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I guess this is my comeback??
Hi-ya Vingle K-Pop! It's been a while...like months...but not like waiting on BlackPink to debut or 2NE1 to have a comeback (too soon? Keep hope alive, Blackjacks!) I feel like I have to reintroduce myself and all that stuff lol but to keep that part short, I'm Lexi and I'm a senior in college (wait...what?!) I know. Time flies. I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life afterwards. A lot has changed since the last time I was on Vingle. For starters, I'm graduating in the spring (hopefully) and I'm officially going to be an adult (or I have to start acting like one)! Yes, I'm completely terrified. Over the past few months, I've had a couple of health issues, but I'm feeling much better! I'm not single as a pringle anymore (I had to tell GD and he didn't take it too well). But also, I have actual K-pop related updates! Umm...ouch Changmin. I know I've been gone awhile but cut me some slack, yo. Life comes at you just like GOT7 came at me with Hard Carry. Just rude. Anyways, as I've said in a previous post, I organized a multicultural dance showcase with friends and organizations and ended up choreographing the K-Pop performance. Y'all...it was LIT! Pretty sure we got the most applause because people keep asking us to perform at their events. I cry every time I watch it. Y'all know K-pop can be moving like that. I'll try to get a link so I can share it with you all and you tell me what you think (like Lex, there's absolutely no twerking done in "Dumb Dumb")! Also...I'm running a radio show with a couple of my friends on campus and it's called...K'Poppin' Yes. Hella serious, T.O.P. This is not to be confused with Arirang radio (We totally thought we were being originally corny. Guess not lol) We review music videos, talk about latest K-pop news and play cool songs, sometimes based on themes. We also take requests (please, we're just a small college radio show. We need it!) If you want to listen to some goofy fangirls and fanboy, then you can go to khdx.fm online on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm and listen. We also record it for podcasts just in case you are very busy people and ain't got time for that. Thank you for reading this post! I have literally gone through all of the posts I've been tagged in during the past 8 months (had to delete Vingle, so sad) Missed y'all a lot and much love to you all! I hope everything is going well and I hope the comebacks haven't been too much to handle...because we have a busy couple of months ahead of us. Until next time!
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I came out of hibernation for this
Hi y'all. I haven't been on here in a while (My notifications are through the roofπŸ˜…) and probably won't be back for a while 😭 but I just had to get this off my chest. My poor poor bias Tzuyu is going through right now and I feel so bad! I truly feel like it is a big miscommunication that has occurred and she should not have to deal with all of this nor should the other JYP artists. Even though she's 16, it's like many of Chinese netizens don't care that it could be a mistake. One person suggested that she was pro-Taiwan independence and people took it and ran with it. They saw what they wanted to see and are damaging her image. I will admit that I do not fully understand the history between Taiwan and China so I cannot say who is right or wrong and all I can do is read about it but dragging the poor girl through this just isn't right. That's my rant. I'll try to catch y'all when school settles down but I hope and pray that JYPE can get through this because it seems like something that could have possibly been solved amicably is getting out of hand. But I'm on the other side of the so I don't really know. Regardless, Once has your back, Tzuyu 😭 and Twice 😭 and Jackson😭and every other JYPE artist who is being affected
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Just a college kid who listens to K-pop. Yep, that sounds pretty accurate.😊 If you want to talk about it, the good and/or the bad (Yes, there are worse things than sasaengs and bias wreckers 😏 or maybe not...) I'm all ears! Or eyes lol I look forward to hearing from y'all (I'm from the South. Don't judge πŸ˜‚)