Finding Vietnam flag meaning & facts about this symbolic object

The red flag with a yellow star is the pride of the Vietnamese people, the image of the flag flying is reminiscent of the sacred meanings and heroic history of their ancestors in the cause of defending the country. The red flag with a yellow star is the national flag of this country, a symbol and an image for Vietnam to confidently stand beside other countries in the world. In the following article, Vietnamtrips will provide you with the Vietnam flag meaning and history of the red flag with a yellow star, thereby enhancing the spirit of national pride of the Vietnamese readers. 1 - What is the flag of Vietnam? What is the flag of vietnam? The national flag of Vietnam is the representative of Vietnam, is a red flag with a yellow star, rectangular in shape, the width being 2/3 the length, a red background, with a five-pointed yellow star in the middle. 2 - Vietnam flag meaning The meaning of the Vietnamese flag is interpreted as follows: the red background represents the revolutions, the yellow color is the traditional color symbolizing the Vietnamese nation, and the five-pointed star represents the five classes of intellectuals, farmers, workers, and merchants and soldiers. However, there are also other opinions about the Vietnam flag meaning that the red flag background symbolizes red blood, the yellow star represents yellow skin, and the five-pointed symbol represents the unity of classes including intellectuals, farmers, workers, merchants, and soldiers in the great family of Vietnamese ethnic groups. Read more: https://lotus.vn/w/post/920344225093533696.htm