Do Good Fences Really Make Good Neighbours?

Robert Frost the famous English poet in his classic poem, “Mending Wall,” quotes an ironical line “Good fences makes good neighbours’’. Do really fences helps to make good neighbours. Now Fences or compound walls are common in boundaries of house and land properties of villa builders in Thrissur. But most of the people fail to find good neighbours. The question raised in 1914 while Frost had written the poetry. Still it continues to be the most relevant question asked throughout the generations. There is a misinterpretation that implies fences are good to keep the privacy, dignity, and love intact between the neighbours for years. Not only the fences act as a separator between the neighbours but also it helps in preventing the interference of each other in every matter. Literally mutual respect and humanity between neighbours makes good relationships. Walls divide compassion brotherhood and mankind. Barriers always separate each other. Nations fought wars for expand land borders. The necessity of such boundaries must be questioned. GREEN WALLS FOR HUMANITY Pollution levels on the planet earth are on the rise. Living green walls are a virtuous way to enhance a building’s visuals, improve air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels. Over the past half century, a notable increase of urban-living seekers has led to a considerable uptick in air pollution and loss of green spaces. Most of us have flowers or plants of some sort inside but we don’t always realise their excellent health benefits. Oxygen plays a critical role in respiration, the energy-producing chemistry that drives the metabolisms of most living things. We humans, along with many other creatures, need oxygen in the air we breathe to stay alive. Oxygen is generated during photosynthesis by plants and many types of microbes. By maintaining green eco friendly walls helps to make good neighbours. And also we can re-script the proverb into ‘’Green walls makes good neighbours’’. Back to Nature, our villas in Thrissur is an eco friendly project and also we provide green walls for our compounds. Stay green. About the author:

Importance of Rain Harvesting in Kerala

Rain water harvesting is the key to future water conservation gains.The rainwater that falls on your roof and property is essentially free.  Our villa projects in Thrissur uses this method to harvest rain water into a tank or reservoir for later use. Life depends on water, and the availability of water depends on you. Due to poor conservation techniques and mismanagement of the resource, we are on the brink of water scarcity. Water is a precious natural resource that’s used in a variety of ways in our daily lives and itself is a solution. Conserving rainwater is a righteous procedure to break out this upcoming catastrophe. Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater from the surface on which it falls and storing it for later use. Rainwater harvesting is a great sustainable technique that really can be employed anywhere. First collect rain water from the roofs of buildings and store in tanks. Directs rainfall to the tanks with the help of gutters on the building. Store it and use for variety of purposes, like landscaping, agriculture, household, fire protection etc. Rain is one of the best gifts given by mother nature. Save rain water for the future generation. Environmentally Friendly Most rainwater harvesting systems are friendly to the environment because they don’t require the need for fuel-based machines. Roofs make for excellent catchment systems and the roof’s gutters can carry water to the storage tank. Since rainwater is relatively clean, it is very good for irrigation purposes. Pure form of water helps to improves cultivation and per capita income. Saves Water Bills When we are using water for residential or commercial use its necessary to collect rain water. So it ensure any natural water resources is not squandered. Even if the water is not filtered and it remains non-potable. You can use rainwater to wash cars, windows, and water lawns. Using recycled water for these tasks can result in reducing your water usage by 40 percent. Saves money on water bills.


“There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.” We all aim for a safe home and protection of our family. Whether we are home or out for work, the thought of “Is everything alright?” lingers in our mind constantly. As we all know, technology is leading all the fields through the latest developments. And, home safety is not left behind. With video door phones, you can always have a supervisory body that keeps a constant vigil to protect your home. Just a few years back, video door phones were something which was present only in sci-fi films and space-age novels. Today, these devices are increasingly seen in homes all across the country, in high-rises, apartment complexes, bungalows and many more. In our villas for sale in Thrissur, we have this feature. As compared to traditional methods of hiring a security guard, keeping a watchdog, etc, a video door phone system is economical as well as reliable. Besides being affordable, the video door phone offers abundance of benefits which make this system worth installing. It is always a safe practice to keep a safe distance between you and an unknown. A video doorbell lets you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are. So you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door. Having a 2-way intercom also offers some hidden advantages. Being able to talk to visitor’s means you can answer the door without opening it. Since you can talk to the visitor via a smart phone, you can answer the door from anywhere and never reveal that you are away from home. This provides an added measure of safety. Video Door Phones For Smart Homes The interior monitor provides the view of the checkpoint and targeted visitor. And can set up in any part of the house. So one doesn’t have to walk up to the doorway to check that’s outside or even what is transpiring. Your video door phone is great for handicapped. Old people collectively can open the main door electronically following checking on the guest without having to stand up from the place physically. It also helps to offer instant awareness and help to be able to old as well as disabled people who stay in their apartment alone and may face a crash or near-accident all of a sudden. Lord Krishna Church Gate our new project intelligent villas in Thrissur provide Video Door Phone by MOX Australia in our villas. CHURCH GATE independent Villas in Thrissur is a fusion of technology and intelligence, with 86 stunning features. Enjoy smart living with Lord Krishna Church Gate.