LSC Split Community aims at making subscriptions affordable for all Indian households

What about your sister, cousin, friend, aunt, and uncle? Do they all share your subscriptions and do you pay for them separately? That's all changed now! Split the costs and bring them to LSC Split Community. These subscriptions, along with subscriptions for Microsoft Office, Otter, Grammarly, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. are the essentials for the current generation, as are those for OTT and music. These subscriptions being premium can cost anywhere between Rs 299 per year to more than Rs 9999 per month and therefore sharing them with acquaintances is an obvious move. Users, however, do not split this cost equally, which leads to freeloading. As a result, co-founders Bidhya Pati and Ridhima Goyal, who met at KLIUC University while earning their MTech, created LSC Split Community to eliminate the social awkwardness that comes with asking people to pay their share. Interestingly, Ridhima's brother shared his Netflix credentials with all her friends, which further validated her idea. With Dave Inc's start-up LSC Split Community, sharing subscription fees with friends and family can help you reduce your costs. The LSC Split Community is not their first venture. In Singapore, the founders of LSC Split Community had a start-up called Party Labs. As a result of COVID-19, things changed for the industry, and innovation was curtailed. Consequently, the founders retained the technical team and relocated to India to launch LSC Split Community. Keeping up with the many subscription needs of the current generation is easy with LSC Split Community. It facilitates timely automated payments and offers encrypted password sharing for up to 80% savings. The startup does not sell subscriptions or manage subscriptions but deals only with payments. In order to protect customers from fraudulent users, the company has a strict refund policy of 3 days. Users pay a nominal fee of Rs10 for every transaction. This Hyderabad-based start-up, with its headquarters in Newark, USA has a team of 10 employees. The panel launched on March 1, 2020, and over 10,000 people signed up in the first two months. In January 2021, a new version of the panel with the requested features was released after receiving feedback from users. Specifically, the target audience is between the ages of 18 and 35, coming from metro areas and Tier 1 cities. Reports indicate that the panel currently only caters to Indian users.

Finding a Premium Subscription Partner Might be Easier Than You Think

Have you ever wanted to watch all of your favorite movies and shows on available streaming platforms but worried about ending up paying thousands of dollars? Yes, I've been there, and the only solution I found to this problem is having access to Split Accounts. Unfortunately, streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus keep increasing their prices yearly, which is not affordable for students or for those who binge-watch movies only during weekends. Okay, but how does this work and what are split accounts? The cost of a premium account is split between members who are interested in buying a specific subscription. As it is challenging to find subscription partners by yourself, escrows connect like-minded individuals by connecting buyers with sellers through their websites. New members buy shared accounts from a pool of already existing sellers. These very accounts purchased by a group/seller are called split accounts or split subscriptions. To understand things clearly, let's take a look at this simple example: Mr.A bought a premium subscription to some OTT streaming platform for $16 as he wants to watch movies on his T.V and not a mobile device. He is enjoying his premium subscription but worried about the price as he is just using a few of his screens and has to pay the total cost for all the screens every month. On the other hand, Miss.B is a student looking for a split subscription partner because she cannot afford to pay $16 for watching movies only during weekends. To her surprise, she gets an opportunity to connect with Mr.A through LSC Split Community and bought those extra screens for just $8.
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