Till Death Do Us Part- Part Six

I am so sorry everyone for the delay on getting a new part up, this past month has been crazy for me, but I finally was able to sit down and write this part. I hope you guys like it, and hopefully it doesn't take me another month to get this next part up. haha. Need to catch up? Read previous parts here! Part 6/? Word Count: 2014 You duck behind a car and see two men dressed in black suits run past you. Your heart is pumping out of your chest, and you look down at your phone. The battery is at two percent. You have to call someone, but you need to get somewhere safe first before you let your guard down and before your phone dies. You hear someone coming from behind you and you start running again without even looking at who it was. You can’t trust anyone or anything right now. You have at least 15 men running after you and you’re afraid if you’re caught again you won’t make it out alive. You thought that they would have given up sooner, but you feel like you’ve been running around for hours. You duck behind the side of the building and look down at your feet. Since you were running barefoot on the streets your feet were all cut up from broken glass you’ve been stepping on. You look down the alleyway and see darkness and a dumpster lit up by a single streetlight. You don’t know what lies on the other side, but you take the chance to go down it to avoid the main street where everyone else was searching for you. You slowly walk down the alley and suddenly collapse near the dumpster from being so exhausted. You know you’re dehydrated and starving, but you need to keep going. You’re having trouble getting back up but manage to crawl your way to the other side of the dumpster to avoid being seen by anyone who looked down the alley. You pull out your phone and see that you have 10 missed calls and 12 text messages from Elaine. You open one, Elaine: Y/N, where are you?! I’m freaking out because you haven’t been answering any of my calls or messages. It’s been three days since the event, and you haven’t been home. Please, please call me when you get this!