The characteristics of LED curtain display

The LED curtain is very popular in these years, and the market developments directly affecting the security industry. LED industry has incomparable advantages in the development of intelligent transportation, LED an important direction of development. With the unprecedented prosperity of LED technology and display products concern, is widely used in commercial advertisements, broadcast live, traffic guidance, stage areas such as interpretation. LED curtain application sectors the overall technological level of the international developments, innovative products come out constantly in recent two years, technological innovation active in the industry, product technical development capabilities continuously strengthened. Meet specific application requirements of technology development, technical support and technology to ensure enhanced capacity, focusing on technology and product development is more mature. The industry association of LED curtain display has for many years been actively promoting technical exchanges and develop standardization work, by means of technical product standards, product technology detected effectively promotes the standardization of technology products in the industry. Upgrade the level of standardization, standardization led to industrialization. In recent years in the development of Chinese LED display industry one of the most important characteristics is the marked increase in the number of scale and modest decline in the number of medium-scale enterprises, small enterprises has also increased. On the whole, instead of just "olive" to a "dumbbell-shaped". At the LED curtain at the time of purchase must be asked to visit our observation and quality control in the production line to see if it is hand-made or hand-making factory and can provide relevant product certification, such as CE, FCC,3C and so on. After considering all of the above factors, we know the protection grade IP-level definitions, because in the LED industry should pay attention to moisture-proof and dumped into the standard, IP protection rating system was drafted by the IEC. The lamp be graded according to their characteristics of dust-proof and moisture. Referred to here by foreign objects including tools, the human finger, may not come into contact with live parts within the lamp, so as to avoid electric shock. LED curtain display choice in the choice box according to the actual situation for it. For example, fixed wall mounting display, regular summary box will do, in terms of cooling performance than lightweight enclosed volume is more applicable.

Display LED manufacturer in China

LED display manufacturer said the land used for previous years of foreign investment in China, its cost is close to zero, but not now, while workers ' awareness is also reinforced and advantages for foreign investors before are now gone. Many LED display manufacturers also believe that this shows that China's economy in the future will face the crisis of 3-5. In other words, China's manufacturing has come winter. Generation equipment generation technology generation, equipment for use in foreign companies leading us high-tech industry from generation to generation by the nose, tactics strategy and this is Europe and other developed countries. LED lighting industry is a new industry, the 5-8 industry in the future are expected to become a mature industry, we are now developing high-end equipment it is not too late. Only we mastered the key manufacture technology and equipment, to make LED lighting industry is deeply rooted in China. LED display is made up of red, green and blue LED, each color by the wavelength measured. Display of color, this wavelength-dependent. Display red, green and blue LED's average wavelength determines the dynamic LED full-color display color gamut. In General, the red LED wavelength selection in 625nm green 525nm blue 470nm. High-quality LED screen should have a wide color gamut. In recent years, China has become the world's manufacturing center of LED display screen and technical quality has improved continuously. With the improvement of technology, users and manufacturers to display the performance parameters of the increasingly high demand. LED display of all parameters, some 70% depending upon LED performance parameters. Strengthen the understanding of LED device performance parameters and choose high-quality LED, LED display performance parameters play an important and decisive role.

The advantages of LED screen curtain in 2015

LED display manufacturers and enterprises have already closed the sales gap to twice times. China as a whole corps in 2014, half of sales volume has exceeded global market (surpassing), market share in high-end and low-end product lines have advantages--gap only in the sense that in the end, than larger products. Cost of LED screen and led lamp, led SMD technology. LED display manufacturer will be the focus on product stability, reliability, performance tuning, system optimization of the transfer. Product highlights new technology will mainly reflected in the "overall experience", such as volume, product mix, customized, and so on. Indeed, it does not rule out flexible LED product into a "relative performance of excess" industrial stage. Product market competition from leading technology, leading to channels, services, brands and cost advantage. LED curtain industry sectors have been identified as the priority direction of industrial extension, realization of production and outdoor media dual implementation, industrial structure extends from secondary industries to tertiary industry? LED full-color display because of its flexible multimedia features, a large volume of information, and is widely used in the field of advertising, ' favor. According to industry experts, estimate that by 2015, flexible LED screen ad market revenue will be more than 3 billion yuan, the market prospects are tremendous. Curtain LED display in addition to outside independent industry bigger and stronger, using quality products for improvement of business models, from product suppliers to product providers to carriers. In 2015, LED display industry and advertising success "in hand", improved operations, has great room for development. LED curtain screen for stage shows the effect, nonlinear correction technique was used, the images clearer, stronger layering; reliability, distributed scanning technology and the module design technology, offer high reliability and stability; universal video player software, make the system operation is very convenient. Has been widely used in trade shows, port, airport, railway station, bus station, a large sports and Convention venues, intelligent transportation, electricity, highways, banks, advertising, commercial, tax, telecommunications, hospitals, banks, markets, public squares and other related systems and almost all industries.