. The teacher looked very unhappy as she struggled with some parts, but every time Youngjae’s part came up she sang it perfectly. The teacher’s face became red and he lost control of his emotions. It shook Jiyoon to her core, she didn’t think that the teacher would actually yell at her. When lunch time came she left the area of the other trainees as soon as she could. GOT7 had ate the breakfast that she made for them, and then went about with the morning schedule they had. However when they returned around lunch time they had planned on calling to check in on Jiyoon, not to find her crying in front of their door with her knees pulled up to her chest. The first to react was Junior, of course, he quickly made his way to kneel beside her. Quietly he asked her a simple question, “What’s wrong?” Jiyoon couldn’t say anything but cry and manage a broken ‘vocal teacher’. The other members looked like they wanted to help but didn’t know how. JaeBum reacted next gently picking Jiyoon up off the floor and passing the keys to Junior who quickly unlocked their dorm so that they could go inside instead of creating a scene in the hall. Once everyone was inside Jiyoon only proceeded to break down further and mutter ‘sorry’ over and over.

Getting BTS 3

Chapter 3: *Time Skip to 3 months later* Jiyoon woke up to JB’s notification tone going off on her phone. Even though they lived down the hall and he didn’t have to, JB still made sure to text her to wake up everyday. Slowly she dragged herself out of bed. Jiyoon then got dressed and brushed her hair before going to GOT7’s dorm and knocking on the door. Junior opened the door and smiled at her, “Good morning Jiyoon.” She smiled back at him, “Good morning Junior-oppa.” He then moved aside and let her into the dorm. Jiyoon walked in and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. It had become a habit for her and Junior to cook for the others. She didn’t have to cook for one or eat alone and the members of GOT7 didn’t mind making space for one more. When they got done cooking and Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom had still to appear from their rooms Jiyoon frowned, “JB-oppa, Mark-oppa, Jackson-oppa….can you guys go wake up Youngjae-oppa, BamBam-oppa and Yugyeom-oppa?...They should be up by now. Unless BamBam-oppa is taking his time in the bathroom again..” The trio nodded and smiled as they went to wake the three younger ones. Jiyoon and Junior then began to set the table for breakfast. Once that was done they sat at the table and waited for the rest of the group. JB, Mark and Jackson all returned to the table smiling. A few minutes later disgruntled looking Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom appeared at the table. At the sight of the food the younger ones quickly woke up and muttered quick good mornings. Once everyone was seated, they all began to eat. Jiyoon smiled at Yugyeom from her seat across from him. Over the past three months she had developed a crush on the young star. Yugyeom however didn’t notice and began speaking to JB, “JB-hyung? Are we doing anything today?..” JB blinked, “Yah! Yugyeom-ah! Did you forget we have that awards show tonight?” Yugyeom blinked at JB’s sudden raising voice, “Sorry hyung...I’m still half asleep…” Jiyoon smiled, “I wish you guys the best of luck...I’ll be cheering for you.” The whole group smiled and said thank yous. After they had finished eating it was decided that it was Mark and Jackson’s turn to do the dishes. So the two went off to do just that. The others lazily gathered in the living room to relax before the award show. Jiyoon smiled at BamBam, “BamBam-oppa?!” BamBam smiled at her, “Yeah Jiyoon?” She grinned like crazy, “Oppa teach me how to speak Thai? Please?!” BamBam nodded and smiled, “Sure.” That is how Mark and Jackson found the group when they finished the dishes. JB was only half paying attention, Junior was trying and not doing very well, Youngjae couldn’t quit laughing and Yugyeom seemed more into just watching than actually trying. However Jiyoon was trying her best to learn everything that she could from BamBam. BamBam thought that it was cute.

Getting BTS 2

Chapter 2: Tuesday came quicker than Jiyoon had expected. Once she had sent all of the other kids off to school, she rushed to her room and quickly changed before heading to the address on the business card that she was given. As Jiyoon walked to the building she spotted one of the groups of guys from the club. She stopped, frozen in place when the realization hit her. They were idols. Idol rappers that had still gone back to the club to see other underground rappers. Taking in a few deep breaths, she shook off her nerves and entered the building. Once inside, Jiyoon felt small and not to mention lost while looking for the audition room. She turned the corner and bumped straight into another person causing her to fall book. Jiyoon looked up from the floor and blinked, realizing that it was GOT7’s Junior who she bumped into. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Junior. I didn’t mean to...l was just...just looking for the audition room.” Junior smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. I can show you where the audition room is.” Jiyoon smiled widely and took Junior’s hand to pull herself up. “Thanks, that would really be helpful.” Junior just nodded again and started walking down the hall while Jiyoon followed him. “So are you the new rapper that JYP was talking about? Jimhoon or something?” Jiyoon laughed and nodded, “It’s Jiyoon but yeah. I’m here to see if I’m actually good enough to rap professionally.” She quickly added, “Not that Jackson, BamBam and Mark aren’t great rappers!! I just mean...” Junior laughed, “Calm down Jiyoon. You’re getting yourself worked up. I know you didn’t mean it like that.” Jiyoon sighed and smiled, “Thanks Junior.” He nodded as he stopped walking. “Well this is the audition room. Looks like you’re the only one auditioning today.” Jiyoon nodded, “Thanks again Junior. Maybe I’ll see you around?” Junior nodded, “That would be nice.”

Getting BTS

Okay so take it easy this is my first fic with an OC (Jiyoon). This is a BTS meets GOT7 fic. I hope you all enjoy. Okay so I made some edits to this please enjoy. Chapter 1: Kim Jiyoon was proud of herself when she walked off the stage she had just performed on. Even if she was dressed as a boy and trying to get scouted by an entertainment company. Everything started on Jiyoon’s fourteenth birthday when she got the chance to attend a BTS concert. She had been watching the concert and felt drawn to the leader Rap Monster. His charisma he had when he rapped and the meaningful lyrics he wrote really struck a chord within Jiyoon. From that point forward, Jiyoon knew what she wanted to do with her life - to become a rapper like Rap Monster. She began rapping on the underground circuit and found she loved the adrenaline rush. But girls weren’t allowed at this underground circuit so she dressed as a boy, altered her voice to sound more boyish and used the name Kim Jihoon. Now at 16 years old Jiyoon was finally going to get her chance. As Jiyoon went to join the crowd and get a drink, a man in a suit came up to her. Giving her a wide smile, the man held out his hand and introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Park Kangwoo and I work for JYP Entertainment. You’re quite the talented rapper. We’d love it if you’d come and audition for us at our next audition.” Jiyoon was beyond ecstatic. This was what she was hoping for. Keeping a poised expression, Jiyoon smiled. “I’d love to! Thank you very much sir for this opportunity.” A little ways away from the two, Min Yoongi sat watching the new rapper exchange information with the entertainment scout. Yoongi aka Suga scoffed. Paying no real attention to the conversation, he didn’t catch anything more than the name Jiyoon and the words “entertainment” and “audition”. He couldn’t believe that someone who barely appeared to rap was able to get an audition so quick. If he was honest with himself, it shook his nerves slightly. What ever company took Jiyoon under their wing would gain a great rapper. Yoongi finished his drink and returned to his two friends at the table near the stage.