Jimin's New Hair ūüėćūüėć Mini Mini subunit??!!

OMFG he's gone blonde I repeat HE'S GONE BLONDE!!!! I am loving the new color but what I'm more excited about is that in our beautiful world of Kpop, sudden color change normally leads to a group's comeback. Are they still hinting at Mini Mini sub unit or is this wishful thinking on my part??!! Either way he is rocking the new look and we can atleast still expect Yoongi's mixtape this month (hopefully?!) Please let me know your thoughts and I'm sorry I haven't been as active or on here as much as I used to!!! I've been crazy busy!! Love you guys!! I also apologize for I am Yoonmin trash and nothing would make me happier than to see them release something. It would literally make my life. Tagging the usuals!!! @CreeTheOtaku  @destiny1419  @ARMYStarlight  @Thelovelyscout  @xxxtina  @jojojordy2324  @RainaC3  @RochelleDiamond  @CristinReynolds  @AletheaOwan  @daljiyong  @MickieDanels15  @VixenViVi  @yulissab2015  @nakebakonadu  @CloverShadows  @xojuliettexox  @kpopandkimchi  @sarangseoltang  @JohnEvans  @KpopGaby  @exobts947  @saraortiz2002  @AlittleJoy  @amandamuska  @MandyNoona  @nell03  @ZephyrBlaze  @ElniWyatt  @ryannkayla  @MayraCastro  @3SecondsOfHope  @xXYGXx  @xsandos17  @RihannaTiaMay  @btsgotshinee  @SkyRollins  @YeseniaF  @BAbrajan1  @christianliu  @kyky97  @TaehyungV  @JulissaMartinez  @JasmineWilliams  @JulissaMartinez  @Adetoro  @GauhuaYang  @Kyokeo  @emilyanpham14  @NerukaWong  @JeremiahValdez  @SarahVanDorn  @SunnaWalo  @aishaaakp  @AnnahiZaragoza  @Kieuseru @moonchild03 @RavenQueen0810  @XtinaHsing  @jessicaclove @ChauncySutton13  @KpopandKdrama @ChelestiEdwards  @Lizzeh  @Meeshell  @Baekyeol27  @ParkHwaYoung @PrincessUnicorn

BTS Comeback Stage 2016 ūüėĄ

These are their performances from tonight. They did AMAZING!!!! Sucks that Kookie wasn't there but I hope he feels better Butterfly. They killed it!! Save Me. Oh my glob I'm DEAD. Fire. ASHSKALKDNSJSK. Tagging some ARMYS!! @CreeTheOtaku  @destiny1419  @ARMYStarlight  @Thelovelyscout  @xxxtina  @jojojordy2324  @RainaC3  @RochelleDiamond  @CristinReynolds  @AletheaOwan  @daljiyong  @MickieDanels15  @VixenViVi  @yulissab2015  @nakebakonadu  @CloverShadows  @xojuliettexox  @kpopandkimchi  @sarangseoltang  @JohnEvans  @KpopGaby  @exobts947  @saraortiz2002  @AlittleJoy  @amandamuska  @MandyNoona  @nell03  @ZephyrBlaze  @ElniWyatt  @ryannkayla  @MayraCastro  @3SecondsOfHope  @xXYGXx  @xsandos17  @RihannaTiaMay  @btsgotshinee  @SkyRollins  @YeseniaF  @BAbrajan1  @christianliu  @kyky97  @TaehyungV  @JulissaMartinez  @JasmineWilliams  @JulissaMartinez  @Adetoro  @GauhuaYang  @Kyokeo  @emilyanpham14  @NerukaWong  @JeremiahValdez  @SarahVanDorn  @SunnaWalo  @aishaaakp  @AnnahiZaragoza  @Kieuseru @moonchild03 @RavenQueen0810  @XtinaHsing  @jessicaclove @ChauncySutton13  @KpopandKdrama @ChelestiEdwards  @Lizzeh  @Meeshell  @Baekyeol27  @ParkHwaYoung @PrincessUnicorn

Sad Day in the Kpop world ūüėĘ

I'm sure everyone has already heard the news, but I'm still in so much grief!! This video pretty much sums up my feelings right now. Up until recently 2ne1 was the ONLY girl group I listened to because they were just so badass and awesome!!! It was my dream to see all 4 of them on stage one day and it hurts SO much to know that it may never happen. I cried my eyes out when they surprised us at MAMA last year and I thought for sure 2016 was going to be their year!! I was looking forward to a comeback and was full of excitement for their future. This just hit a lot harder than I thought it would. Ofcourse I will continue to support all 4 of them but yeah it's definitely going to be super weird for them not to be together anymore. Gaaaah sorry if I'm spamming anyone right now I just had to let it out lol. Tagging some Peeps!!! @Emealia @sofiaFiFi @unnieARMkeY  @VatcheeAfandi99  @resavalencia @TerraToyaSi  @QueenLele  @Kpossible4250 @BBxGD @CreeTheOtaku  @Craze4Halyu  @sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Helixx @JamiMilsap @catchyacrayon @lovetopia  @AimeeH @Ercurrent @RaquelArredondo  @amobigbang  @VeronicaOrtiz @KpopQueenaBee @Lizzeh  @Meeshell @Kyokeo  @emilyanpham14 @JeremiahValdez  @SarahVanDorn  @SunnaWalo @destiny1419  @ARMYStarlight @RihannaTiaMay  @btsgotshinee  @SkyRollins  @YeseniaF @BAbrajan1 @christianliu  @TaehyungV @JulissaMartinez  @JasmineWilliams @PrincessUnicorn