World Environment Day - Prevent pollution, protect nature

"Never Compromise quality and pricing just to close orders and make profits. working in such a passionate field, one must remember it’s not just business. It’s a responsibility towards the environment for taking care of it and innovating more and more efficient ways towards the act of REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE" Kounal M Yele ( Director & CCO) LARCO India Pvt Ltd had a chat on various verticals they are working on and how we all should take individual efforts towards environmental conservation on the occasion of World Environment Day In upcoming days wastewater recycling & solid waste management will have a main concern looking at the availability of dumping grounds for waste disposal & 17 percent of the world population with access only to 4 percent of freshwater...may rise war conditions if no action is taken in time. Mr. Manikraao M Yele has a wonderful thought & teaching he shared with us in the conference he said “ We as an organization our family is growing and evolving in the whole journey to achieve great success one rule is most important that by creating more employment &happiness we are going to get more blessing from our mate’s, on this journey if we are successful in creating happiness in our surrounding will grow and evolve It Will result in our growth and success which ultimately means happiness in serving mankind and mother nature. Mr. Vheejay Raul has a simple thought that he shared with us “In and around India there are barren land or hills where rainfall is less compared to the hilly areas of India.The sewage water generated in urban areas after treatment by pumping it into these areas can be used for the plantation on the barren land or hills to make them greener.